TKF's Power Rankings Edition Seven: Bunnies Drop, Spirtum Sancti, OCEANS VETERANS, The Booty Warrior Cult, & The Pariahs Rise!

Another busy week has passed. Cities have been taken, ground has been gained a lost, and the world continues to shape. I also want to announce that we've remade the back up world chat. For anyone that'd like to talk with others without a child banning you if you criticize him. That chat will grant a leader from each top 12 alliance co-owner/admin rights to prevent anyone from just banning people they don't like. Link above the ranking.

WC Link:

The Map

1. Bad With Names- They've begun to tick up in a couple of key places by leading Spirtum Sancti 18-4 and beating the Bunnies 10-4. They're also beating OCEANS VETERANS and Flaming Dragons by a score of 16-10. However they have begun to start losing ground to the OCEANS VETERANS branch. There's also a lot of accusations of spam flying between both teams right now. The question is who is spamming who?

World Status: Contender

2. Spirtum Sancti-
Last week I explained why they shouldn't be #2 due to their score with Bad With Names. BWN has continued to take cities. But Spirtum Sancti and their Greek allies also have managed to take a few as well. They recently got baited into sinking 8000 LS on a Bad With Names LMD siege, which should be considered a Carrhae level of disaster. They have however shown some life and aren't losing on all sides. They've made alliances with OCEANS VETERANS/Flaming Dragons and the Bazooka Bunnies to try to bring down Bad With Names and are still defeating Unnatural Selection 25-10. They've made their plays and put the pieces in place to defeat Bad With Names. The question is now if it'll be enough.

World Status: Contender

3. Balkan Boyz-
Moving up a spot after capitalizing during a week of Bunny problems. They've managed to extend their lead to 38-30 over the Bunnies for the moment. Now the question is if they can maintain it as some of the Bunnies come off ban? They've still trail Beasties 1-10 and are tied with Ice and Fire 15-15 (plus some cities from the old Balkans branch, not sure who had more there so don't immediately reject Ice and Fire if they claim they're actually winning now). I see this alliance as in a similar position that it was in during the first couple of months of Lato. They're some much needed reforms and weeding people out. They've dropped a branch and look to be in the process of reducing themselves to just one branch for the time being. While this move would make them a better fighting alliance, which is what they need, if they were thinking of going for wonders themselves then they need to look elsewhere for wonder support in the long term.

World Status: Respectable Power

4. OCEANS VETERANS/Flaming Dragon-
Lets be clear, OV is carrying this combination. Posting a 10-6 score on Bad With Names by themselves. Flaming Dragon keeps them down on the list for coughing up cities and making the score 10-16. Still momentum seems to be swinging their way, which is good for a rank up in light of events this week. It'd make for an impressive story if they pulled out a win here. Nobody gave it to them and I know for a fact that most of them didn't even expect it to go this way. So its nice to see them have some success. So long as they can hang around Bad With Names and gain ground, they're contending for the world.

World Status: Contender

5. ***The Greeks***-
Beating Unnatural Selection 37-6 (Greeks have a former branch that Unnatural scored many off of a month or so ago, but I think at this point its safe to say Greeks are in control of the war). Good for being officially top 5. As I said before, so long as they stay allied to Spirtum Sancti then they have a good shot to win the world at this time. The question is if Unnatural Selection ever fell, how would Greeks be fully integrated into the Bad With Names war? Boredom can be as much of a factor as war attrition some times.

World Status: Contender (With Spirtum Sancti)

6. The Booty Warrior Cult-
Down 2-5 to Unnatural Selection but up 24-1 to the Bunnies. At this point its good enough to jump the Bunnies for this edition considering all that's happening in the Bunnies right now. No promises it stays that way though.

