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Some very good reads and interesting rumors. I am from the doctrine where information is key, and having these insights from other alliances and oceans is very much appreciated. Might give my two cents in the near future, but my forte is in intelligence gathering rather than sharing ;)
Keep up the amazing work guys, makes this world a bit more entertaining!

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Killoilll's Top 10 Alliances;
. A strange note for this alliance is their founder Buzz Kill has left and returned to the alliance at least four times, the reason is unknown; but this behavior has been observed with other alliance members as well..
:) dw hes just grabbing some fake bp
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evil melinoe

Shout out to JungleBear good to see you around, maybe its the wrong bear because there are so many, but yeah, TINAD days were good! Also, I like the sass Buzz Kill ;).

wrong bear i think :)

Evil MeIinoe

evil melinoe

Shout out to JungleBear good to see you around, maybe its the wrong bear because there are so many, but yeah, TINAD days were good! Also, I like the sass Buzz Kill ;).

wrong bear i think :)
Oh my apologies, too many bears around:D
They sure were good days!


Hey you all, here is my little top 10(9 due to the big sisters), as promised.

For those of you who know me and seen my top 10s/12s in the past, I operate in a manner of Swim/Float/Sink, therefore, I will share my views, and tell you who I think will dominate, survive, and get eaten.​

As always, this is just my opinion, do not be offended, and if you think my views are "do-do" tell me why.
There will be facts, sass, guessing, predictions and some things to make you thing about ;).

Please excuse the spelling mistakes, English is not my first language.

Grab your Cuppa or your Coffee and stick around, this will be a long read as I like to talk a lot and share a lot of facts.​

1. Teddy Bears - Swim
This little crew is currently sitting 2nd in the attacking alliance rankings, and 4th when it comes to defending. Lets be honest, this crew has already shown us their dominance in regards to ocean 54, currently having 165 cities there and counting.
They killed of their early competition Legion XIII, which I personally am a big fan of due to the fact that, I had a lot of conflicts with them back in the old days all the way in Mochlos, and yeah, I am glad to see them gone, or at least, to see Teddy Bears come out on top. Their potential new threat could be rising slowly but surely, called 300. However, with almost x3 their city count, I think Teddies have that ocean pretty secured already which is impressive to see, hence why only being ranked 4th when it comes to defending, lack of competition and other small crews being to scared to put up a good fight, and take the fight to them. Maybe in the near future, some groups will bond to take the fight to them, which I'm sure Teddies will love anyway. So yeah, you guys swim on nice to see you lot in a good shape.

2. The Phoenix - Swim (my crew)
As this is my crew, I will keep this very brief and pretty biased for obvious reasons.
We're currently, 3rd in the offensive rankings, and 1st in the defensive rankings, and our home is ocean 45.
Of course I will say we will swim, our crew is obviously the best ;).
Big shout out the Tim, a friend from many worlds and we as a group, look forward to the future on this world.
Ps, this wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention Floren, our amazing Sass Queen. <3

3. The Enclave Treaty/The Enclave Pact - Swim/Float
Now this is quite an impressive crew, in my opinion! I know some hatters may say this is a Mra, and perhaps, in some way it is. But lets be honest, this is a very active Mra, with barely, any inactive players working well together to form dominance in ocean 55, and currently leading with 250+ cities located in that ocean, between the two groups. Traditionally, people would, and likely will go after bigger groups like this which could be their weakness in the near future.
As it stands, and if we add both attacking and defensive charts together from both groups, The Enclaves are 1st when it comes to offensive alliance points, and 1st when it comes to defensive points which is quite impressive. (Again, this is if we combine their points together). Putting that aside, the main alliance is 4th in offensive rankings, and 3rd in defensive rankings.
With tension rising between them, and WoK, there may be a big war coming into 55 sooner, rather than later. As for now, with their impressive activity, I think they could have a slight edge in this war, but then again, having a group that size will be hard to manage and keep on track on the long run. Combine that, with the fact that others may chip in to help take down this big boy, The Enclaves may be in trouble, which is why I think they will definitely swim for now, but may drop of soon enough. Who knows, prove me wrong, and good luck out there in 55.

