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my name

Doesn't my name show that I don't take myself too seriously? If I did my name would be OWNU24-7 or something. Gimme a break. Fact is a do like to compete and I do like to win no matter what I'm doing. That doesn't mean I can't question people who continuously say we are too small...esp to beat a team we are already beating.


Hey whatsup,

I just have to tell you 1 thing, slow down kicking a***, i want to get first place, but if you continue conquering everyday, it will be difficult :)

And you are right AC su***!They are still here because they recruit their way into the top!

Incubi´s 12 guys, are enough for the 70 AC´s!

Like i always say Quality not quantity...

You can have first place I'm not really too concerned with being ranked 1 in city points. Anyone who knows the game knows city points isn't a true ranking of player skill. If grepolis wants to have an ingame true player ranking system...they should have your city point ranking, battle point ranking, and some how mix in a formula for battlepoints % compared to your city ranking size...and that would be a much more accurate player ranking system.


Yowhatsup, you are growing at an alarming rate, but what I was saying is that they, if they had any loyalty would be conquering inactives at a rate that you could'nt take the cities away, but seeing as AC's members arn't vary loyal or determined they would rather leave the alliance and start their own (who can really blame them?).


eguthrie83, your always welcome on " block..." the woman here make good tea, come try some

These opinions are my own and don't reflect the alliance I 'm in
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Hey folks,

Just here to say hello and share my view -

AC indeed became a huge alliance, in part because we had some great strategic leadership/partnerships developed by Brianklim, in part because we honoured our nap's and treated other alliances with respect.

As many intelligent folks here rightly predicted, the MRA model wasn't sustainable for us long term, so we recently made some changes
- shrinking down AC
- disbanding AD (we nearly called it Decedents of the Claw.. AC/DC tribute.. : )

As expected, downsizing had some some significant blowback of player dissatisfaction. We made these hard decisions so we could work more effectively as a team, and work better with other strong alliances looking forward as we grow alongside each other on Pi.

I have nothing but admiration for the battle skill and dedication shown by some of the folks who have come to fight us, including Incubi, Aetolian League, Morning Glory and Enter the Dragon. We could not stand against the combined efforts of so many skilled players in this superpower bloc!

I personally consider it something of an honour that we presented ourselves as worthwhile adversaries to this group, breaking 10s of sieges and rising to the top of the ABP and DPB boards. I think AC accepts it was out-gunned by the caliber of players fighting against us, and the stats are there to prove it.

The opportunity to play alongside skilled folks has taught us a lot as a group, and led to many friendships across alliance boundaries. It also hardened the players within our group. I hope that going forward we can enjoy more of these friendships.

I am looking forward to the rest of the story of Pi, and am proud to have stood alongside and got to know some of the players truly shaping its history.

Please feel free to PM me in-game,


To my friends-
May you crush your enemies, see them fall at your feet, take their horses and goods and hear the lamentation of their women (--Conan)
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well said keltiax, im glad you have taken the war game for what it is and grown from it.


The updated list and with some switches in the order
1 Enthroned Looking very well organized, while it may not have as many high level players, it makes up with excellent organization. Haven't had too much interaction but seems to be have a large amount of players while still maintaining organization.
2 Enter the Dragon Looking great, excellent atackers, great coordination
3 Aetolian League Jumped up after absorbing many new members after the past week. You won't see new members being let in soon.
4 Blood Brothers Similiar in appearance to Enthroned, we'll see over the next month as they start bumping heads with other alliances
5 Morning Glory Model alliance nothing else can be said
6 Archimedes Claw Dropping from first place after absorbing its academy. While many players may have initially joined it for protection being in the "#1" alliance might have given, they will find themselves targeted and eliminated. I predict a week or 2 this alliance will be gone.
7 The Ecstasy Escapades I don't know anything about this one, i'm curious about it since its looking pretty good at this point.
8 Incubi Great alliance, if it were to have 3 or 4 more amzing players it'd be right there with MG as the model alliance
9 The SW Resistance Excellent collection of farms and targets.
10 S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S. because the periods make them that much scarier. Non-existant leadership with terrible players.
11 The Great Indian Empire I would highly suggest conquesting this alliance, they don't support each other, even if they share islands lol.
12 Reign Of Fire More garbage

Alliances 1-8 are the real alliances to judge. Anything out of that range isn't worth much. I feel that in a couple months it'll be down to 4 or 5 real alliances.


