Top 12 Top 10

I had a time to make this but I quickly realized that there was no point because the situation changes every 10-15 days lol
I can only do this, shortly:

1. BWNW - I have no comment, we are just trying to survive the fight in three oceans
2. DTK045 - Really Good Ally they have excellent leaders who know their job (probably winners)
3. BMAW - Same like 1!
4. TBV - They have a good name, 2 or 3 players and nothing else. They have a pact with everyone who accepted it, too bad for some good players stuck in this MRA coalition
5. FC - A couple of really good players, they might be a surprise here.
6. DiS - Look 4..
7. DTK - Look 2..
8. TFATM - Former 300. players trying to survive
9. SC - In a good position, they can make life miserable for many unless they decide on some kind of pact or merger that would stop their growth
10/11. Tribe - Some good players fighting well in the 54th ocean.. They're out of luck because that is the BWNW/BMAW core ocean.



Golding Only might win the world