TKF's Power Rankings Edition Thirteen: OCEANS VETERANS Rises, Pariahs Rise, BWN Collapses, Wonder Moves Are Made!

We're only a few days out from world wonders starting. Pretty soon the next wave of foundings and coring will start and as they grow, this will boost boost us to the points requirements. Right now there's three relevant sides to wonders and a couple free agents left to pick up. I'll go over them in this power ranking.

The Map

1) Balkan Boyz/Balkan Boyz*/Ice Boyz- They're continuing to defeat the Carrots/Cabbages and have picked up Dnl off of them as well. They have 7 players in the top 15 players and now three branches in the top 15 alliances. They've also effectively replaced Bad With Names with a new partner in OCEANS VETERANS. The way I see it the door has been shut on Bad With Names ever really getting back into the conversation here. At this point the only thing that could probably stop them is themselves.

World Status: World Leader

I gave credit to us last week for picking up some finished off enemies. OCEANS VETERANS gets the boost this week for adding some of Bad With Names players. They also continue to clean up in ocean 45 and take towns off of Cabbage and Carrots. Adding an ally in Balkan Boyz ensures the win for them and Balkan Boyz.

World Status: Contender

3) The Booty Warrior Cult-
Winning all our wars, primarily pushing back the Mongooses at the moment. Allied to Balkans Boyz and Pariahs.

World Status: Contender (by affiliation)

4) ***The Greeks***-
They've started conquering capable and getting in on this Bad With Names collapse. Still counting the old BWN its 9-14. They've caught up but still will have to pull ahead. They're also down 0-2 to The Booty Warrior Cult, which wouldn't be a big deal, except the two are in one of the few logical places to have wonder clusters between them and their new ally M.A.D. they've been sending lightships and OLU at one of the towns in particular.

World Status: Spoiler

5) The Pariahs-
Recently absorbed The Mob so they get a bump for that. The long term success of that merge will be determined based around how they root out anyone not on the app. Luckily with the Mongooses to go against, it'll become clear fast who is and isn't using the alarm. They're on the winning end of their wars. 4-2 with M.A.D., and 9-2 on Fighting Mongooses.

World Status: Contender

6) M.A.D./M.A.D.?-
This is one of our main enemies so I'll have more to say here as I've learned a lot about them. This group would win any competition that involves survival, they've found a way to escape a bad situation numerous times. Their recent pact with The Greeks ends one front that was getting messy for them which is a major short term benefit for them. Yes, I said short term. The down side is that O44 is effectively closed to them, O43 and O53 have no expansion grounds, and they have to break through The Booty Warrior Cult and The Pariahs who lead them 15-10 and 4-2 respectively. Not an impossible comeback, ro had a pretty good week, but hard to do when you consider that this has been a three month war at this point and winning the world goes well beyond just getting past The Booty Warriors and Pariahs now. The main downside to this team is that they rely on a few to do the work of many. Which is what's routinely gotten them into trouble and caused them to lose leads. I'll cover more about the Greeks in the wonder overview.

World Status: Survivor

7) Return of the Cabbages/Rise of the Carrots-
They've been reforming and still gradually losing players to due to them leaving or them quitting the game. They're also losing cities on both fronts. They're in trouble and might not make it to the end of the world. That's said, what's left could still probably beat whats left on the list. But there's a bit of irony here, they're basically in the position that ThePlague was in at the start of the world. The end is coming soon at this rate. The bright sides on this team right now appear to be Stoppable and Fluv.

World Status: Rapid Decline

8) Slackers-
In an interesting position in the world where they have both a pact with OCEANS VETERANS and The Greeks. They're still beating the Twisted groups and have managed to make a decently respectable rim group. The question is can they latch on to one of the wonder groups?

World Status: Rim Alliance

9) Fighting Mongooses-
They've started to lose a lot of towns. Having lost their Immortal branch and The Mob now, they're being pushed back towards O64, where they have had a lot of cities turn red as well. The problem here is that as they get pushed back, their wonder value declines too. They could end up alone.

World Status: Declining Rim Alliance

10) TAKO's-
They're 1-12 with Balkan Boyz and 1-0 with The Pariahs. Overall though this is really a group on the outside looking in for wonders, they're boxed in by the Balkans, who have their wonder diplomacy set at this point I'm guessing.

World Status: Rim Alliance

11) Catnip Anon.-
New comer to these rankings. They've been around for awhile and have carved out a nice space for themselves in O46. They're beating Big Child/Big Papa 57-4. I don't think that they care about wonders. So lets move on.

World Status: Rim Alliance

12) Second Chance-
Seems to be another stab at reforming the Bunnies as its mostly ex-Bunny players. Best of luck to them.