World Status: Incoming Hatefest

7. Bazooka Bunnies-
This feels a bit like the late days of the Western Roman Empire where there's leadership changing hands and the barbarians are attacking from all sides. There's been leadership shake ups, bans, inactivity, and vacation mode has started to take its toll on this alliance. They're down 4-10 to Bad With Names, 30-38 to Balkan Boyz, and 1-24 The Booty Warrior Cult. They've also started losing ground to the Pariahs. At this point its hard to justify them being higher at this time. Time will tell if they can recapture a top 5 spot. But for now there is some blood in the water.

World Status: Under Pressure

8. Ice and Fire-
This alliance has impressed me. They've been fighting the Balkans tooth and nail and its been paying off. They've rallied back to tie Balkans 15-15 maybe beating them if counting other Balkan branch. Their determination is what will keep them in this world I think.

World Status: Rising Power

9. Beasties-
Beasties continue to press the attack on the Balkans and are beating Balkans 10-1 (plus from off the former BB branch). Beating Bunnies 1-0. They've also picked up some Death Before Dishonor players which should boost them a bit more.

World Status: Rising Power

10. The Pariahs-
Their recent surge on the Bunnies signifies that they're ready to get back in the fight fully after relocating. Their story has been impressive after being abandoned by their leader and most their alliance, they stayed and fought the Bunnies and lost the battle in the Bunnies core. I'm not sure I could personally come back from that kind of start. So their determination to keep fighting should be respected in my opinion.

World Status: Rising Power

11. Unnatural Selection-
Starting lose players and more cities and also shaking up leadership. Truth be told, this alliance could cut most of its players and still pack the exact same punch that it would if it had them. Constant siege breaking, dual breaking, attacking LMD sieges, will generally send any team down the list. Here's to hoping that the new leadership can get things moving in the right direction but I fear these changes have happened a couple of weeks too late.

World Status: Declining

12. Fighting Mongooses-
Defeating Death Before Dishonor but down to the Bunnies. They've also lost a city to Beasties.

World Status: Rim Alliance

Alliance of the Edition:
Ice and Fire wins the first ever alliance of the edition for rallying back to tie Balkan Boyz.
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The levels OV/SS/FD have to go to where you’re spamming someone 24/7 for a few days just to then have your LMD send a cs after they turn their alarm off is pitiful. It will be repayed though don’t worry!;)
I'm not there so can't say for sure. But based on what I picked up from a few players on both ends and in the world chat, I actually don't believe either of you started a spam war but got baited by a third party looking to stir things up.

lost out

no world chat participation = bad review

apparently beating the number 1 fighters by hefty margins in their ocean is not enough for better than 8th place. the only team without a bold title is pretty amusing as well ;) so booty are 20 odd up on bunnies who fight everyone and losing to US (yuk) and we will assume pariahs are involved (sister?) but beasties are 20 odd up on balkans who fight everyone while we batter dbd and now the geese (who kick seiged guys) and we are 8th. very amusing, booty would not even be red on our borders, a standard brown food source:rolleyes:
@lost out Man I love future quotable content. Well at the rate we’re going I guess you’ll get to show me how good you guys are soon. I just hope that I can at least live up to the low bar set.

As for bolding, that’s my bad will fix. ;)

Edit: While fixing I got to looking at things and actually you were right to point out the Balkans score to me. It turns out off their disbanded branch you took one additional city. You appear to be good for an 11-1 lead. Vs an alliance that you correctly pointed out is also fighting everyone. So since you guys originally entered the rankings in Edition Five three weeks ago, you've taken 6 cities. Off an alliance that you correctly pointed out is fighting everybody. TBWC was 9-0 on Bunnies at the time and is currently 24-1 with several more in siege at the moment. We've also been doing this since it was just Balkans vs Bunnies. At the time of Edition Five Ice and Fire was down to Balkans by a score of 6-12. They've since rallied to 15-15, meaning that they've taken more towns off of Balkans in this span than Beasties has. So you're right to complain and call me out, I totally messed up. Ice and Fire should probably be 8th for this edition.
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