TKF's Power Rankings Edition 3: Irruducibili Coalition Falls, Bunnies Building, OCEANS VETERANS Tested


you were fighting Plague? when was that? should i post you PMs? you ask me to give you city to fight bunnies, then you call me for help to break siege on you?
who were you figting again?
i asked you for a city the first week of server... you wasnt even in plague... and as for fighting... do i need to post reports of me clearing your cities and catching you offline, you are trash


hahah, i started this world from a link that Tracilia sent me by mail, so i was in plague from start...
yes you cought me , but you sent cs without support, and tell every one where is that CS ?


While Bazooka may not be an MRA, they have gained the large majority of their power through recruitment, not pure growth.

We will see how they stand when they face a real test, if they cannot even focus down a 9 player alliance..
It's rough bro, pariahs are to stronk for us :(