Top 10 Alliances


1. Great Global Warriors - Falling apart, Loads of players banned and running off into vm when they are under some pressure
2. The Ecstatic Escapades - Always solid alliance, Don't do losing cities
3. Incubi - Turning up the heat on GGW, Subsequently GGW are crumbling
4. Alliance X - They have done well against Incubi and TEE
5. Eastern Republic - Don't fight, Won't fight, Can't fight, MRA
6. A New Dawn - Sad excuse of an alliance, Becoming an MRA
7. Great White Death - They call themselves an ELITE alliance, Pfft grepo stats say different, Simmers
8. Brothers of War - WHO??? MRA!!!
9. Forsaken - See above
10. Crvene Beretke - Former Srpska vojska, Good solid fighters, I feel they are good enough to be ranked 5th
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1. I have to admit - that is about right.
It is not due to incubi that we are falling apart a little though, although now that we are crumbling incubi are taking the advantage.
I am 100% sure we will be full strength again in a month at the most.
We just need to eat those banned players when they ghost and then all will be fine :)

2. Haven't had much contact with them so cant say but they arent shrinking.

3. Pretty elite alliance (i am sure they will love to hear that) They arent going anywhere but up.

4. Haven't had much contact but will soon once our war with them has started properly. Incubi and tee have them round their little finger. They wont stay long once they are not wanted by these two. By the way they arent very good allies :p

5,6,7,8,9,10 dont care. most look like mras.


Who do you keep refering too as THEY????

Who arent very good allies???

O Maoileoin

We were never Allies Markini.... We had an NAP (Non Aggression Pact).

Not once did we ever attack together, defend together, or anything. We had a blank shared forum for months, and your leadership declared a pointless war on our only allies against our will.... With Gitte and KaM gone, we feel your alliance is unable to protect our northern flank, thus we have taken matters into our own hands.

Your leadership received a message from me about this, you should have been notified.


ok well i have nothing against you really.
i am looking forward to getting one more enemy.
all our leaders are either banned or on vm or quit lol so we were not informed.
I am just off with the cowardly members who left us for you. We will enjoy taking their cities.