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Welcome back everybody :D I definitely prepared content for this section, have no worries. It is my honor to bring you this first edition of "Today in Sidon", which I will naturally get bored of after the first week and then never write another edition of again. (You're welcome :)) So as quarantine has brought all the OGs back out to their old favorite game, I thought we would honor today with a throwback to some good old newspapers.

Meanwhile ...
The battle of the discords have come upon us. EN127 has been graced with not 1, not 2, but 3 different world chat options. One of them has a bot that allows you to generate a photo of a dog randomly on command. Naturally this will become my new home. You have plenty of options to select through if you are looking to be welcomed into EN127's social life.

Meanwhile ...
Rumor on the street has it that the massive rumored coalition of alliances was formed not because of a mass pact, but because they all want to take down the same single target and need 9 alliances to do it - Fair Play BTW. This rumor has not been confirmed, but it makes me happy. so I will share it anyways.

Meanwhile ...
Trouble is stirring in paradise as 20,000pt player Ghost departs from Government just as Beginner's Protection has come to an end. Reasons for the departure are unknown, but lying sources have claimed it might have something to do with me bullying him in discord for pulling back a CS on an MRA siege. This departure quickly let Government fall down the ranks.

Meanwhile ...
I got a dog. She is now my profile picture. Really that should be all that matters to you.
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What alliances, outside of your own, should we be keeping an eye on? Why?
G, Noots: "I have no clue, I just want to fight."
Pete Dunham, Noots: "Frank and JFL would be the easy answers, but much like Dan, I agree Tidal Wave is worth having a look at. It's a few of our friends who were also JFL in 124 and I have a lot of respect for them."
Fair Play, JFL: " Frank, they chose the easiest ocean and delayed their drop. They had the entire world to pick and picked that exact ocean/location because they knew it was an easy spot. For that reason they will be around, reason enough to watch that."
Sparrow: "I’m mostly concerned with the alliance Slap. I share an Island with Slap, Retribution, Twisted, and Kastel City States. I feel like Slap will take an early lead in o54. "
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: "I wanna see how the NEMESIS Empire fares. Mass groups almost never work but it doesn't make them any less fascinating to me. Plus I like it when newer or less experienced players are smart enough to least know that they might not be in the best position in the world and take proactive steps to change that. Send Noots is the other one, O44 might be the most intense starting ocean on paper. So I want to see how they fare."
maddoxranger, NEMESIS: "FRANK and Hugs. Both have experienced players and are climbing up the rankings steadily."

The end of beginner's protection is just around the corner for many. How much gold have you spent/made in this time?
G, Noots: "like 200 gold for island quests and a starter pack."
Pete Dunham, Noots: "Can't speak for the team, I personally am a poor fool so I made about 400 gold in trade, spent 100 on administrator and earned 0."
Fair Play, JFL: "Spent 60k gold during BP, 40k gold left to use before Sunday, then buying another 100k on monday. Strict 100k a week limit. "
Sparrow: "Spent no gold since it is a new win condition and the job I’m hoping to begin will have me offline over 12hrs daily. Can’t really play the game that way. I did collect roughly 600 gold thus far and expect to pick up much more."
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: "I've made and spent maybe 1k?
maddoxranger, NEMESIS: "Net I have made 100 gold I would guess - I'm not sure though"

Where did your alliance name come from? What does it mean?
G, Noots: "Send Noots, self explanatory."
Pete Dunham, Noots: "The cartoon character Pingu. He Noots and so do we! Like most things in this alliance the reason was banter."
Fair Play, JFL: "JFL was an alliance I was in back when I started in Theta. I took the name and rebranded it when Imbros opened and I finally decided I was sick of being a sheep and wanted to lead instead. We won Imbros and from that point I never played under someone again. As Mr. Wonderful says, there are two types of people, the person who cleans crap off the floor and the person who tells that person to clean the **** off the floor. I can’t be quiet enough to follow. JFL simply means just as it sounds."
Sparrow: "Not in an alliance currently. Hoping to join fly under the radar a bit until I can find what best suites me. Maybe join a gold trading team."
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: "We're all Its Always Sunny fans?
maddoxranger, NEMESIS: "Nemesis was the goddess of retribution and revenge. Which is something that we are planning on doing, won't reveal more xd"

