Time to say goodbye grepolis ;(

Real Caesar

Personally I wish you well.
I never believed a word you ever said, but you where active and certainly kept the game colourful and lively despite the untruths. It takes all sorts in a strategy game and you where a character. I believe there is a lot of betting that spartan fury will look for a new home as he doesn't like being on a weak or indeed losing side. I guess we will have to see if the rumors are true. Milo's with all due respect your leadership and strategy of mass recruiting and endless naps destroyed this world, but it has taken a turn for the better. Ye ha! Naji good luck in RL and stay safe out there in the real world! Respect !!!!


I know I'm usually one for long winded posts but I feel everyone has said everything that truly needs to be said. You know how much the social aspect means to me and I think this thread is the perfect example of that creation. When it all comes down to it, there is always a person on the other side of that screen and you have made yourself into more than just anonymity. You will be remembered, by some perhaps with bitterness, but always as a personality of passion for your friends and your alliance. Something you and I have always seen eye to eye on.

You know you are always welcome to grab me on skype and I truly wish you the best in everything. I don't know that we will find ourselves on the oceans again, but you will always be known with us.

Cheers to all those who have ever played on Lindos and to those who ever played this game with the conviction of self and passion as we see departing today.

Cheers mate.
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Gf on strike again m8? I know an all u can eat Chinese in London that will take care of it for u! Face the FACTS you are not quitting Naji! U just want to see how the coalition reacts to idea! lol

king deepu

i told you many times Real Life is not important :p.. But this Game is always .. :cool:
forums as well as 055 is Dead :( mostly in VM or without army (Udhata still need to celebrate 1k more Vp)
some players feel happy after casting EQ and LB those noobs sening 5-6 hr attacks :p and trying to take a 2k city in 055
twice snipped lol

Like to see you back to the party ..


Plenty of battles in 34/44. Seems Sasa Razstresen has taken to asking his lapdogs of ex miserable losers (Hell73,IceNHell etc.) to send 20h LS attacks to Silver members cities. Sound familiar PM/PG? Never look a gift horse in the mouth i guess. Thanks for the BP :)


Good Bye naji :/
guess velea is also quitting?
would love to see you some where
All the best and really your attitude is on a different level than other(this a +ve mind it)

Ghost of the Past

Now this is a very bad news for PGM, what will they do now without their " King " now ?

Naji, I wish you best of luck in real life, I wish you was my ally rather then enemy. Your one of the best players I ever met during my 4 years of grepolis. But I think u will be back :)

Ghost of the Past