TKF's Power Rankings Edition Ten: OCEANS VETERANS Rise, Spirtum Sancti Hanging By A Thread, Warlords Fall Out!

The rawr

Thanks mate, appreciate it :). But no, for me its over complitly i think. Lifestyle has changed a lot and until i wont get serious injury that keeps me away of trainings, there’ s no way i even think of this game anymore. :) Theres nothing fun in simming and even this reduces my sleep quality.
Hey Jooser...I will miss you always. I do remember our old days. You will always be here with me and others who played with or against you in past. Maybe when you will be back again (You can't leave this game complete ever, as once u r a Grepoholics, you will always be a Grepoholics) you will find some of your old friends still lurking around :))

Have a good time in RL. See ya buddy.


Okay thats all good and fine lmao, but I was punching well above my belt still in Himera haha.

I am definitely not like Batalo, whoever that is :D Appreciate the implications though, Rawr and Fluv <3
I wasn't actually talking about you specifically mate. Last time I gave a hoot about what you did was when you did some naughty things back in Lato and I got warned because of it.