Top 10 Alliance ABP Rankings


From my understanding, RYW entered into a war on us. They also entered into a war against many other alliances. A lot of alliances hate you. We just don't make as many enemies as you do. Just wondering, how did getting all your friends to help stop our CS of Black Watch go? Whats that... 1 LS from DU and that's it? Friends come in handy when you fight another major player, TSR has learned that, has RYW?
So true.


That is what you get with world speed 1, every process evolves... slower :D


i kind of wish someone would make a newspaper again. they give something to read through on here when bored lol


..and print it - to be delivered every morning at my doorstep :)

Hagop abroumian

Roesh I can get you the stories but you have to arrange them. Also stay on topic and someone post their opinion on the top ABP alliances.


Also stay on topic and someone post their opinion on the top ABP alliances.
Thought you'd never ask:

1 Raise Your Weapon 37426
Gotta thank the twins.

2 Eclipse 15785
One of the first mega-mergers is only starting to gain traction in this category.

3 Rouge Bullz 13520
Anger management classes are not working... may need to resort to shock therapy to cure their lust of ABP.

4 The Southerners Reborn 13374
In an eternal birthing process. Sounds very painful... worse than raging hemorroids.

5 The Art of War 12588
The ghost of Sun Tzu returns.

6 Empire of Death 11464
You can smell the rotting corpses from oceans away.

7 The Black Death Imperium 8301
High demand for bubonic plague vaccine.

8 Euthanatoi 8033
How do you pronounce this name? ooothanatoyyyy?

9 The Langoliers 7515
Stephen King wants his creatures back to make a sequel.

10 DreadFleet 6979
Here come the seamen!


Euthanatoi. I dont believe there is an easy pronunciation there lololololol


Why would anyone contribute some theory when they have nothing to support it with. Specially when they know not many are going to support that idea?