Top 10 Alliances


Not even 3 full days into this world and there is a sister alliance already :D


nor would i ,just 7 members from a 117 whooping enjoying playing with each other.

But David does like to talk.


thats pretty much all david does..


Well I’m in the same ocean and I’ve had 4K in 24 hours.

I keep running out of resources, lol.


Top 10 Alliances:

War of Kings: Well personally I like them and what they are all about. I like the leadership they have I think they will be a contender in OC55 for long term.

Apex: Well there name doesn't quite ring a bell and I've been playing a long time. I'm not sure what there strategy is but seems to be #2 and have the highest avg points of the top 10. They are looking quite Apex right now bolstering #2 highest ABP points and #1 on DBP. I think the server is still to early to tell but I want to see them tested defensively to see what they got. I hope to see great things from them.

The Enclave Treaty: Ummm well I've seen The Enclave Pact and the Enclave Concord established under them so I'm guessing they are all one group. Come on now this server has a cap of 50 and only one alliance can win the world, why in the world do you all have 3 alliance already and people starting to just get out of BP? Straight MRA in my opinion but if they can slim members and tighten up on defense (cause they gonna needed as they are a big target) I can see them really doing something good.

Teddy Bears: They are based in OC54, I've seen that name a number of times and they are pretty tough group. Little is known about them in this current server but if they naming themselves Teddy Bears like the others then they will make a good run. They might look to expand to OC55 and start some trouble there but in the meantime they are likely to just establish a hold on 54 first short term. Also noted they have the second highest avg points among top 10 but offense and defense wins battles to lets see what they capable of.

The Hot Gates: I don't know these guys and haven't talked to leadership or anything. They are in OC45 heavy and 55 they have a subtle presence. I don't have much to say on them yet but they are top 5 in ABP so maybe a team to keep an eye on for the future.

Armagedon: Y'all spelled Armageddon wrong just to note lol. You all have Arma Academy already setup and really looking like another MRA. There OC45 presence not too bad but if they want to make it out of OC45 they need to dump the academy, get rid of all the dead weight, and go on the offense early. OC45 won't show any mercy to an MRA and its beside OC55 too lol. I don't expect much from this group, I think they'll crumble by the month out honestly. They do have solid leadership so maybe they can pull through.

United Allegiance: Another OC54 group that could look to expand into OC55 later. Much is not known about the group but maybe they can give Teddy Bears a run for there money there. They barely in the top 10 for ABP so maybe they are a casual group idk but I'm sure Teddy Bears will swallow them if they don't tighten up.

Kingdom of Heaven: Well They are based in OC44 and I'm not sure of there objectives as of yet but OC44 I believe is still underdeveloped so they don't have much competition in the Ocean. I'm keeping an eye on them cause they right about 45 and across from 55 which will lead to some interesting wars, naps, and pacts if they play there cards right. I'm not expecting them to hit top 3 in ABP or DBP being in OC44 but I'm expecting aggressive expansion out the gate from them which will keep them perched top 5 over all.

The Enclave Pact: See above for The enclave treaty.

Legion XIII- Ok I'ma say they based in OC54 cause they are spread out into 45,55, and 44 too with there Acad. Another MRA for Teddy Bears to swallow. Teddy Bears got a lot of food lol mehh but I don't expect them to last long they got numbers but do they have quality? Lets just see how they go for the next 2 weeks..

I'll do an honorable mentions next time around but looks like the world is shaping up to be somewhat interesting. A lot of MRA's at the start but that's every server since the beginning of the game. What I think it will come down to for them MRA's is if they have good leadership and there ability to coordinated offensive and defensive maneuvers at the right time. Being these MRA's are likely to fail simply due to cluttered forums, inability to protect everyone, and disagreements they need to declutter forums and go on the offensive against some of these more structured and tougher alliances to establish somewhat a belonging in this world before its too late.

It's still really early so I will give an update on the top 10 next week to see how the alliances are doing fresh out of BP and if there are any new top 10 teams that rise from the ashes of dead alliances.

These are solely my opinions so if your in an alliance that I don't have a positive outlook for don't take offense lol just prove me wrong.


One of the best i've seen since back, researched and informative, well done