Time Zones


what is an alliance time zone? something totally useless i'm sure.


He's talking about the time zones upon which alliance bases their operations. If an alliance wants to be coordinated, they have all their members set their clock's time zone to the same. It could be useful...but this early, I don't see much use.


The timezone they use doesn't matter Conan. Individual players timezones is what helps. Then you know when they're online and offline. An alliance timezone is just how they coordinate attacks and defenses, it doesn't give any helpful info.


What a bunch of n00b's..... do you actually play the game or do you just sit here in the forums talking... of coarse you need alliance time zones.... how else are you going to coordinate attacks, clearing waves before a CS lands and even sniping the odd CS...
You all have to work to a standard time zone... you arrange an attack to land at 01:00... but if you have different time zones set that "01:00" could have a spread of 23 hrs... how are you going to land a last clearing wave or landing support in a group/alliance op minutes/seconds before (or after in the case of support) a CS lands.... you'll end up supporting the city your trying to take, sinking your own CS or attacking the city you've just taken... get a grip.... and UTC is the wold standard!
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