4. War of Kings - Swim/Dominate
This is the group that I am a big fan of, and look forward to seeing in the near future. They're also located in ocean 55 as we know from the previous, discussion. However, this group is 1st in the offensive rankings and are leading by 50000+ points. Defensively, they're sitting in 2nd place. We know there is no war yet between Enclaves, because WoK's have not lost any cities to them, but ooo I can feel the tension rising in 55, and I can see WoK taking the fight to the Enclaves and dominating 55. With the impressive offensive rankings, we can see that WoK will not go down easily. The group has a lot of talent, and a lot of players I seen and played with in the past for many years, and the experience may just do it for them leading to 55 being theirs. Also, other may just chip in to help this little gang ;).
Their only really weakness is being slightly spread into ocean 45, the home of Phoenix and other groups trying to fight for 45, which could lead to a war from both sides, forcing them out of both 45 and 55. All we know for now is that, this group has options and I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us all. With their experienced players, I'm sure their plans are already set and I'm excited.
Shout out to JungleBear good to see you around, maybe its the wrong bear because there are so many, but yeah, TINAD days were good! Also, I like the sass Buzz Kill ;).

5. Kingdom of Heaven - Swim
44 is their little home, and oh boy that ocean seems so dead, and boring, trust me I know, I done my research and as long as this group is in 44 and isn't expanding too early, they will dominate 44. There isn't really much to say at the moment here. Kingdom of Heaven is currently 5th in the offensive rankings and 11th in the defensive rankings which tells me that their competitors are not hitting them in 44, so they're having an easy time with a possibility to grow at a rapid pace. As for pacts, I believe this group is definitely playing it smart, with no pacts because non are needed. I shall explain why their competitors are no threat to them when I get to them, since they're also in the top 10.

6. The No Ones - Sink
Oh no no and no, a very interesting, yet no threatening group, speaking from experience. A group which provided a lot of BP in the past day, for 1 very lucky alliance. From my research and reports provided to me by some wonderful players, we know that the leadership lacks experience and I believe this will be their undoing.
However, here are some facts: 7th when it comes to offensive rankings and 9th when it comes to defending rankings.

7. Slaughter House - Sink/Float!
The one group who had their settings open to anyone being able to join the alliance, which is my eyes is a very bad thing but I'm glad they their leader listened to me and took my advice on board and changed it to "apply." It's for that very reason, I hope you guys stay in 44 and float at least, and stick around! I am biased here, and I do believe KoW will dominate 44, with One-eyed Jack leading the crew. I will not say anything else on the matter or share anything, due to the fact that this crew may be new and learning, (with a few exceptions) and I would like to wish you guys good luck in 44!
Hope the experienced players come out on top, lead and help your group grow in confidence and perhaps dominate in 44 in the near future, I will have my fingers crossed for you lot and hope you stay with us until the end.
Lastly, some more facts, 6th in the offensive rankings, and 10th in the defensive rankings, which shows that their is no war between them and KoW as of yet.

8. TRIDENT - Sink
This group is currently located in 45 fighting for dominance. Currently sitting, at 8th in both offensive and defensive rankings. It seems that a correlation has been formed to fight against the leaders in 45, and Tridents are part of that correlation. However, looking at the statistics, there appears to be no cities taken as of yet from the leaders, and they seem to be slowly sinking and losing cities to the leaders themselves. We also know they worked with a different crew not long ago called Hot Gates which have fallen, and their cities were picked off by them and Phoenix. The pact only lasted a day or so with Hot Gates, and perhaps this correlation will fall soon, who knows, maybe they will come out on top. However, as a Phoenix player, I believe we have what it takes to win in 45. See you lot on the battlefield.

9. Forsaken - Float
Their home is also ocean 45. Their offensive rank sits at 11 and their defensive rank is at 6. They are also part of the correlation against the leaders in 45. Their statistics are not great when it comes to offensive and defensive statistics, but there is something about this crew that makes be believe that they will survive if the correlation shall fail. They have a few outstanding players, and a few good leaders which seem to know what they're doing even after attack my city ;).
Once again, we shall see you guys on the battlefield and may the odds be ever in your favor (the inner Hunger Games coming out of me) :D.
Good luck to yous and to us.
Some very good reads... This was spot on Lexa

Evil MeIinoe

Some very good reads... This was spot on Lexa
Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed the read!:)
It's becoming clear that a lot of my predictions are correct, at least for now:D

I will make an updated list and another read on Sunday night so stick around for that one:)

Buzz Kill

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed the read!:)
It's becoming clear that a lot of my predictions are correct, at least for now:D

I will make an updated list and another read on Sunday night so stick around for that one:)
WoK's will be coming out possibly tomorrow or Monday, will try to be as unbiased as possible! ;)

Evil MeIinoe

Evening all, how you're having a wonderful evening, here comes my top 10 swim/float and sink Vault 2 Page 1!
I know, something you all be super excited to see and what you been waiting for; especially Buzz Kill ;).
As mentioned before, I like to talk a lot so be prepared for a long read, grab a brew or a coffee and enjoy the read, as I enjoy typing up while eating fish fingers with ketchup and ice tea! Don't ask! :D
If you think my views are "do-do" tell me why and lets discuss it!
Furthermore, I will share my opinions, views, facts, some predictions and maybe a few things that could throw yous of course, to spice it up! :p
Also, there may be some questions that appear that could make you enjoy the read more, and think about the future of this lovely world!

