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Evil MeIinoe

Part 1

Good evening all, and welcome back to my top ten series where I talk far too much about what is happening on the server. As I'm writing this for the second time, I hope you're all safe during the awful pandemic happening across the our Earth. I accidentally clicked of this when I was writing it and well, I had to rewrite about two thousand words just for you, so I hope you really enjoy it!

Fair warning though guys, INFORMATION OVERLOAD is ahead, this will be very detailed, and maybe boring for some, if that's the case, skip to your favorite alliance and read that part as every alliance will be numbered, like it always has been with my series.

Also, please keep in mind English isn't my first language, so the grammar can be questionable, if it that happens, feel free to blame Trist, as he is proofreading the whole thing, to spot any mistakes due to LuckyDream being a bad influence encouraging me to drink my pineapple cider a little too much at times!

Grab your drinks, and enjoy the read. It will most likely be in 4 different parts since I will be adding an extra bit on dominance chances alongside a little story build up inside this lovely document, facts, throw offs and questions, to ensure you're questioning your sanity at night!

Stay safe, stay hydrated, remember I love you all, and don't pick you nose.

Lastly, please remember this is just my opinion, so please if you think I'm wrong about something be sensible and lets discuss it in the civil manner below, it's much better for everyone not to bring the claws out, as we have seen a fair share of that on this server.

1. Stooges -Swim.

Hello hello, finally after a long long time, there is a new alliance sitting in the number one spot, that alliance is Stooges, my home and the team which receives a lot of hate, and has been consistently throughout the server. Despite all the hatred, I believe we're doing really well and that we have an amazing team and family, but then again that is just my opinion. If we weren't hated before, we're definitely getting some sour looks now due to the recent events and us working with Check Mate, the lovely chess people who return from their needed vocation. A lot of people were very surprised and disappointed when this first occurred, to keep you all reading the reasons will be inside this wonderful document separated in different parts, so if you're reading this, you also have a little puzzle to figure out so keep both eyes on the document! Enough about Check though, I believe we will be swimming for a long time and you will see us on the next chapter. Not to sound big headed of course, but I believe our positioning and great teamwork will keep us all going, especially with the amazing leadership we have which again, may seem questionable to some which makes it that much more exciting! I won't be including the defensive and offensive statistics because they're close enough to where each alliance place, mostly matches that number in the fighting rankings. However, on that note the Stooges defensive rankings have been rising extremely fast, some know why. For those who don't, keep reading!

As for the dominance and chances of winning, again bias opinion, but I believe we're in a strong position, showing heavy presence in 55 and 45, as well as some 54 presence as well. I believe our family has a good shot at this world, despite the fact we're hm, not too likable at the moment.

2. Kleos - Swim.

Here we are again, visiting Kleos who is going strong and is right on the Stooges tail, chasing that number one rank. It's no secret that Kleos is my second favorite alliance on the server, as I have a lot of respect for this group, especially Mercenary who put up with my little whining phase a while back. I always said Kleos was a strong team, and they were overlooked for a long time in ocean 44. Some may even say they were in Nemesis's shadow, well I believe they proved themselves, they are most definitely, no ones shadow. Kleos is currently hitting Check Mate as much as possible as they were bleeding cities for the past few days, gathering and gaining some cities in ocean 44/45 and even 54 as Check Mate is still being hit by a large number of alliances. Kleos definitely benefited from this the most, climbing the ranks extremely quick. With that being said, from what I can gather the pace of things may be slowing down a little now, as Check Mate has gained a huge confidence boost with Stooges helping our most hated team on the server out. Also, there may be some eyebrows raised and a question to be exact, asking what's their relationship like with Nemesis at the moment? As some of you may know, Nemesis played a big part in the coalition cracking, losing a valuable coalition member. The question now is, how is Kleos taking it all, and are they wondering if the same will happen to them? The event in question will be answered as you read further down reader, keep collecting the puzzles reader!

I believe Kleos's position at dominating is currently very high, same as Stooges, showing presence in 3 oceans. I believe at the moment, it's between those two for sure, with Kleos having a slight advantage.

