Top 12 Alliance Discussion's


I know Dakraze we are trying to move forward, but it seems that all your former members are going into V-mode.. I am sure when we meet it will be one hell of a fight cant wait!!!


Not a bad summary.

NR need to look at getting some enemies, they seem to be in a pact with most of the world.
With 2 allies, and 6 enemies, I would prefer to say that we have a defined relationship with most of the world. :D

habeas corpus

1. Cerberus: Have a lot of top rank players, mainly scavenge the dead and the weak but seems to be a good strategy. Lots of players that don't contribute much but ain't that true of most alliances.
2. Noxious Rising: I have respect for these guys but seem to be losing steam probably through boredom. Still strong in their core so can't see them going anywhere soon.
3. Greek Warfare: The New NaT? Haven't lost a city since September so clearly organised and aggressive
4. NaTaRaJa: Sad to see these guys going. Were an inspiration to all when they were active. Now having their bones picked over by the Cerbs...
5. The Chosen Elite: Took a while to get going and have a few issues with internals but are getting into their stride now. Need to see them up against some decent opposition as currently scavenge the weak and dead. Good stats against LoA but not really surprising.
6. The 24th Legion: Massive problems consuming internals, pages of yellow interspersed with the odd green. But small and compact so when they have a chance they could be effective.
7. Ocean 43: Appear to be consuming internals at a fair old rate and picking on the weak. Slowly gaining points.
8. Lords of Anarchy: Being taken apart by anyone who wishes to especially TCE. Starting to fall off rapidly now. Can their enemies keep up the pressure?
9. The Grey Ghosts: All the bigger players other than a few either left or quit. Now providing easy pickings for the scavengers. A sad end really...
10. RME: The scavenger kings - well we all know with out Real Madrid himself this alliance would be dead and the stats bear this out.
11. Phoenix: Got some good players but would have to guess they have some issues from the name changing malarky. Now their main pickings of TGG are gone may need to get more aggressive.
12. 300 Spartans: Consume tiny players and are consumed by any alliance that cares to try it appears. Using pure player numbers to keep their heads above water.

It would be nice to see some real battles going on but I guess everyone has got nice and comfortable and with the number of dropouts the temptation to expand without a fight is considerable. But Mu needs a war, a real war with at least 2 of the top5 having a go at each other. Otherwise the boredom that destroyed Nat and TGG will visit you all.
mictam might get annoyed at you for putting the commentators curse on GW.
grepostats shows he lost a city to Real Madrid himself.

paladin knight

Lords of Anarchy are regrouping. Lose a city, gain two, I always say. Personally, I hope I gave herodot a good fight. If not, it will only be harder next time. Gotta hand it to him, he sure is persistent. Thanks for the good fight so far, TCE. I said I welcome peace or conflict.


Like you guys have God on yours? Your alliance consists of traitors, liars, and manipulators (not you denis ;))
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1. I do not worship the devil. Nor do I lie or manipulate. I would say i'm not a traitor but I'm sure you would argue that.
2. Fairly certian that God does not care one bit who wins at Grepolis, just like he doesnt care if Tim Tebow wins football games. God has more important things on his mind.


? Thanks for the tip there. Trust me I know the definition of irony.