World Status: New Comer
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Wonder Perspectives: At this point in time it looks like there's going to really be three sides relevant to wonders. Note that this is based on how I see it going. It does not mean that this will for sure happen the way I say it will. But I'm going off current information.

Balkans, OV, TBWC, Pariahs: They fought together and now they have a good chance to win together. They have strong map control and a much larger city count from the next side up. The Balkans especially have been building their core of late while successfully pushing into O45. It also helps that much of this combination of players have both fought with and against each other in the past and know each other relatively well. I won't go too much further into the advantages as it would sound biased I think.

There's a few disadvantages as well. The main being that its a big combination of players and organizing that on a single unit level for wonders will be difficult even under good conditions. OCEANS VETERANS hasn't managed to link up with Balkans in O45 and has roughly two months to do so. O45 is a big ocean and that could prove difficult if Cabbages/Carrots puts up resistance. This is also a major amount of resources that have to be devoted before they can bring the hammer down from all sides on Greeks and MAD. There's also limited room on Carrot's end to take shots at the wonder zone if they ever got organized. There's also the issue of planning things out again, that's not always easy for a large group. Though not impossible and some prime examples of that with combinations of these same players would be Olous and Byblos.

***The Greeks***/M.A.D.- Some from this side have said that they were interested in my thoughts for this edition. My brutally honest thought is that this is the right move at the wrong time and is akin to my own mistakes on 113. Lets start with the advantages. They control O43 and mid-north O44 now and have a decent player count for building the wonders. As it stands they could plausibly build some if they all worked well together and had a good plan.

Now for the disadvantages. The first issue is that its a pact (wonder merge) between two groups that more or less don't respect each other and would not chose each other in any other situation. Greeks went to war over MAD and MAD would often trash talk the Greeks on the forums and in other chats. They now have to spend two months together. This really would work better if one defeated the other and forced them to merge.Their second issue is that two main island clusters where they would likely build wonders at this time are also infiltrated by enemy LMDS. They have no other really good spots to build these wonders. O53 more or less is covered by TBWC and Pariahs, which rules that option out. Other parts of O44 are dotted by other alliances. This leaves O53, completely rebuilding a core, or risking it as is. They also need more help in order to even up the city count.

Cabbages/Carrots- Its hard to imagine them being a factor during wonder time if current trends continue. But should they make it, they might be able to negotiate their way into a wonder team. But if that fails, they're essentially going for the wonder block and looking to play spoiler. There's not much a chance that their core can support a seven wonder attempt. However they did pick up @H1GH, which means that if they fall some lucky team gets Rini.

Slackers- While I don't consider them to be a relevant wonder side by themselves, there's also Slackers who are allied to both OCEANS VETERANS and The Greeks. It'll be interesting to see which side of the fence they try to fall on before its all said and done. Or will they decide to just play it for themselves?

Prediction: I think that as it stands right now those on the Balkans side have the advantage over the Greeks/MAD or ex-BWN side. In order to get the raw city count required to challenge the Balkans side, MAD/Greeks would need everyone with a pulse to side with them. There's also a lot of ground to cover and a lot of potential wonder zone and back up wonder zones to break into on top of securing their own to really get in this race, Greeks/MAD really need a lot of ball bounces to go their way. The Balkans on the other hand are looking at having a side that could potentially break the record for fastest to build 7 (which I think was byblos, so some might break their own record).

Balkans Side: 7
Greeks/M.A.D.: 0
Cabbages/Carrots: 0


I return to say, "hmmmm... did I tell ya so???" lol

"OK, I know BWN had a good start, but let's see the world for what it really is... There is a TON of good players in this world in various locations. What BWN doesn't know (maybe they do) is that many in the game are not impressed with the tactics they used under a different name in another world recently. Many are upset and will work hard to make sure they won't win. As sad as this is, it's probably a natural correction in the game created by simple political game views. This being said, I personally, have grown to respect their leadership. Good people at heart, so try to give them a respectful start...

Now on a side note... I was lucky enough to begin this world in a great location and being between the top two alliances has had its fun, but I have to say that BWN continues to use wicked tactics involving more than one world. If they have friends in another world that you might find important, they will get those players to hit you until you turn off your alarms, then those waiting in this world will see that your harbors and cities are cleared. Not cool. But I can ONLY speak for myself here and for those too weak to speak for themselves. In your hands, for me and mine, we will win this world, one way or another..."



