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a TH merge? i think you dont know nothing, its a super merge my friend. its the war of the century ;)


so TH just dissapear and then IB go up like 15 mil points??


it was a brilliant merge, but i wondered what made TH go to them and not ther other way :S


flipping hell!!! no wonder our ranking went up... flip that is ridiculous... know any of the leftovers fishing for an alliance???



You are looking like someone who doesn't know what's going on.

Here's a precis for you:
The previous number 1 alliance was at war with the number 2,3 and 4 alliances
The number 2,3, and 4 alliances merged
As a result, the previous number 1 alliance is number 2, and the previous number 2 is number 1
The new number 1 alliance is at war with number 2,3 and 4 alliances

All clear now? ;)


as far as valkyrie goes Idog23 is well nd trully able to keep their alliance fighting fit nd walk the walk,sometimes the best conquests comes from the underestimated ones
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hmm i had not really checked with the others in the alliance what was happening that weekend... i can know happily say that IB are in larger trouble than they suspected... :D muhahahah


Remember when Thor's Hammer and Krypteia used to be allies.....Tau was so boring


Eternal Darkness The Best
I Was Never In Them But They're Apparently SUPER Active


If your alliance has 18 conquests and half of them are red like eternal dark does then itll look silly if you post about how great they are


no one seems to get this forum up again and to do a top 12 alliance topic..i would but i would butcher


1.Inglorious Bastards - Biased
2.Krypteia - Good alliance/Good players
3.Enigma - Good core of players/Very un-organised.
4.INVICTA - No really dealt with them but seem to be a good alliance
5.Kryptonites Empire - I think this alliance hides behind Krypteia would like to see more from them.
6.The Academy of Enigma - Enigmas academy they have a few members with potenial but when I was there I think majority of them are more hassle than there worth.
7.Valkyrie - Used to be known as The Unnamed seems they have split into a small compact team based in 036 seem like they are growing ok maybe one to watch.
8.Kryptonites War Academy - I know nothing about these guys only that they are an academy
9.Blades of Chaos - Don't know much about them.
10.ROMANS - Will not last much longer. As IB will wipe them out
11.United Islands - Same as above
12.Anonymous - IB has already finished them off. Few active members but they wont last long.


Guess I can do one of these

1. IB I dont pay much attention to the north but from the looks of grepostats the disco members and th members are getting thrashed by krypt. the th members in the south invicta and us enigmas are doing well against not sure how much longer this area will last (i know the game moves slow so this means months) and then on the other hand the old IB members who have moved to our (enigma) eastern boarder are doing a good job but i think they have found us to be harder to crack the ardor was :)

2. Krypt well they do seem to be as i said thrashing the north th and disco IB members so thats a big wining for them.

3. pretty much everything i said in the IB part fills in for us. but also sick crazy awesome

4. invicta they dont have a large border with IB but seem to be winning it so thats all that matters

5. krypt emp these guys have been growing fast and thats about all i know

6. best noobs around! but really some great players some good players and a bunch who will show if they can one day be big boys in the enigma club

7+8 valk and blades of c well they both seem like they could be good but with the big war they havent been tested much so who knows? not me

9 academy with a very low points average but maybe they have crazy good players that will take over this world

everyone else our academy could destroy without trying very hard so whatever. I will say tho good job to the romans for still being around and they do have a good point average for their size but the large alliances being in a war is probably why they are here and havent been absorbed. or they are awesome good at this game and just keep low members and relatively low points to give the rest of us a chance

everyone else our academy could destroy so until they get bigger its hard for me to have an opinion.


Love how unstated yet high my alliance was before the merge....


1 Krypteia - Seams like a powerful alliance that will survive til the end of times
2 IGB- They are big, organized, and full of fuel
3 INVICTA - Big and powerful (but I think they are hiding behind #4 & 6
4 Enigma - Good size but I think they have communications issues 1st graders
5 Kryptonites Empire - haven't dealt with them yet seam to moving along
6 The Academy of Enigma - Few good players, but same issue as there parent's lack of Communications Pre-schoolers
7 Blades of Chaos - no dealings but don't seam to be losing any ground
8 Academy of Invicta - Same as there parents hiding behind #4 & 6
9 Quickly - growing strongly and has well thought out plans and Communicate fully
10 Chimera Elite - not much dealings but not moving ahead either
11 Romans - seam to be falling behind
12 Kyptonites War Academy - might be a great school for people

Now these are just my thought's but I have been known to be Right. :)