TKF's Power Rankings Edition Eleven: A New #1 Team, Beasties Drops, New Wonder Perspectives!

A lot happened as I was heading into vacation mode and I knew that we'd have an exciting edition! I can't say that I've been disappointed to what I've come back to. So lets get started shall we?

The Map

1) Balkan Boyz/Balkan Boyz*/Ice Boyz- I can't think of a team that's really more deserving of the top spot than Balkans at this time. These guys have rallied back from now three contenders to post winning records and be the primary reason for winning the wars. While they've had some help in these fights, they've also been the main generator of offense in this fights as well. This team has been tested and handles adversity well. They've also gained Pipsa, Napoli, and Blackpig over the past few weeks. The report is that they've recently had a split with Bad With Names, while it ended up not leading to war, the current info that I have is that they came to an agreement but haven't repacted at this time. Their current wars include Beasties and Fighting Mongooses/Immortals. For a combined score of 83-19. Bad With Names is their only real threat should they end up not building wonders together (this edition will run on that assumption). Bad With Names is also bogged down in a war with OCEANS VETERANS which goes in favor of the Balkans.

World Status: World Leader

2) Bad With Names/Bad With Numbers-
First time for everything I suppose. Their current wars include ***The Greeks*** which they lead 6-1, Slackers which they lead 1-0, and OCEANS Veterans/Rising Tide (And Flaming Dragon), which they lead 48-45 as of right now. Now I understand that this will probably draw criticism so let me explain. Here's the thing, while its proven to be a good and exciting fight to watch. The general attitude towards OV was that they made a mistake by picking O35, they picked a bad ally in Flaming Dragon (an alliance BWN threw over 1300 conquests on in En107), and that they wouldn't beat Bad With Names or even come close to doing it. This wasn't even just BWN's perspective, or the general perspective, some OV players had this opinion as well at the start of the world. Fast forward to now, OV has led a couple times, a lot of cities have been exchanged, and there isn't a clear victor right now. My main take away is that in regards to this fight, Bad With Names is underachieving right now. There's also not a reason to believe that in a direct conflict with somebody like Balkan Boyz that winning would just be automatic for Bad With Names and having appeared to have lost the partnership with Balkan Boyz at this time, that's suddenly a major concern. Now does this mean that Bad With Names will ultimately lose to OCEANS VETERANS or lose the world? Certainly not. They have plenty of moves left to make to win both and have plenty of time to do it in. But there's also some changes or reorganizing that needs to go on to make that final push if they're to do it without Balkans.

World Status: Contender

They appear to have finally gotten rid of Flaming Dragon as a separate group. While they've still kept a lot of the players that will lose cities for them, just being able to control the situation directly should pay dividends. This change was necessary in order to make a wonder push. OV is currently 45-48 with Bad With Names. Given how I just described expectations above, there can't be any doubt that this group punches well above its weight. While a losing record or even an indecisive winning record on Bad With Names won't win them wonders, they can built a lot of respect in this world and look to build on that success in the future.

World Status: Contender

4) The Booty Warrior Cult-
Currently beating Fighting Mongooses/Immortals by a score of 36-0 (plus a few kicks). They're also beating Beasties 4-0 (plus many kicks). They're 7-8 with M.A.D./M.A.D? as well. We probably boast the best gains:loss ratio in the world. That's about all I got on us.

World Status: Rulers of O54

5) M.A.D./M.A.D?-
They recently merged with The Horde and Sea Warriors. There's some okay adds in there. Really its more a wonder move and less a power move. Which is fine, their positioning affords them the luxury of thinking about wonders a little earlier than most. They have an 8-7 lead on The Booty Warrior Cult and a 0-1 score to The Pariahs. They got out to a fast start on the Greeks but that's faded away with the Greeks owning the majority of the conquests in the past week. It sort of sums up the alliance history which has been pretty hot and cold for the world so far. One of their main drawbacks is having a lot of people on VM at about 9, which a few others having numbers next to their names as well. Their chances of winning the world will more or less center on defeating ***The Greeks*** and linking up with former SS coalition teams while avoiding long term conflicts with Bad With Names.