This one was a good read, but I will have to correct one thing, you said there's no respect between MAD and GREEKS, this is not the case, we had a damned fun fight, true, we lost cities and gained some, and yes it is also true they have been trash talked (I'm probably the main culprit of this) but to say we don't respect them is not true. We have had our differences in the past, again true, but trash talk is a part of the game, I respect every player I fight against (I might not seem like I do, but I do) except those select few who choose to dirty cat you halfway to death cause they can't do anything else, it's just not well spirited IMO

But I respect Greeks just as much as I respect TBWC... yeah dan fine I said it, I do respect you guys, you've turned what was looking like a bad situation for yourselves (Early server being squished and fighting back against BB days) into a solid group with a strong pact in Balkans, can't fault you for that one tbh. Motto is, no matter how much you trash talk, you got to respect the players when they're doing it right (unless they use bots/dcats, f**k botters)

First and last time I admit that dan so shhhhh :p <3
Its an alliance of convenience to be honest, even the actual descriptions from leaders and players of each team for the alliance indicate as such. It would not be happening if we were not here or if better options existed/presented themselves. Pacting them allows you to divert attention to us and gives you a shot at the world through them, realistically you need to beat us in order to win the world yourselves the alternative being to join TBWC, which is likely unacceptable for most as we'd liquidate a lot of MAD (I do keep a shortlist for when that day comes though). Them pacting you allows them to move to control O44, something that they are far behind on compared to other core oceans and need to do. Especially since Rose stuck their core islands right out of the gate and others managed to found on them (though they removed the founds).

I respect MAD as well. MAD is probably the only team to break double digits on us prior to WW since Byblos, which had a whole different crew, goals, leadership, and dynamic back then. To be honest trying to figure out ways to come back in the war, break into MAD's side of the ocean, and O53 while fighting the Bunnies was a great initial challenge. Plus their ability to survive a bad situation is pretty remarkable. I won't sugar coat it and say that I feel like we're in danger anymore. You can probably look at Maddog, Davy, Joe, James, and Cosmic and get the feeling that we've caused more damage than the close score reflects. But its been nice seeing you guys shrug off damage and fight back.

Tom the Grec

really thing you taking to much credit where they none, ppl leave the game and some get move from frontline. I really dont see any damage you could have caused we cant handle. It getting harder for your lmd to land as we replace the ppl that should't be on frontline by other person that should been there and you guys doing the same thing, i dont see us claim credit about it.

This world is boring world whit all the LMD the no real fun but it is what it is.

RO your my man keep it up
@Tom the Grec Mad dropped vm, got attacked. Ghosted same day. Davy got put in siege and then ghosted. James had to be entirely taken off the front after crashing all his birds into our LMD sieges on him. You get to do that maybe on one front before it all falls apart. You have two different ones with us alone, one of which is entirely people that shouldn’t be front line. Cosmic straight up sent me hate mail about TBWC before quitting hours later. We’re definitely doing some damage there that’s not reflected on the score sheet or even off towns that got kicked/ghosted under siege. Having to burn slots to take those towns on top of regular internals is a major slow down and I reckon combined over 100 slots have been burned this month.

That’s not even getting into other things like Rich using 400 fts worth of dlu behind a 1 wall. People sending pegs at sieges. Dual breaking. Attacking stacked LMD sieges. Etc.

I agree on the LMD point too. But you’ll usually find us trying full morale sieges and holding them as well. An LMD is a luxury for us.

I agree Ro has done well and probably will continue to do so. But he’s mainly been taking back areas that we never should have been allowed into to begin with. It’s very unlikely at this stage that anything major is going to be taken from us. Where as it’s possible rose, Dodson, or dura could get deeper into the MAD core.


You do realise rose is losing a city right now?
Don't think we have kicked anyone mid-siege and the ghost ones are out of our control, so we're not fixing our scoresheet by any means (though you/pariahs have kicked one guy mid siege if i remember rightly)

Tom the Grec

You do realise rose is losing a city right now?
Don't think we have kicked anyone mid-siege and the ghost ones are out of our control, so we're not fixing our scoresheet by any means (though you/pariahs have kicked one guy mid siege if i remember rightly)
We both know Daniel only see what he want to see and twist thing around make it look good for them.
You do realise rose is losing a city right now?
Don't think we have kicked anyone mid-siege and the ghost ones are out of our control, so we're not fixing our scoresheet by any means (though you/pariahs have kicked one guy mid siege if i remember rightly)
No I am in VM. To you guys?

Actually that Aresshadow guy had several in siege. The Slickrick guy had one. Joe23 had one then asked to join us while under siege that one might have left though.

Yeah if someone lands a 5 hour cs then slumps in as a non-LMD with a 25 wall and then tries to call for their own siege break after being here a week then tries to justify having the wall, they won’t last the duration of the siege. We didn’t kick him because he was in siege. We kicked him because we wanted his towns. Feel free to count the city to the scores, I’ve been.