Top 12 Alliance Discussion's

King Beast

Hi Guys maybe too early for this but its good to look back on!!

Same as usual write a comment about each of the Top 12 alliances.
These are only other peoples Opinions so please be nice!! :p

1 Elite Legionnaires - Early leaders good recruitment thread
2 UNDERWORLD REAPERS - They have a pact with Real Madrid :p
4 Ghost Riders - They have a pact with Real Madrid :p
5 Rebels - Early days but decent on average points so far
6 Mu Warriors - As above
7 The Spartan Elite - Got a good feeling about these ;)
8 Noxious Immortals - Seen a few of these guys before could be a good alliance
9 Zarpotuma - Likely to go down MRA route
10 BlueDragons - Good Start
11 Shadowed Evanescence - Sensible Profile, Shame about the Real Madrid Pact
12 Macedonian Empire - They have the dreaded Real Madrid Pact

Like i said its early but gives us something to look back on how the 1st Day ended.
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love this grade. I think that elite legionnaires is going to go far,(i am a member of elite legionairres, joined when it was being premade, but i am not biased), they are not an mra, they will be making cuts soon.

Elite legionnaries might not stay up there for long though, because inactives will be weeded out and kicked. halfhearted players with them. Unlike mra's they will be dropping dead weight.

PS: O, my gosh! How did real madrid do it again? This is gonna be fun to watch.

PPS: look at the average points per member rating, that will tell you who is elite and who picks up little and noob players.
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hey can you guys rate war of the worlds? i kno its not in the top 12, but i want to see what people think of it


1 Elite Legionnaires:Going Far gonna be 1# for a while
2 UNDERWORLD REAPERS: Porly run proly gonna turn into a MRA
3 REAL MADRID ELITE:Hard to tell they have done well on other worlds.
4 Ghost Riders:New alliance but shorta spread out
5 Rebels:Can't tell yet
6 The Spartan Elite:Going to get to spread out to run well
7 Mu Warriors :Hard to tell
8 Macedonian Empire: Pacting with every alliance in top 12..not good
9 Noxious Immortals:Might not stay in top 12 but will be feared mid game
10 Zarpotuma: Leader seems new expecting the'll fail soon.
11 Shadowed Evanescence: Seems strait forward but pacting alot
12 BlueDragons: Can't tell yet

Elite Legionnaires,and Noxious Immortals,maybe Real Marid Elite, are the only ones i see still in top 12 late to mid game.

PPS: look at the average points per member rating, that will tell you who is elite and who picks up little and noob players.

Average says nothing at this point lol
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1 Elite Legionnaires:Awesome leader, in 045, no comp there, 1rst till they have to expand
2 UNDERWORLD REAPERS: dont know, they dont have a profile so no leader distiguished
3 REAL MADRID ELITE: have been succesful
4 Ghost Riders: good alliance, leaders inactive, messaged 3 of them 10 hours ago, n1 read anything
5 Rebels:nothing interesting, will be a top alliance until war
6 The Spartan Elite:nothing interesting
7 Mu Warriors :Hard to tell
8 Macedonian Empire: afraid of war? look at those pacts
9 Noxious Immortals: led by experienced player will fall out
10 Zarpotuma: have people at 175 points, not good
11 Shadowed Evanescence:interesting profile
12 BlueDragons: only 15 members, good avg.
can someone rate War Of the Worlds, like i said before i want to see what they think of it


well not in the english server, but 1rst overall in the german one, thats not the worst. i can vouch that this alliance will remain until a big war


1 Elite Legionnaires: My own alliance, very well organised, seems like it will make a mark in this server.
3 UNDERWORLD REAPERS: seems like your regular MRA, disappear at the first sign of war.
4 Ghost Riders: Don't really know much about them.
5 Rebels: As above
6 Mu Warriors: Seems like they might be able to do something and stay in the top 12 for a while.
7 The Spartan Elite: If anything like the one in Delta I don't think they will cause too much trouble :)
8 Macedonian Empire: FAIL---failed on Lambda and they are once again with us :)
9 Noxious Immortals: Cool name, hope they do well just for that reason
10 Zarpotuma: Weird name...don't like weird names...
11 Shadowed Evanescence : Get over Evanescence...they were so 2005 or something...
12 Marines: Same one as Lambda? If so they will probably continue to do well...

