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I'm here to ask all bwnw about being "zitti e buoni" and keep put the pea in the forehead of every red player in the map just like we're doin'


That's exactly what Zapdos did in response to my post though :rolleyes:. But I understand that point of view, I only see you helping FT when you are guaranteed to win more than you lose, so calling it a pact would be unrealistic, just another diplomatic move I guess.

Ohhh, I have an idea how to stop you. Just need to hire Ouzo12 to kick your butts. But yeah, this statement is clearly false and exaggerated.

Jokes aside, you really can't be surprised to be fighting larger numbers when you are the only premade in the server. Even more when you are "allies" with the number 2 alliance...

And then there's the player snatching and grabbing, using players to your own advantage, and all the "diplomacy" talks rotting alliances from the inside. I just find it weird that even when putting more time, effort and money than anyone else in the game, you resort to petty tactics, that you had no need for in the first place.

Like a great man once said...
"Yeah, well, that's just, like, your my opinion, man."
I have taken my players and yours, I have not counted the agreements, as we can rarely help them in their cs (or by distance or by timing) ... and I close here. You talk too much ...
Accept yout faith


atleast nerf them. like serious. or make spartoi offensive and defensive

orrr my favorite, add passives to ALL the mythics!!!! that would be so dope


Tbh, Ladon's raw power isn't that bad, build a lot of swords with Odysseus and you'll hold a lot of them; their biggest strength is their favour efficiency and their speed. With a well positioned ladon city, you can snipe basically every single cs that the enemy sends at your cities, assuming you see the cs coming


Lets play a little game of eye spy.

I'll start

Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with G......

Need a clue? Look at ocean 55, I'm sure it wont take long


On 15th of April 2021 every BWNW member received this message, when partizanpfc told us to simply give up and quit.
At that time we were in Top 2 or 3 (Under Parti)

Today on 08th of June 2021 Parti have resolved their main and sister alliance!
We proved we were better!



U didn't really hurt me feelings, just proved how much of an egotistical, and arrogant person you are mate, but I'm glad you accepted your faith and resolved the alliance because let's be honest the leadership in Parti was horrible for the past couple of months.
But hey! The new world opened up not long ago better luck on there! ;)


A new top 10 is due.
Who will volunteer for this task?

Oh and try to insert as much drama, accusations and trash talk as you can