3. Check Mate - Swim.

Oh gosh, here we are again, with our favorite and most hated team on the server, the chess players. A group which is hated by a lot of people as some of the external chats show, but let me tell you one thing, believe it or not they have been growing on me. It may surprise some of you, I strongly disliked this group back in the days, I was most definitely, not happy to work with them at first due to obvious reasons, and the fact that I do tent to hold grudges as well, which is my personal downside to life! I don't agree, with the battle point boosting and I never will, but hey things change quickly, other bad things happen, and I believe this group does get a lot of hate, perhaps a little too much but I do understand the anger. However as I said, I believe they have learned from it, we all make mistakes. They've most definitely grown on me, and there are a lot of wonderful people here once you get to know them a little. I believe Check Mate will swim, yes they boosted back in the days, yes it was wrong but at the same time, I have a lot of faith in them, and with the help from Stooges I think they will eventually stabilize and turn things around for the better, and have a potential chance at winning the world themselves.

As for dominance side of things, I think Check Mate is most definitely, behind Kleos and Stooges, as the coalition caused them a lot of pain and damage, breaching them from all sides. However, I wouldn't count them out just yet.

Shoutout to TheLastCrusader, god we had our differences and I was not a fan, but it's good to be working with you and to set our differences aside for the good of others, and ourselves.
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Evil MeIinoe

Part 2
4. Nemesis - Sink

Once again we visit our lovely Nemesis, the group who I really liked back in the day but overtime things did slightly change. The final puzzle, you have made it, Nemesis is the cheeky, sneaky crew and is the group which did a slight number on Stooges, causing them to break off from the coalition. This was due to Nemesis supporting cities that Stooges were targeting, purposely aiming to sink their fleets and to sabotage their plans. I am not sure why they did that as I like to stay away from the heat but it was most definitely not a nice "move" on their behalf. It was a surprise to me personally because back in the coalition days, I was very happy when Nemesis did join in, against Check Mate. Hearing and seeing this was very disappointing, but it is part of the game I suppose and difficult decisions have to be made at times. I'm sure they had their reasons and I respect them of course, but this was the reason why we separated from the coalition, and yet some will not believe it. Personally, I think the bond between Kleos and Nemesis is still strong, and if it ever came down to choosing between the two groups, I believe Kleos would side with Nemesis as they have been working together since day one, and that is fair enough of course.
The question you may ask yourself is, would Nemesis do this to Kleos? Personally, I don't think so, but then again we didn't expect it, so the element of surprise could hit Kleos one day.

As for the domination side of things, I believe they have a chance at winning as well, but I don't think they're up to par with Kleos and Stooges. I don't know maybe it's my slight negative vibe towards them, but yeah, I believe as it stands, they're the number 3/4 team on the list, there can only be one winner and I don't think they can beat Kleos when it comes to it, and the same opinion pops into my head if it came to Nemesis fighting Stooges.

5. Lykos - Float.

Lykos Lykos Lykos, by far the most dedicated team I've seen on the server I admire their dedication and their bounce back very much. I think Lykos is the group to watch because personally, I think they will have a huge influence on who wins the server and who doesn't. However, one tiny little nit pick from me is perhaps their timings are not up to par, because Mark has gained a huge amount of battle points at a cost of only two cities which on paper, definitely works in Marks favor. We also have to give credit to Polite Killers they can most definitely defend, and are proving to be a challange to Lykos. However, going back to my previous point, I believe this group will back one of the big guns in the future when dominance drops which will play a massive part. Also, I believe they have a sweet little agreement with Kleos at the moment which means maybe they will back Kleos when the dominance drops in? I don't think they will personally, I think Lykos has other plans, but we'll let you guys figure that out!