J.n.c 93

1 Elite Legionnaires - My own alliance, we are recruiting a lot of people in Ocean 45 to see who will do well and who will not, once BP ends we will drop the dead weight and start playing very seriously.

2 REAL MADRID ELITE - These guys failed in Kappa, they are going to fail in Lambda and they will fail here... They never learn from there past mistakes.

3 Underworld Reapers - Don't know much about these guys but there rank 3 with a poor average and with the most members as an alliance. I don't think they'll hold out to long but I'm not sure.

4 Ghost riders - Good average, could go far by the looks of it. I wonder what they will be like when BP ends.

5 Rebels - Who? Don't know anything about these guys...

6 Mu Warriors - Good name lol... Will learn more about them within a month, they might do well.

7 The Spartan Elite - Another Spartan alliance...

8 Macedonian Empire - These guys are quite desperate for a pact with my alliance lol.. Maybe they might do well, I don't know.

9 Noxious Imoortals - These guys are from Eta, very experienced, could be a dangerous enemy in the future.

10 Zarpotuma - Who?

11 Shadowed Evanescence - Don't know much about them, but they have a decent average for the moment.

12 Marines - Need to get working on there average, points if they want to stay in the top 12.
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As it stands at the moment...

1 REAL MADRID ELITE - My first Alliance in lambda and bound to get good membership levels on here. I think they may do well in this world with its higher cap and to be fair their average is pretty good this time.

2 Elite Legionnaires - I think possibly the only Alliance not to have invited me to join them, (although I have deleted over 50 requests now I think) and for that I think they must be very proffessional !!

3 UNDERWORLD REAPERS - MRA with links to Madrid, so may learn to duck and cover well, I dont know.

4 Ghost Riders - good average, not sure about earlier comments about activity though

5 Rebels - no idea

6 The Spartan Elite - Im sure these guys are pretty weak in Lambda but not sure

7 Mu Warriors - Cool name, I hope they go far

8 Macedonian Empire - Useless !!!

9 Noxious Immortals - Another name that makes me smile. Hopefully these guys will grow well.

10 Zarpotuma - dont like the level of alot of their players !!!

11 Shadowed Evanescence - no idea, but then Im a newbie here myself !! lol

12 Martyr Brigade - look pretty weak to be honest

Is there any way of mass mailing all the leaders to ask them to stop requesting an alliance ?? Its getting silly !! lol

J.n.c 93

Hey Blade,

Want an invite to Elite Legionnaires? :p

I see you're in Ocean 44, we're only recruiting in Ocean 45 though we might make some exceptions ;)


Thanks bud,

But I have already been accepted into Aicy's mushroom army !!! lol

He's waiting to pick his moment to join in the next ocean over from me so I will most likely have to reset and start again - I had hoped choosing north west would see me further away from the core near to where he was planning as there were already 3500 players when I joined, but it hasn't worked out !!

I just wanted to see how I did in the rankings if I started at a similar time to the others this time (I was 5 days behind in Lambda), and get a bit of practice in as this is only my second game !!

Had another 4 invites since the last post !!!



LOL Maybe.

The Alliance side of the game I was looking forward to, because Im a very loyal person, but I have already had R.Madrid message me if I want to join up with him and it makes me feel underhanded not to support my fellow teamate on another world.

That being said Im also sick of the "Real madrid this...blah blah" type comments on here and feeling like I have a target on my forehead in Lambda !! lol

I guess once I have played the game for a while and met a few of the good players to learn from I will figure out who I gel with and then I will just stick to that team. Its how I have always been in sports and this is effectively a virtual digital playground !!!

Which is unfortunately why you also get the comments that surprise you when you think you are getting a handle on the top players and the respect they have for each other and then suddenly theres "Metalcore did this" "Aicy that" "Ryan the other" that side of it gets a bit tedious I suppose.


Sorry to go off topic, just being honest.


J.n.c 93

Haha I wouldn't blame you if you feel like that, We are all big fans of Real Madrid on these forums :p

And me too, In my alliance, like a 1/3 of the players are people I know from Eta or Lambda but it's good to stick with your friends especially from old worlds as you know they are experienced and you both can go far :)


We need to eliminate some of Real madrid players in our ocean. I can have a harbor built if you want me to focus on that.