Time to say goodbye


Well the time has come for me to say goodbye to grepo. I would like to thank friends and foes for making it a really fun stay. RL is calling on me again and my maternity leave is over, so I have to quit. However don´t worry about the action, as I have passed my account on.

It was a fun time starting up UW with only 3k pts lol. We seem to have come a long way since then :eek:

A special thanks to dg286m for being such a great sport and being a nice guy though I have taken a LOT of cities from him :) And special thanks to all my O44 teammates for being such great friends and supports. And ofcourse all you guys here in the forum who have been fun arguing with :D


Hate to see the good level headed players depart. But thank you for your time with us on Pi and I wish you all the best in RL.


It's always sad to see a very good player leaving. I'm sure a lot of people will miss you Gitte. Good bye and only the best in rl.


It has been both great to meet and chat to you and also play against you.All the best in rl!