1 Enthroned-my alliance. Well organized and futhest top 8 alliance from the core.
2 Enter the Dragon-Great alliance, some new additions raising their points over the last few days.
3 Aetolian League-similar to EtD. Some new recrutes, but have a high average and strong members.
4 Blood Brothers-good alliance that looks well organized. Haven't really fought a war up untill now.
5 Morning Glory-the alliance with the highest average and second best ABP, great alliance.
6 Archimedes Claw-out gunned by a majority of alliances, they are plumiting through the rankings.
7 The Ecstasy Escapades-Strong alliance with a few vary good ,expierienced players.
8 Incubi-strong alliance and incredble defenders, where on the recieving end of most of AC's attacks it seems (correct me if I am wrong) have managed with the help of many other top alliances to esentaily destroy AC.
9 The SW Resistance-blaaaaa.
10 S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S.-spartan. The sign of an MRA or just pathetic alliance in general.
11 The Great Indian Empire-seem to be a poorly organized collection of conquers and farms convieniently placed under one flag.
12 Reign Of Fire-see above


1 Enthroned 2781894 89 31257 - Currently ranked 7th for bp. I have not had much to do with these however they appear to be well organised and mostly active which is always a good place to start. I do however find the fact their war general appears to be inactive totally hilarious, which possibly explains their lack of attacking others. Not too sure if they have been in a war yet so difficult to prove their worth.

2 Enter the Dragon 2425507 41 59159 – Currently ranked 3rd for bp. Very active and lively alliance, with several good players who know what they are doing. They catch the scent of blood on the horizon and go in for the kill. Not too sure how their recent intake of players will affect them, only time will tell.

3 Aetolian League 2144650 39 54991 – Currently ranked 6th for bp. Again, another well organised set of players who know what they are doing in the game. Good set of leaders who run a tight ship and act quickly when their own members are out of line. However, as above they have recently taken in a lot of other players, so we will have to wait to see how that goes. Organising the masses can be difficult.

4 Blood Brothers 2082069 80 26026 – Currently ranked 5th for bp. Again, I have not had much to do with these, however looking on grepostats I am pleased to see that a good few of their conquests are from other players who are in other alliances rather than bullying smaller insignificant players into submission. A fairly large alliance which can prove difficult, but hopefully they have active leaders to take them further.

5 Morning Glory 1741926 19 91680 – Currently ranked 2nd for bp. What can I say without sounding arrogant?

6 Archimedes Claw 1442176 47 30685 – Currently ranked 1st bp, but this likely due to the fact they have had their butts kicked by almost everyone. In my opinion they are a poorly run alliance with far too many players who have no idea what they are doing. The either cant or wont support each other and the proof is there on grepostats as they have lost far too many cities through silly mistakes! They now have even more players in their midst after taking in their academy alliance and personally I think this will be their downfall. Too many members to control.

7 The Ecstasy Escapades 1415028 34 41618 – Currently ranked 8th for bp. They appear to be a great offensive alliance who know how to conquer. Appear nice and active too and not too many members to do their own thing. Not had much to do with them as they are quite far from me. But these are an alliance to watch.

8 Incubi 1063694 13 81823 – Currently ranked 4th bp. Very tight close knit alliance who know how to play the game, Well run with great organisation.

9 The SW Resistance 826619 87 9501 – Who? Currently ranked 11th for bp. And not seen or heard from them at all. Their founder appears to have many cities; however the fact his dbp is higher than his abp is not good. Not too sure why they have this many members who appear to have no idea what they are doing, maybe thracian01 plans to take their cities when they go inactive.