How are you feeling about this new "win condition"? Do you think it'll be your new favorite mode - or a big flop?
G, Noots: "I have no clue what to expect."
Pete Dunham, Noots: "So it seems rather interesting, too early to make a call tho. I generally like it, and it's fun to see since everyone is pretty much winging it atm."
Fair Play, JFL: "Terrible idea because it encourages PVE rather than PVP. Force it to only be 4 core oceans and it would be much better."
Sparrow: " I’m very excited about this new game mode. I am hoping it will provide more hotspots and conflict areas giving more teams a chance to carve out a little piece of the world."
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: "I think that it'll be a fun alternative end games like domination and world wonders. But I do think the perks for winning are a bit weak right now.
maddoxranger, NEMESIS: "Too early to say actually. But to capture a temple no need of spies and spells, just full raw power, is interesting to say the least."

For any new players reading this - or players hitting the ground running in EN127 ... what advice do you have? Any tips/tricks?
G, Noots: "Just be active, Grepo is easy, and being online is hard."
Pete Dunham, Noots: "My advice for this world itself is, find a team of experienced players that is willing to have you and rather on stats, results, and winning just focus on learning the game and the people."
Fair Play, JFL: "If you are new, don’t bother playing. If you want my honest advice, that is it. This game is on its death bed and has only gone downhill since its prime days."
Sparrow: "The world isn’t too old yet, if you dropped into a quieter zone, play like normal. If you landed in a hotspot, message your island mates and try to befriend them as soon as possible. Only real tip and trick to offer at this time is join the world discord. Best way to learn the people. Be ready to use websites for data and maps and start keeping track of various interests now."
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: "Don't build walls and use the mobile app with your attack alarm on. It'll save your cities."

Any old-world grudges you expect to resurface in EN127?
G, Noots: "I'll hold off on this one."
Pete Dunham, Noots: "Me personally no. We might end up fighting JFL but I don't have a grudge against them. It's a are game, your friends become your allies and vice versa. This world itself does have JFL and MP in it so that's interesting (Yes I know it's not MP, just easier to call it that than explain its Frank with most of the MP members ((and yes I know it loses the point now that I went to this length to explain anyways))."
Fair Play, JFL: " The only grudge that matters is the grudge with the mods. I expect to be perm banned within 2 weeks. I attack players more than twice a day which, according to the mods, is not allowed. Sadly it’s a grudge I can’t win."
Sparrow: "I have a grudge against princess kuini."
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: "TBWC players in Frank vs Watchers is the only one that I can think of."
maddoxranger, NEMESIS: "Yeah I am expecting players from en124 to continue their rivalry here also. Especially among those who were in JFL and AA."

Other requested comments:
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: "hi mom"


What's the most overrated or over-hyped alliance right now?
Pete Dunham, Noots: "I was afraid I won't get to trash talk. I respect some people on the roster but I gotta go with The Watchers. They are right next to us, with 2 alliances already and possibly some diplo. Unlucky land for them I would say (not that I'm too sure they would do well in any ocean, I'm just sure they won't do well next to us.)."
Fair Play, JFL: "Send Noots. I saw the POWER RANKING, somehow labeled them as 3? This is an alliance who was trashed on EN124 until JFL came and saved them. I don’t discredit a few of their individual skills, but this alliance is literally running a replay of what happened in EN124. They have terrible leadership that will yet again be the driving factor in a losing war once they face competition."
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: "Its a new world so I don't think anybody is overrated yet ."

If you could clean someone out of the game first day outside of BP - who would it be and why?
Pete Dunham, Noots: "LaSophie. So I can make her restart with us. She is crazy but I lover her still."
Fair Play, JFL: "Any semi experienced player wouldn’t let this happen, so it’s a useless question in my eyes. I would get rid of the MRA leader so they crumble faster."
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: " Shee Ra, simply for that message last night. Sadly I don't think I'll be making my way over in one day."