I'm giving them a float status specifically targeting the dominance chart, I believe outside the top give, this is the only team which has a tiny chance of winning. Also, I am giving them a float status because if they were to fight one of the big guns lets say Kleos or Nemesis, to try and force a better position, I think they would hold their own, but then at the same time, I don't think Kleos or Nemesis would aim to take their cities as they're on the rim. I don't know, I am caught in many minds when it comes to this group, really excited to see what they decide in the future, wish you all well, from the "goon" squad, Stooges. :p

I don't believe Lykos will win based on their position, but I believe they will help and decide who the winner is with huge support boosts from the rim oceans, possibly sneaking a couple of them to the winning team for their effects to get on board, and grab a couple of crowns for their players.

I do like you guys, thank you for the support you provided me with in the past, and sorry things turned out how they're now, a lot of decisions have been made and as mentioned previously, we Stooges got a knife in the back during the coalition days, we just didn't allow it to be twisted. Wish yous all the best.

6. La Cucaracha/Sinful - Float

Oh the double trouble, the Sinful Cucarachas! I but those groups together because well, they're a team and it would be unfair to not include Sinful. Let me tell you, those two have definitely impressed me, especially Penguin-Hands, fantastic player who knows how to time his attacks. As many of you know, Stooges/Check Mate have been busy and the Stooges defense rankings have gone up very quickly. A lot of teams want Check Mate gone, and those two are no different. I had to mention Sinful here alongside Cuca because their attacks have been spot on, I definitely think those guys are the most organised, which may come as a surprise to you all, but its true, the gaps between their attacks are very small, and very impressive. I also have a lot of respect for Cuca as I was a leader there back in the days.

I don't think those groups will be leaving us anytime soon, but as much as I hate to say it I don't think they will be winning the world. I believe they are the better side of Lycos in a way, they're a lot more organised compare to Lycos, but they don't have the numbers. However, I think this group can surprise us, and well as I'm typing this I am slightly leaning towards Cuca over Lycos, perhaps both alliances will have their say, we shall see soon enough.

Evil MeIinoe

Part 3
7. Stitch That - Sink

The name, oh the name is lovely, Stitch is so cute! A very strange position this group seems to be in, a part of me thinks they're at war with Awakening and a part of me doesn't as I haven't been paying too much attention at the moment when it comes to Stitch diplomacy side of things, purely from the stats they've lost cities to Stooges and Awakening. It seems to me that they don't get along with Awakening, because if they were city swapping I think it would go both ways, it's very one sided to say the least. I think Awakening is the better side here as oppose to Stitch, but then again I could be completely wrong as I didn't do much homework. However, they did lose cities to Stooges not long ago and that doesn't do them any favors either. I'm sorry Drubzie, I am very bias towards Awakening but I hope you guys prove me wrong!

As for the dominance side of things again, based on their positioning and current events, I don't think this group will have much going for them as things currently stand. However, things can most definitely change so don't count them out just yet, the pace of this world feels a lot faster than it is, so many decisions happening at once, Stitch could still play their part.

8. Chaos/Awakening - Swim.

Chaos, good old Chaos. Don't you all forget, Chaos is a ladder, a ladder that this group is currently climbing with their smart decision making, focusing their effects in the south of 55, showing Stitch what hatred really is. As far as I can tell, Stitch did a number on Chaos and now they're paying the price as Sirneo and the group is pinching cities of them at a steady pace, most likely working alongside Awakening. Chaos seems to be off the radar and seems to been in the good books with Stooges as they both share one thing in-common as groups, not being a fan of Stitch as they did manage to take cities off from Stooges a while back. However once again, the speed gets us all and once again, things have changed. I believe Chaos will be here with and they will come out on top over Stitch. I am putting Chaos and Awakening together here and sticking my neck out, I strongly believe they're working together. They're also in a similar boat in a way, with Chaos having better positioning closer to the + boarder compare to Awakening, but other than that, those two are very similar in my opinion, both groups have some talented players and both groups share a common enemy.

As for dominance, their positioning is rather poor, but I believe they will have an impact of some kind helping a team win. This group from what I know is organised, but I don't have any evidence whereas I do with La Cuca and Sinful. But yeah, Chaos will most likely back a team to try and earn a few crown spots in the future or just help a group they like, to make sure the party they dislike doesn't win.

