To the Memory of the Fallen Warriors

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A bit busy with real no time to come here and riling you up for now friends....

However, this is to the memory of the brave warriors that have fallen to the evil hordes of the Victrix Empire. I have received over one thousand attacks from dozen of players and more than 70K battle points over tiny cities less than 4,000 points. Only three they managed to revolt.

Beneath the lotus tree
In the garden of eternal bloom
A Grepolis warrior sits among the bloosms
Gazing into the eye of the moon

Wondering into the future
But still so far from the past
His heart pounding beneath his tunic
Knowing the dye is about to be cast

Crickets in the background
Wind rustling through the trees
He closes his tear stained eyes
As the vision of his future is about to be

Silently as the night
The enemy spills over the wall
Into the garden of eternal bloom
How many warriors shall fall?

Soliders made of dark shadows
With hearts made of stone
Surround the lone warrior
As he sits on his lotus covered throne

Unsheathing his sword
His heart beating faster then before
One slice through the air
And two soliders are no more

Sweat dripping off his brow
The wind turning into a storm
Our warrior getting weaker
The end is beginning to form

With a quick flick of the wrist
Our brave soul feeling the pain
As his blood begins to spill
As begins the falling of the rain

He slowly falls to his knees
Thunder flashes across the sky
The enemy has him surrounded
As he lets out one final cry

Falling towards the petals
Beneath the sacred lotus tree
A single warrior full of honor
His existance shall no longer be


I shall never surrender or join the evil empire...(thanks for the offer of joining but no thanks..) I prefer to be the lonely warrior...


did you lose track of all your posts and their threads ;{( ?
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Vic you guys do suck though bunch of buttholes only for taking the win though it was fun as always futbol you have taken this to far you are seriously just way to butthurt Vic noc toon wib all have/had great leadership that why so many people follow them and it's is by choice not force idk anyone who really been forced to join anyone most people join because of a collapse in another alliance or can't compete against attacks and want to be on the winning side I'm a ride or die type of guy I only join one alliance or two every world you flip flop every month so get creative and make a alliance you want as it obvious you don't want to be in any of the ones that matter you have turned yourself into a outcast


84,747 BP at least.......It was a very good return on investment for 8 cities with with less than 4 or 5 k.
I know that you do not see it that is good to know that you got that annoyed...


maybe he meant the day before and after as well?
He posted his claim yesterday evening, so it can't have included today. In fairness, it could have included the previous day, but I assumed that it was in reference to the group effort, which only really started yesterday.

On the bright side, I think it's nice that Futbol finally gets to do some fighting: for someone who has been writing propaganda specifically to urge other players to fight against Victrix, his BP was rather lacking until the last couple of days.


You see...what you want to see...Kal... which is kind of sad...


You see...what you want to see...Kal... which is kind of sad...
I see what you say on the forums, and what the game's statistics show.

I urge to attack them with bravery.
This was taken from the initial post of your "A call to all rebels" thread, posted on 30th December.

Rejoice! Celebrate! Brave rebels and soldiers are standing against the tyranny of the Big Empire.
This was taken from the initial post of your "A period of Rebellion" thread, posted on 2nd January.

This was a screenshot taken around 01:00 on 8th January. It's fairly well-known that I have been simming on the backline for most of this world, for a number of reasons (including RL time commitments). I was also in VM for almost 4 weeks around Christmas. Yet somehow I had more BP (and approaching double the ABP, at 107k vs 60k) than someone who has been urging everyone to join him in heroically attacking the 'big bad wolf' of the server.

What I see is someone giving a number of 'inspiring' speeches to incite everyone to attack us, then taking very little part in the "attacking" aspect (as I'm still ahead of you on ABP), and bragging about us attacking cities that you colonised in our territory and stacked with defence.


I shall never surrender or join the evil empire...(thanks for the offer of joining but no thanks..) I prefer to be the lonely warrior...
I don't suppose that you'd care to show us the invite/offer? You were in Victrix at the start, and later left to go and join Nocturnos, who has even more players.

