TKF's Power Rankings 2nd Edition: Plague Plummets, Free Hugs Dies, Souvlaki Rises

A lot has changed around the world over the past ten days. So its time for a new power ranking.

1) Bad With Names/Bad With Numbers- No change here. They're still the best in the world and still shutting out Plague. They have however put both of their teams in the top 5 which is a nice achievement.

World Status: Contender

2) Balkan Boyz/Balkan Boyz*-
After a rough start with The Plague, they've rallied back to a 17-8 score against them. Because of this achievement, they move up to #2 and look like they'll have a lot to say about what goes on in the world.

World Status: Contender

3) Bazooka Bunnies-
I mostly have no idea who these guys are. They appear to have come out of no where in the EN worlds. But they have surged up to number three and claim what I consider to be the first credible win of the server by defeating Free Hugs by a score of 16-6 to take control of Ocean 54. While I don't think their roster is as power as Bad With Names or Balkan Boyz overall, I think that they have a serious advantage in that they are free to decide on if they want to feed and prepare for the coming wars on their home turf or try to plunge a dagger into Plague and/or Balkans. Both strategies have their merits, though personally I think they'll want to feed for a bit and see what plays out.

World Status: Contender

4) Souvlaki-
Shocked? Shouldn't be, they're also beating up on The Plague by a score of 8-0. But as it stand right now, they lack the numbers to be an outright contender for the world. They appear to be a force to be reckoned with.

World Status: Spoiler alliance

5) Spirtum Sanct/Silly Rabbits-
They appear to have taken control of O44 for the time being. They have a core group of islands in mid-west O44 but become spread out elsewhere across the rest of the center. They're fighting an alliance called Silly Rabbits and are 8-2 with them. They also beat Hakuna Matata 6-0. Their main issue will be Bad With Names having players in the ocean and this likely being their next stop.

World Status: Kings of O44...At the moment

6) OCEANS VETERANS/Flaming Dragon-
They're creeping into O45 now and appear to be looking to challenge Bad With Names. Its an interesting strategy, though I think they were hoping The Plague would be more of a force than it actually was when they started out. Still if they load their front line with the best players and don't let the Panda players rush out east in droves, they can't do any worse than The Plague.

World Status: Hopeful

7) The Plague/The Plague.-
This alliance is as dead in the water as it comes and this world should be the end of The Plague entirely as its just not working anymore. Which for a four year old alliance that's won a pair of 4 speed worlds, should be sad. Yet due to Randall I doubt a tear will be shed for anyone else on the team. Below is a list of all the teams that Plague has lost to in its four years of existence. It includes everyone that's been semi-relevant to full on contender over the last three years of the game. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone on that list that'd be willing to work with them either. So barring an act of god where they turn it around and beat the three alliances currently beating them, its over for them. It doesn't even look competitive anymore. They're 7th on this list because of the handful of people that keep them treading water and the unknown factor of whats left on the list.

The Plague Losses
W.A.R. (More or less Balkan Boyz)
Zero Fox Given
Pandagoatium (lol)
Bad With Names
Old School Mf
Twerking Llamas
Masked Profanity

World Status: Sinking Ship

8) War of Kings-
Back at it again in O45. Coming off a world where they handed Pandagoatium (Flaming Dragon) and Kleos (Unnatural Selection) a lot of city losses, they're now looking to move up in the world and challenge Bad With Names it appears. You gotta respect them for attempting it. Its still early so they haven't done much yet but due to past accomplishments I gotta put them here.

World Status: Challenger

9) Unnatural Selection/Unnatural.Selection-
Appears to be a merge of Hell Hounds + a few Triad players and Kleos which will make for an interesting mix if nothing else. They don't look bad so far and appear to be consolidating in O44 at the moment. It'll be interesting to see what they do. Still given the past results with the majority of their alliance, I don't think they'll be able to pull out a win but they could steal a wonder. If they're going to contend, they'll need to be proactive in their plans.

World Status: Hopeful

10) The Pariahs-
This is what's left of Free Hugs. They're here primarily because I think they'd beat #11 even in their current state.

11) Irriducibili/Irruducibili*/Justice/DarkSouls/The Apocalypse Network- They've just completed a merge with Trojan Exiles. On the whole they're losing to everyone else in the ocean. Being 0-4 with The Booty Warrior Cult, 0-31 to Bazooka Bunnies, and were losing to Free Hugs prior to their fall. I don't see them as really anything more than food for everyone else. The only reasons they're here is because I don't see anyone else that's big faring differently and I don't think TBWC has done enough to just up and claim we're the 12th best alliance in the world.

World Status: Food

12) The Booty Warrior Cult-
You actually made me run out of people to post about. I'll slot us here because we're beating one of the groups on the list and have a decent enough team on paper.

World Status: Exists
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I really like your top12s mate, and these with the power rankings are pretty awesome!

A small objection tho (only because i am 100% sure about it), Spirtum Sancti and Silly Rabbits are one. No war between them :)


Yeah been slow to edit things properly as i wrap things up for the holidays in RL and run an alliance haha. Who is spirtum fighting?
Atm we are clearring o44 from alliances like The Legacy, The Family and Legion, lost a couple cities to bwn but mostly isolated from the players we recruited from hakuna and fire and blood so nothing important to comment on it like a big scale war or something.
Atm we are clearring o44 from alliances like The Legacy, The Family and Legion, lost a couple cities to bwn but mostly isolated from the players we recruited from hakuna and fire and blood so nothing important to comment on it like a big scale war or something.
I think that's sort of where everyone is at right now. Feeding and avoiding major engagements unless BP is needed. Will be interesting to see what the world develops into.


Well i hope it develops into some good action between the top5 alliances at least. BWN at the moment has the momentum but i'd love see a war between them and balkan boyz (im a balkan too, so my money goes on the boyz :p )


We are fighting.. a number of free hugs left recently to join bunnies but the rest of us stay on and renamed under a new founder. It could be argued strategically not a wise move but I'm sure it will be fun and plenty of bps :)

P.s. also liking the power rankings and glad we get a mention :)
I am a huge fan of WoK. I want them to do well, but they always choose the incorrect ocean to do well in. It's going to be a similar situation to Kastoria when they had to hand all of their cities to the enemy and migrate oceans. Actually, I am starting to think their only purpose for being in that ocean is to hand off cities to BWN. Maybe it's some type of agreement between the leaderships of both teams?:? who knows