Top 10

Jalmundr the Bear

For giggles and poops
Feel free to make a real one
1) DI -> Seems hanging out with them is a bad idea.. Influencing destruction and all...

2) Ghosts -> Don't think they exist...

3) HOP -> Must be a lot of pain building that house so quickly. Hope people don't start dying.

4) BB -> Very unsanitary.. Might die off of some funky disease if they don't shower.

5) LOTRD -> Nobody even knows what they're doing

6) MD/MM -> 54 winners

7) VGTC -> It's in the name

8) TC -> Apparently, it's in the name too..

9) TGS -> Still unsure of what they're trying to do

10) Legion 12 -> 11 legions behind the best I guess...