World Status: Fringe Contender

6) ***The Greeks***-
They've had a bit of a bounce back this week. But I don't think they're on the winning end of things since the second Greco-MAD war began. They have allies in Slackers and it looks like OCEANS VETERANS is willingly handing off to them so perhaps something is worked out there too. But as it stands right now its hard to call them a contender. They get to move up due to showing signs of life and other teams faltering. Hopefully they can keep improving their reputation and try to navigate their way into the wonder discussion.

World Status: O44 Power

7) The Pariahs-
Holding firm at 7 for this edition. They're back in the top 15 as a team. They're 4-1 with Fighting Mongooses and 1-0 with M.A.D.

World Status: O54/O53 Power

8) Slackers-
They appear to have hit the ground running jumping out to an 21-2 lead on the Twisted alliances and a 4-0 lead on M.A.D. Sometimes a change of direction can breathe new life into a group and Slackers appear to be benefiting from that so far.

World Status: O34 Power

9) Beasties/Angry Beast-
Someone there once made a comment about how they were high enough and didn't get enough respect. The team then blew a decent lead on Balkans and ended up trying to stat save right in the opening stages of the TBWC war. They're now 19-70 with Balkan Boyz and have a lot of people in VM. This about sums them up at this stage.

World Status: Declining

10) The Fighting Mongooses-
They're out a branch, their allies are failing, and they have an rebellion on their hands it looks like. The redeeming quality of this group is that its a long way for either TBWC, the Pariahs, or Balkan Boyz to O64. However they need to get The Mob handled ASAP if they're to carry on.

World Status: Crumbling

11) The Mob-
The rebel group from The Fighting Mongooses. Will give them some benefit of the doubt and put them at 11th.

World Status: New Comer

12) TAKO's-
They're not doing bad, its just that they're not wowing anyone either. They'll need to get in on the Beasties crumbling soon in order to get a little credit for a move up. They are currently 0-4 to Beasties.

World Status: Fringe Alliance
The Wonder Race Predictions: This week has definitely been one of the most exciting things to happen to this world's wonder race. Now Bad With Names and Balkans could very well make up. But for this edition, if you're not team BWN-Balkans, there's hope and incentive to plan your wonders. Suddenly teams like M.A.D. or OCEANS VETERANS that had maybe an outside chance to to grab a wonder now have a shot to get the win or force a block and play for the win. What it also means is that if current trends continue, then its not enough to simply play the waiting game for any side. Here's how the contenders stand as of right now.

1) Balkans- They have 3 alliances ranked 1st, 6th, and 26th. This combines for roughly a 2 million point advantage and nearly 300 city advantage at this time. While this on its own isn't a decisive advantage, it's still an advantage. They also will likely get O55 under their full control as well as push into O65. This will mean that they'll have their core ocean and the two adjacent rim oceans in their hands. They also still have diplomatic moves that they could make to boost themselves.

2) Bad With Names- Don't overlook BWN here, while they have a disadvantage in size. They still look to have done more wonder prep to this point than the Balkans have. Staying on top of that will be very important if they're to pull out the win. However they have less options overall. At this point we're closer to the finish than the start of the world, Its probably safe to assume that OCEANS VETERANS will never really go away or be a large source of cities to feed on. BWN hasn't occupied O46 so there's a safe option for them. They can also move into O44 but a lot of that is VM walled. They'd need to break into the The Greeks and Slackers to occupy it.

3) OCEANS VETERANS- This alliance has the chances to win the world now. But they'll largely have to do it from their own backyard and keep Bad With Names at bay. To really get through this, they need a large lead on Bad With Names and a few allies to support them in the wonders. The problem here is that everything local isn't very helpful for WW.

4) M.A.D.- I flirted with the idea of moving them over OV. But some things have held me back. The first being that they played for wonders too soon with their recent merges. For an alliance in M.A.D.'s position their advantages come from cleaning up the rim and positioning their best apped players on and around wonders. Pingability and activity needs to be the focus here. I doubt that two alliance worth's of people all have that, especially when their core group doesn't. The other problem is that they'd need a major ally. TBWC isn't really doing wonders and will support their allies so that option is out. The Greeks aren't interested which burns the other bridge. Their next closest potential asset in Slackers are allied to Greeks.

Final Wonder Score Predictions: Based on events as of right now.

Balkans: 4
Bad With Names: 3
M.A.D.: 0

Inb4 Balkans and BWN made up

Edit: Actually screw it, if Balkans/BWN make up then its a 7 wonder sweep. There now I've covered both ends.