10 S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S. 683228 91 7508 – Ranked 10th for bp. Please see here

11 The Great Indian Empire 453960 46 9869 – Ranked 18th for bp. Again higher defensive bp than attacking. I think this alliance is doing a great job building up nice fat cities for the other alliances – keep up the good work lads and make sure the toilet seat is down when I call by!

12 Reign Of Fire 420712 47 8951 – Ranked 20th in the bp ratings! 83 cities and only 23 conquests! Is this alliance for real?
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Not completley on-topic but what happened to SOR? One day they are in the top ten the next they have 8 players?

On-topic i agree with all of the abouve it seems that ETD are running out of good targets =P lets hope blood brothers prove their worth :)


Enthroned has wared with TDW and was one of the main reasons they fell. As for SOR, they took in many of the TDW players that Enth was attacking so Enth started their war on them so many players jumped ships to EtD and AL.


Spear of Reason. For answers as to what happened them, I think checking their alliance topic here on the forums and Grepostats should give the answers there. For those not terribly bothered checking, it was a simple case of a war they couldn't win. Specifically, but not limited to, AL and Enthroned.

Enthroned's General. We don't keep inactives, we conquer them. Ramses isn't inactive, he's in VM. "Stateside" as the yanks put it. At this point, I am wondering if he will be back (he's been gone for a couple of weeks now) but while he's in VM, there's no harm keeping him around and even if he comes out after the 6 weeks, that doesn't mean he'd come back to being on the rim. For obvious reasons I won't say more than that. Bright side is that our acting General is another very experienced Delta player who's plenty of experience in doing the job. Not as much funny to me, but that's because I know its no joke :)

Seductress' views of Enthroned. Yep, #7 for BP. #5 for ABP and #5 for DBP. Played a key role in pulling down The Elite Wolves, The Dark Wolves, Spear of Reason and Veni Vidi Vici (sp?) - all top12 alliances for a time. We are based in O55/56/65 (as our fancy new map can show you :)) so outside of the southeast we haven't done much for our reputation nor are we al that interested in doing so. The people who know us already are the people who count, at least for us.

I'd post an update of my own opinions on the top12, but I can't really see the point. A lot of typing, but what can I add to what has already been said? The top eight alliances are worth mentioning, while the rest are, as Mosie said, "a poorly organized collection of conquers and farms convieniently placed under one flag." Its possible, perhaps even likely, that there are a couple of alliances out there that don't have the points to be listed here but are easily better than a third of the alliances in the top12. I'd check, but they need more points to get an honourable mention here (",)

I should probably mention AC. They're the one alliance that has really changed since I last posted, and the one alliance where views largely vary. What were they? Too big. Point spread doesn't make them a worse alliance necessarily (for reasons I shouldn't need to explain on this world) than any other here, but I think they were the only alliance to ever beat 100 members. There might have been another MRA or two out there that I didn't bother noting, but eh. Rich coming from the man in the now largest alliance, I know, but that's presuming I don't see us as having the same problem. A problem that will be looked after, as may be noted in this topic over the next few days. Point spread may not be important, but the fact that their city spread wasn't ideal either didn't help them. So, two problems. They've dealt with the first, for the most part, and I suspect the second problem has been dealt with in a manner by getting rid of players outside their "core" that can't survive on their own, or with limited support. I stand by what I've always said, that they have some great members and the first name on that list would be Keltiax. That he's a neighbour of mine may have me biased, but arn't we all? Their future? Some would be tempted to ask "what future?" since the EC and others won't stop simply because changes were made, but I'm not convinced they're out of the picture quite yet. It doesn't really depend on who's attacking them, but how they cope internally. If they rally, ensure they have no weak links and force themselves not to stagnate (a possibility, with their unfortunate story so far), they may not be written off yet.