This will be split into 2 pages, because I reached the limit of 10000, so you know it's going to be a good read ;).

As always, apologies for any grammar and spelling mistakes, English isn't my first language.

1. The Phoenix - Swim
As you guys already know, this is my alliance so of course I will be super biased here, and say we will swim! Our home is ocean 45, which we're currently dominating and winning the war against the correlation that was formed against us. Looking at the facts and rankings, we're 1st when it comes to defensive rankings, and 2nd when it comes to the offensive rankings. As for pacts and anything diplomacy related... It's confidential of course, I want my crew to win so of course, I will not share anything on the matter ;).
The weekly shout out goes to Luke Hand Cool, our smart little Pennywise :D.
Oh, and of course, myself, I been so moody for the past week, really happy to have such a amazing crew, who make me feel better and put of with my mood swings lmao, thank you all, and upwards we go! Swim, swim and swim! :)

2. War of Kings - Swim
WoK, the offenders of this world, the candy men, and the fearless, who are dominating the offensive ranks, and who are 3rd when it comes to defensive rankings as well. As I mentioned before, this group could dominate this world, and I stick by this, firmly. Their home is ocean 55 and they're securing this ocean as we speak more and more. Their excellent leadership had a very successful OP gaining them a lot of cities in 55, ripping Enclave players apart, and gaining their cities at a rapid rate. Their only weakness and undoing could be their moves to other oceans, invading 54 and 45, the home of Phoenix in 45 and Teddies in 54, but maybe that's their build up to something big? I guess we will see soon enough.
Of course, it's still early days but I believe the ocean is going to be theirs very soon, and their focus may shift elsewhere once there is no competition in 55. Those BP hungry, candy men will definitely not be peaceful and have potential to win the world.
Shout out to my favorite candy man, Buzz Kill! Thank you for being so patient, and apologies for not making the list last night, as you know I had things to take care of! :)

3. Teddy Bears - Swim
The not so cuddly bears, are located in ocean 54, and are working on dominating and securing this ocean. However, the party of 300. has grown over the past weeks, and have 189 cities of their own in ocean 54, which could be problematic in the long run, and things could escalate between the two soon enough. This would be a interesting war to watch, and I believe teddies would come out on top, but the war would be long and 300. could cause them problems, leaving them vulnerable, and maybe that's what WoK are waiting for? Only time will tell. Looking at statistics, Teddies are 3rd in the offensive rankings, and 5th in the defensive rankings. Looking at the statistics, and sources, there is no official war between Teddies and 300. but, I can feel the tension building slowly, and perhaps next time I make my top 10, we will be talking about this war again which leaves me excited! I will definitely keep and eye out on 54! :D

4. Kingdom Of Heaven - Swim/Potential Dominate!
The silent pirates led by One-Eyed Jack, and the group which is in a very strong shape over in 44, with a potential to look the strongest once domination kicks in. This group has very little competition in 44, and unlike other oceans, I believe this ocean is already theirs. The ocean is being secured as we speak, and they played it very smart. It seems like they have no interest in 45 as they haven't gained any cities there for over 2 weeks, and they decided to put 100% into 44 staying out of the 45 conflicts as well as watching the chaos in 55. Very smart group, with smart leadership who are definitely, aiming to lock down 44 and to win this world. As I'm writing this, I believe this group has the least resilience in their core ocean, and I believe their ocean will be locked down quicker than any other, allowing them to get the upper hand and strength on their other competitors in the top 10.
Looking at the facts, KoH is 4th in the offensive rankings, and 9th in the defensive rankings, which proves my statements above about the lack of competition in their core ocean. People believe that they're working with No Ones, I personally believe that's true, but I strongly feel that this will not last long due to recent activities at No Ones which we will talk about in just a second.

5. THE NO ONES - Sink
Lets keep this short, The No One has been banned, the ship is sinking as we speak, and I believe KoH will take advantage of that, take their best players in 44 and eat the rest. I personally don't know what happened, so I will not make any comment about their banned leader, but I can confirm that the ship is sinking as a lot of their members have spread the word. Also, if we look at the statistics, we can see people already started leaving this group, making the smart decision. Looks good for KoH. Looking at facts No Ones are 5th in both offensive and defensive rankings. This means they're working with KoH, for now ;).
KoH could go to war with them and win the war, but Jack is too smart and I believe things in 44 will end like this:
Best players join KoH, they eat the rest.

