timing with atalanta and sirens


Pretty sure this is common knowledge, but can we please fix the timing when using atalanta with sirens? Timing with sirens is fine, timing with atalanta is fine, timing with both doesnt work...


I did a series of like 200 tests w/ Atalanta and sirens, using different variables for TT and number of sirens throughout. I haven't figured out the precise calc it runs to give you the real TT but it will always be faster than expected, increasing the disparity between predicted TT and actual TT depending on the amount of sirens used.

If you want to know what the TT will be without alerting an enemy just send the Atl/Siren CS or attack with helm to see what the real TT is, then just recall.


the same thing is happening with atalanta and speed token.

even sending them with helm will still give them a ping by the way


since always...unless you use new delayed ping option
Maybe you misunderstood me. I meant sending the attack with helm only to recall a few seconds later. You'd do this just to see what your TT would be.
You only get the ping when the 10% helm cover time expires, but your attack will already be recalled by then.

Zen Shadow

I have confirmed the issue with Atlanta and Sirens. The disparity between the stated travel time and the actual tt seems to increase the more sirens you have. Ive reported this to our devs.
Yup, I noticed the lack of proper buff stacking with Atalanta and also the 30% speed buff. With a 30% speed buff sirens max at 50%, but you should still then get TT down to 35% if both are used and Atalanta would further reduce that to 30% and that’s if both buffs are halved by the 50% from sirens.. I have never seen a TT reduced that much…. However, stacked buffs should do that. If they were base stacked, you would get almost 100% reductions lols. Something is off on the mechanics.