Might as well mention TEE, since I've already typed a mad amount anyway. Good alliance, good leadership. If we didn't have the merges and the "war recruits", we'd probably look a lot like them. In my mind at least, that's a compliment :) Originated in O46, to our west, they did fight TEW at the same time as ourselves and they've been steadily growing since then. Lots of variables in play for them, but whatever happens, I suspect they'll be a well known alliance one way or the other in the next month or so.

I could mention ETD, AL, MG and Incubi, but everyone here knows that those four alliances are top class, so I hardly need to go into details why I think that, or what I expect.

Blood Brothers. Despite being a Diplomat, I know next to nothing about them really. Similar composition to ourselves these days. No big wars that I know of, so how they'll turn out is anyone's guess. They could crumble if any of the others went after them, or they could devastate if they know what they're doing beyond simple conquers. Despite the fact that they're the alliance I have least interest in as a Diplomat (out of the seven worth mentioning), they're the alliance I'm most interested in seeing how they go. Their first proper war will be enlightening and a sign as to how they'll do in future.

So, despite what I said about not rehashing my views of the top12, it seems I've gone and done just that. A post I'd describe as a "rant" more than anything, so apologies for the long and often painful read. In conclusion, there's really only one important thing to remember:





I agree with a lot of what Flinton said. There is a lot of thought and sense in his opinion. What I don't understand is how everyone keeps saying ETD and MG are so elite. I know I may step on some toes here and maybe some people off and trust me when I say there are people on both teams I like and respect (and others I don't).

But let's look at it. ETD and MG made a pact and vow from basically day one to work together and own ocean 55. I can't think of any other ocean where 2 teams that had such a huge percentage of the players in their ocean, worked together from day 1 and completely dominated their ocean out of the gate. They immediately recruited the biggest players in their ocean and anyone with a brain early on knew to join them or die. Out of the 60 or so players ETD and MG have all of them are in 55 and a large perscentage of them were members from early on. How difficult was it for them to own their ocean? So then they decide to piggy back on Incubi going to war with AC...why do I say this? It's not true! I'm sure people deny this accusation but look on the last page of AC's conquers on grepostats (which is technically the first seiges AC lost) and tell me what you see. Zolen started the whole AC war off by taking briaklim city to which we started pounding on the claw from day 1. You can say that ETD and MG were smart to 1. look at this as opportunity to piggy back on this 2. Claw is obviously a mass recruiter and an easy way for us to grow. These are my opinions you can consider the facts or not I'm sure they can give you a much better more logical explanation of why they went to war with AC. So now everyone is at war with AC...then why is it Incubi is still the team to take the most AC cities. We are of course too small. AC cities lost by...

Incubi 28
Aetolian League 23
ETD 21
Morning Glory 16

Morning Glory has spent the last 2 weeks eating their own players to which I'd be willing to bet those players blew a LOT of free bp on other close friends. Not to mention how many players does MG have on the first couple pages of BEST FIGHTERS in bp.

Let's not forget to mention Keltiax in AC continues to take ETD cities and is apparently a fire ETD can't put out. Apparently he is a one man ETD wrecking crew. Not the sign of an elite team.

Now I will say MG has not lost a city yet (besides and inactive that Leppas took) but they are completely packed into 55 with ETD.

What does this all mean? It means it's too early to tell who is the best on this server. It may sound like I'm calling out ETD and MG but I'm really just trying to figure out the justification of everyone calling them so elite. MG in my humble opion has more potential then ETD but they have taken the easy road up to this point making such an early pact with ETD how can you really gather 'elite' out of what they or anyone on this server has done so far? Frankly every team I see so far has flaws even us (we are too small). The ranking system for individuals and teams has never given a true assessment of rank in grepolis.

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The only cities taken were not part of the main group, and were not actively defended.

ETD has several spectacular players and should not be underestimated.
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No one ever thanked us for killing -NOD-. We shut arzin up.

Your welcome.


Don't matter now. He's officially been rimmed from this world :p thanks to yours truly