Also, everything that you have levelled at Victrix in terms of criticisms, false accusations, etc, were confirmed to be done by Thermopylae in en94. In that scenario, you continually bragged about being the largest alliance with the biggest players, and referred to players in the smaller alliances as primitives, savages and slaves (along with other insults which I can't remember, due to much of it being deleted by the moderators). But now that you are fighting against the big teams, they are the ones that are evil and everyone should hate, and the same type of people that you demeaned and insulted for months are suddenly the heroic rebels, simply because you're now in the same position.

Just because you are fighting against someone in-game, or have a difference of opinion with them on the forums, doesn't mean that they are evil people whom everyone should dislike.


My friends. You can see the forest for the trees, and I must add that you miss the entire biosphere for trying to pick apart the branch.
It is fine. Your blindness is part of the expressions of the Evil Empire of Victrix.

In its fully realized form. I should emphasize that I use ‘‘Empire’’ here not ONLY a metaphor, which would require demonstration of the resemblances between Grepolis' current world order and the Empires of Rome, Britain, the Americas, and so forth, but rather as a social concept. The concept of Empire is characterized fundamentally by the aim to erase all boundaries: Empire’s rule has no limits. It extends to this forum and to our own minds. It is your desire to impose your perspective, ideology, and view of the Grepolis world as the facto reality.

The evil Empire presents itself not as a regime originating in fair conquest, but rather as an order based on unfair Group conquest (large groups and obscene expenditures of gold) that effectively suspends the creation of NEW Grepolis history and thereby fixes the existing state of affairs for eternity. This is why we are having the repeating of world outcomes and hence effectively the company forced to look for new endings as the abuse and misuse of rules became the "normal" behaviour among players.

From the perspective of Empire, this is the way things will always be and the way they were always meant to be. In other words, the evil Empire presents its rule not as a transitory moment in the movement of Grepolis history but as a permanent regime

The rule of the Empire operates on all registers of the social order extending down to the organization of other alliances and this forum itself. The evil Empire not only manages a territory and a population but also creates the very world it inhabits. It not only regulates players interactions but also seeks directly to rule over the decisions that individual Grepolis players like me do.

The Empire we are faced with wields enormous powers of oppression and destruction, both in these forums and Grepolis worlds. The agents of the evil empire try to penetrate and mold every aspect of our Grepolis life.


To make it more explicit. The "Evil Empire" has seats on the council (i.e. Kal Gordon), has positions among the moderators, and controls some of the minor alliances as well. The Evil Empire tries to absorb or completely destroy any player in the game who opposes it. Off the game, the Evil Empire tries to chastise, ridicule, and ostracize, any player who resists or questions the ideology of Evil Empire.

For example, I do receive over 1,000 attacks from 20 or more players. This is considered "normal" and "good play". I send 200 attacks to one or two players of the Evil Empire, and this is considered "spam", "undesirable play", and I am blamed with "killing the game".

To all the ones that say that it is hypocrisy that I was part of Victrix or that I belong to another group (though I am not active). Has it occurred to you that this indeed gave me some insights first hand on what is going on?

Having the experience on been in the inside, gave first hand accounts of the dynamics of the Evil Empire.

These guys really bunch on Mega groups and gold up walls and troops whenever is necessary. They are trying to impose a complete social order on Grepolis and normalize the behaviour that allows them to "win" even if it is at the expense of breaching the spirit of the game.


These guys really bunch on Mega groups and gold up walls and troops whenever is necessary. They are trying to impose a complete social order on Grepolis and normalize the behaviour that allows them to "win" even if it is at the expense of breaching the spirit of the game.

you are sounding pathetic just give it up...
you are talking all the talk........... now walk your walk..........form a democratic alliance or go onto your next complaint...
you are clogging forums with this/YOUR "Narcissist SPAM".
you do realize: no attention is better than Negative attention?


Yet you're still with them in Leontini? Nothing against "them" in this context. Just pointing out the hypocrisy... because is fun at this point lol
Lol I didn't even realize he was in my alliance in Leon until you said that. Such a significant player

Judging by the lengths of your posts Futbol, which I can't be bothered reading by the way, you're spending far too much time on the forums. I'd suggest simmering down and playing the game. Hey, you might even have fun.
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