Special Shoutout:​
A special shoutout goes to Polite Killers, this group has been taking a beating lately, or shall I say, have been defending like absolute champions! I really grown to like this group and I wish you guys all the best against Lycos, don't worry the "Goons" are attacking them as you read this. Love you guys. ;)

Thank you for your time everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the read, apologies to any Nemesis players who take offense of any kind, I had to make this puzzle and say my bit on the matter, but I don't personally think it's too mean or aggressive, just stated some saddening facts but either way, I love you guys to. It's never my intention to come across as rude or sassy so forgive me if I did.

Lets all have a calm discussion down below with NO kitty claws!

MeI, signing out.

Evil MeIinoe

Insert Vomit Emoji. Specially for mushrooms. Oof, no thank you. A good old pepperoni pizza sounds good and just right!


Wow, way to miss the mark Mel.

But I still give you the thumbs up for the content, it’s what the externals thrive on. a bit more research wouldn’t go amiss though.


Wow, way to miss the mark Mel.

But I still give you the thumbs up for the content, it’s what the externals thrive on. a bit more research wouldn’t go amiss though.

The way to gather information in the externals is to write something you think is wrong, and wait for people to correct you. Works far better than writing what you believe to be true and hoping someone will confirm that - it's human nature. People love to tell you you're wrong.

And Mel is a VERY good operator in the externals. :)

Evil MeIinoe

The way to gather information in the externals is to write something you think is wrong, and wait for people to correct you. Works far better than writing what you believe to be true and hoping someone will confirm that - it's human nature. People love to tell you you're wrong.

And Mel is a VERY good operator in the externals. :)

Thank you thank you, appreciate the kind words, and hey, I thought it would have been fun to twist things here and there, but I guess it wasn't, so lets confirm that Stitch and Awakening are working together, they have been for a while forming the South Senate vs Chaos :p


Thank you thank you, appreciate the kind words, and hey, I thought it would have been fun to twist things here and there, but I guess it wasn't, so lets confirm that Stitch and Awakening are working together, they have been for a while forming the South Senate vs Chaos :p

Hope I didn't spoil your fun, not actually my intention - I just like to educate. :)

Good luck in choosing Stooges stooges. ;)

Darth Legacy

Sethien & I's Top ten. Here goes nothing:

1- Stooges- Swim

We're starting off this top 10 with my fav goons; I'm kidding obv. They have become a powerhouse, with cities in 45,54, and 55. With their recent city-swaps or handovers with CM, they are either cementing their friendship with CM or making in-roads into their territory. Either way, it places them in a better position if things change between them in the future. They have been battle-tested and are a close group from the looks of it, plus they have Oubay. I see them as the front runner for DOM right now along with kleos, but their heavy hitters give them a higher ranking.

2- Kleos- Swim

Cheese people coming in second right behind Stooges by centimeters. They have showcased their teamwork, organization, and firepower over the past 3 weeks with their taking of almost 100 cities off CM. They rely on every single player and are a true team; they will be a tough opponent until the end of DOM, especially with them having around 30 players (Kleos 2) backing them.

Their relationship with Nemesis has been looked down upon by most as a weakness and probably end in a bloody war for O44. I see it as the opposite, knowing Nemisis past (thanks to trist screenshots) it seems that Nemesis was trying to secure a place for their best to win DOM with CM. I saw a post about Lykos making a deal with Kleos to back them in return for a couple of crowns in the end, and I don't see why this wouldn't actually be the case for these two. In the end, they have been working together from the start and have an unbreakable bond from the looks of it.

3- CheckMate - May float, may go the flash on us and run through the whole world.

CheckMate has taken heavy losses to Stooges, La Cuca, Kleos & the Coalition as a whole. Their home ocean has become the battlefield. Knowing they have allied with Stooges however, they may be capable of taking it back but it will be time consuming and has certainly pushed them behind for the DOM win. None the less, they have a chance of winning. They still surpass all the top 5 in BP by at least double.