Rumor has it there's a major coalition forming in EN127 - possibly 360 players. What are your thoughts?
Pete Dunham, Noots: "Funy as hell, and I don't think anyone really expects it to last. But hey, Grepo is good for making friends. And I guess having 360 people together (for about a weeks time) will be good for making a few."
Fair Play, JFL: "This is nothing new. 9 alliances deep minimum at the moment, they wont do anything. A few of them will start losing wars, or people will get tired, this wont last longer than a few weeks."
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: " Given whos in it its the best move for them. Won't stop me from making fun of them if it blows up in their face. But its still the best move."

Which alliances do we see in the Top 12 that you expect to fall out within the first week?
Pete Dunham, Noots: "Nemesis, Watchers, Creed, Relentless. None of those really impress me. I'm not gonna make the claim none of them will still be there, I just feel they are the most endangered ones."
Fair Play, JFL: "Retribution picked a fight with JFL, they are a sink. Whoever FRANK targets will sink. Government I feel is overhyped as well as noots, they may make it a week but not much longer."
The Kitten Fatalis, FRANK: "Will bet on Relentless and Anonymous falling out. Just For Laughs and FRANK will go in."


The Cone of Shame begins today with a simple mass mail ... LaSophie mass messages an enemy alliance, posing as one of their own, requesting for support on a siege ...
Some were annoyed ...
Some hastily sent support ...
Some were annoyed that they had to hastily send support ...
But nothing is quite as sweet as denial ...

Today's edition of the Cone of Shame is brought to you by @LaSophie. Thank you for bringing us joy.


Today's random questions of the day, answered by EN127...

You've been given an elephant. You can't sell or trade the elephant. What do you do with your elephant?
- Raise it as my child.
- climb on it and try to ride it probably i guess lol
- Teach my elephant how to high five
- Ride it to work. Straight up. Every day.
What is the best type of cheese?
- There is only mozzarella.
- mozzarella for sure!
- Unpasteurized. Can't remember the name exactly - it's similar to homemade goat cheese.
- Does shredded count as a reply?
- All cheese matters!

So ... do you agree? Personally, I think it's insulting that parmigiano-reggiano was not even considered a contender.

Today's Riddle:

I'm part of the bird that's not in the sky.
I can swim in the ocean, but yet I remain dry.
What am I?
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Other than charlie being charlie this was a good read and I appreciate the effort you and TKF are putting into these forums. :)


Dear oh dear. It's like all my time on the "Nagidos Nag" was wasted. I did my best to make Grepo newspapers like the real thing - you don't actually interview people, you make things up to fit the story you want people to hear. Saves a lot of time, and normally turns out to be more truthful than printing the words of people who are all just making up things to fit the stories they individually want people to hear...:D

Great effort, although I have to take issue with you about mozzarella. It's not even the only cheese I've made myself during lockdown... after all, "Blessed are the cheesemakers".


well i enjoyed this a lot, keep them coming. I can imagine it is a lot of work, but it is well put together and interesting. As BP has ended, it would be good to get some chat from alliances fighting each-other and the trash talk that comes with that.
good read


Shame about the name, though. What's wrong with "The Pro Sidon Adventure", or "The SIdon Insider" or "Sidon With The Enemy" or something? :p

Evil MeIinoe

Shame about the name, though. What's wrong with "The Pro Sidon Adventure", or "The SIdon Insider" or "Sidon With The Enemy" or something? :p
Don't worry Bear, I am waiting for your newspaper patiently;)
Hugs were already slayed on the externalso_O
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Evil MeIinoe

Why is there so much drama already, it's only just started.
Be happy, stay safe and be like my turtle:)


Don't worry Bear, I am waiting for your newspaper patiently;)
Hugs were already slayed on the externals no idea whyo_O

If I had any idea what was going on, I might write a paper.
Mind you, that never stopped me in the past...;)

Here's a little taster of how one of mine would be, using one of Phi's questions and just one answer:

The end of beginner's protection is just around the corner for many. How much gold have you spent/made in this time?

Fair Play, JFL: "Spent 60 billion gold during BP, 40 million gold left to use before Sunday, then buying another 100 trillion on monday. Strict 100 million a week limit, I'll never dip below that. "

The big problem for Hugs is coronavirus. Everyone is social distancing and they are all afraid of Hugs.