Page 1

Evil MeIinoe

6. Forsaken - Floating/Sinking
The resilient warriors, located in 45, fighting for dominance in 45. This group has been and is in 45 since day one, with no interest in moving out any time soon. It is no secret that this group is the enemy of Phoenix, and has been since they formed a correlation to go against them. The correlation proves to be resilient putting a fight against Phoenix, but slowly losing according to the statistics. This can also be confirmed by me, as we took a lot more cities than we've lost, and if I remember correctly, the correlation only gained 1/2 cities from Phoenix, and lost more than I can remember, leaving me biased towards my group, and I believe we can beat Forsaken and the correlation, leaving 45 in our hands and prepared for what is next. I do however, have a lot of respect for this group, so no hard feelings and apologies for my opinion being so biased. Shout out to this group, the better side of the correlation. Looking at the statistics, Forsaken are 7th in the offensive rankings and 4th in the defensive rankings.

7. 300. - Float/Swimming?
The 300, the exciting group who has grown out of nowhere and who are located in 54, contesting the home of Teddies. Looking at the statistics, 300 is 9th when it comes to offensive rankings, and 17th when it comes to defensive rankings! Looking at that alone, we can see and confirm there is no war between them and Teddies. In fact, it looks like the total opposite and maybe there is a NAP in place between the two, until dominance kicks in. This makes me very confused because as far as I know there is no pact in place, which makes wonder why do teddies hesitate to start a war with this group. The longer they aren't troubled by Teddies, the better it is for them hence why I think this group could swim and is swimming as we speak. However, time is not on their side and I think they need to grow fast because war is just around the corner. With that being said, if the war was to happen, they would float for at least 2 weeks if not longer. Wish this group all the best, they grew very fast in the past couple of weeks, and they could surprise us all on Halloween ;).

8. Union - Float/Sink
The Union, the defenders of 55, also known as Enclaves, currently being hit by Phoenix and WoK as the statistics show. Hence why I think this group will eventually sink. Also, maybe this means that WoK and Phoenix are working together? :eek:
However, this group is 2nd when it comes to the defending statistics, and they are trying to raise from the ashes, and rebuild themselves. However, to keep it short I don't think this group will have any chance of winning the world, with WoKs ruthless actions, and Phoenix hitting them as well, it's only about time until they fall, especially if those two are working together against them. I hold grudges, and I strongly dislike one of their leaders, hence why I hope this alliance sinks. But, after all this is only a game, I wish you all the best and I wish to write about yous on my Halloween top 10, so stay resilient and keep up the good defensive work!

9. Renounced (Ts) - Sink
Renounced, otherwise known as (Ts). Not much to say here, since they're part of Forsaken (the worse part). I believe they will sink before Forsaken does, due to their lack of leadership and quite immature behavior, towards one of their old leaders. I don't know the full story, but I can see that their leader Trapidvisor, leaves a little to be desired that's all on the matter. Oh, a personal message/beef Veritatis, is here to stay in 45 ;).

10. The Obsidian Guard - Float/Sink?
We're here, finally at number ten with the new name raising to the challenge hitting the top 10. However, this will be brief, this group is split in 44/45 which instantly, is a problem, and I think on the long run, very damaging when it comes to their status. At this current moment, I believe they will float, but Sink later on due to KoH dominating 44 and 45 being dominated by Phoenix. However, they grown very fast and out of nowhere, so prove me wrong, stand your ground and show dominance! In one of the oceans ;) or both :eek:!

As always, hope you enjoyed the read, apologies for the spelling mistakes!
Leave me a like if you enjoyed it, and let me know what you think about my top 10!:)
If you think it's "do-do" tell me why.:rolleyes::p
Please be chatty, and lets talk! This took me ages to write, so share you're views we're all friends here, well most;)

Happy Hunting.

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I see you couldn't wait for WoK to finally release their top 10 either.

Great read tho! Awesome top 10. Love the insight on the other oceans, guess we should all start worrying about KoH?

Evil MeIinoe

I see you couldn't wait for WoK to finally release their top 10 either.

Great read tho! Awesome top 10. Love the insight on the other oceans, guess we should all start worrying about KoH?
Haha I guess so :D I look forward to it!
I personally think they're in a very good position, so perhaps we should yes :eek:

Evil MeIinoe

No one is probably a temporary ban, we'd also have DBP if people attacked our sieges o_O
There won't be anything for him to go back to, in my opinion, people are already jumping from there :D
+ ahahahaha, sometimes, it's not all about giving you want Buzz ;)
I look forward to your 10 top Mr :p