It will be interesting to see what happens towards the end when it comes to DOM. Knowing the chess players' tactics and what happened to every alliance they've allied/ had a NAP with so far (Animal Farm and Nemesis) there may be another power vacuum soon and CM maybe #1 again.

On the other hand, we have seen over the past couple of weeks that a lot of CM are colonizing on Stooges core islands, we must consider CM merging into Stooges. This would definitely give the upper hand to stooges and possibly the win. It would be interesting to see, however, will Move's ego let another win (even if he is a member of the top 30), and who would get kicked to make the space for the chess players in stooge?

4- Nemesis - Swim but like Slowly

Much has been said in ranking #2, and I don't want to be redundant. These fellas are still moving forward and have not had a bad week yet. They are formidable fighters and have great players among them.

5- Kleos II - Swim

See #2. Everything said there applies here. They have a better fighting ranking (or at least at the time I'm typing this) than the rest that is not mentioned this far, and well honestly wanted to make it top "10".

6- Lykos - Float

My home Lykos. There has been much debate about what we plan on doing for DOM on external forums and that our relevance stops at LTS towards one of the big 4.

I cannot say we have a good chance of winning as were barely in the DOM zone compared to the big 4. However, if there's anyone with the firepower and players to do it out of the Rim alliances my bet would be us... Our positioning on the rim makes our cities undesirable and means we have three rim oceans to support/attack from unharassed. We are a big family with five branches, and organization is not optimal due to the size, but we certainly could stand our ground against any of the big 4. Our long term strategy will surely affect the outcome of this world, but until then, we are only working towards CM demise.

7- La Cucaracha/Sinful - Float

Oh, baby, these guys are as lethal as Cucaracha's are scary. The superbly organized tight-knit group that is moving into CM territory FAST. Solid, loyal, and well-positioned group that can do damage. I got mad respect for em. They are one of my favorite alliances in this world. Shout out ice, that man is a one-man team alone ;)

8- Polite Killers/Badger Family - Float/Sink

Big group, PK/Badger Family together have around 7+ million points. They are a slightly torn group with some playing for fun and others for the win, but none the less are up here. Former OutForLunch players (now PK) are known for their ability to defend as we in Lykos have seen first hand. They have DOM valid cities and are growing slowly with support coming from their own O46.

Their position however is unfavorable. They have Lykos to their west, Stooges to their east, Kleos and Kleos II to their North. I do not know if they have deals with any of the top alliances but come DOM they have the most DOM valid cities and the easiest to take from compared to the other whales swimming. Shoutout MuayThaiWarrior he's been defending well;)

9- Awakening & Stitch this/that - Float

New Group out here, I haven't heard much of them or from them. I see from external forums that they are working together. I know Stitch This/That is former Imperial Gaurd and own ocean 56 and as a result, make it to the top ten. They have stooges to their north and won't have an easy time expanding that way. Another option is to expand west towards the Badgers/PK. They share a border with the PK family's weaker players (those who are staying in their core) and could take advantage of the pressure we've been putting. Who knows what both will do next, but I'm excited to see who they will take on.

10- Choas - Sink

This group has been through a lot. From my understanding, they have been packed with CheckMate and have been supporting them. At the same time, they were getting hit HEAVY by stooges and lost much (b4 stooges left the Coalition). I do not know where they stand now with Stooges packed with CM but I suspect they will drown eventually as Stooges will secure its home ocean. CHAOS is the only other alliance apart from Valiant which sided with CM in the holy war. We've already seen what happened with Valiants and it may not be surprising that the same happens with them too!
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Evil MeIinoe

The way to gather information in the externals is to write something you think is wrong, and wait for people to correct you. Works far better than writing what you believe to be true and hoping someone will confirm that - it's human nature. People love to tell you you're wrong.

And Mel is a VERY good operator in the externals. :)

No of course you haven't spoiled anything, I did mention there would be throw offs included, because its not my aim to make my writing in a style of a wiki so to say, I like to spice it up, share some facts, questions etc, but I guess Drubzie didn't like my throw off which is fair, will keep that in mind for next time. :)
PS please say it with me so Trist understands, pineapple belongs on pizza