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? Thanks for the tip there. Trust me I know the definition of irony.

Of course you do. I saw your example, didn't I just? :)

I'm making mischief. Take no notice of me, now. I'm after pulling your leg, that's all.

Anyway - are we all happy now in Mu? Are we looking forward to the festive season? Are we eagerly anticipating the moment when Santa gives us 2.0 (or not)?

Torithedragon wants to light the fire in the hearth for when he comes down that chimney, I just know it.

Is the Mu Times inclined to be less dismissive of Lords of Anarchy these days? Hmm? Hmm?

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I still think you meant to say sarcasm instead of irony haha.

paladin knight

Ya know, I am just gonna post a bit here just to show my solidarity with the LoA guys and Tori. You all are awesome people. Madcarew is a riot. And a hi to monk and duke here. Too bad we are on different sides here but it is only for sport. Ya know you two were our buds over here in LoA. Well, best to you all in The Chosen Elite. Thanks to you all for a challenging fight.

habeas corpus

this thread is degenerating to childish arguments instead of an overall view of the top 12 alliances.

habeas corpus

1 Noxious Rising 18831415 66 285324 solid numbers, got rid of most of the nat dregs that they absorbed that everyone knew would happen. still hanging on to a few to make their numbers look better than what they are but it isn't fooling anyone

2 Cerberus 18614702 105 177283 still there, too many members but seem to have a good formula for remaining in the game when many others fail.

3 Greek Warfare 14782517 58 254871 strong alliance, great attacking statistics will shake up the dynamics of this world if they merge with nr or create a bit of havoc for some of their neighbors

4 The Chosen Elite 10572215 72 146836 good bunch of guys, have improved the most out of all the alliances in this world in my opinion

5 Lords of Anarchy 5911174 79 74825 look to be hurting and shedding members

6 REAL MADRID CHRISTMAS 3558836 46 77366 still Christmas in Madrid?

7 The Goon Squad 3511171 9 390130 9 strong players if they had 30-40 more players like them would look scary

8 Phoenix 1942250 46 42223 have they risen from the ashes? i don't know anything about them tbh

9 300 SPARTANS 929692 53 17541 50+ members and still under 1 mill points. if they are not being picked off should war with alliances with similar numbers like the the alliance ranking 10, 11, 13 ect.

10 The Art of War 448249 31 14460 as above

11 ATLANTIS 360131 28 12862 as above

12 The 24th Legion 247977 2 123989 2 members in a dead alliance and ranked 12th in the world not really looking good for Mu


Just was I was looking for. Thanks for doing a summary.

2 The 24th Legion 247977 2 123989 2 members in a dead alliance and ranked 12th in the world not really looking good for Mu
If we have a dead alliance in the top twelve that is pathetic. Would +rep you, but i have done it too recently.
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Great job Habeas!! Thanks for the thumbs up we still have alot of work to do though.


phoenix is the phoenix of old (three times over). They have changed their name more times then a newborn baby changes their napies. They had plenty of number broke down, moved to other alliances then backl to phoenix again. It seems any worthy player have gone to TCE or GW.

Cerb have always been quite, going about their business of getting girls dancing with resources and take inactive of ghost cities (tbh it is the quickest way to grow, but boring).

NR have gone quite, at least on the eastern side of their empire, possibly putting more interest into world wonders and away from the losses of war.

GW seem to never slow down on attacking, they are producing plenty of offence, lovely to see

TGS, yes only 9 but it is 9 very committed men (or women). See attack and defence but not losing anything. Though small in comparison to the alliances around them they are showing that the larger alliances have more then needed numbers.

habeas corpus

Cerb have always been quite, going about their business of getting girls dancing with resources and take inactive of ghost cities (tbh it is the quickest way to grow, but boring).
to some extent it is true, but the situation around the the players going inactive was not really addressed. after months of nat attacking inexperienced and not the most active players or best equipped players in cerberus they got attacked back and as soon as they were out of their bireme nat quit out of "boredom"(totrue, sadtheory, ect), making it difficult, but not impossible to attack the active players.
the dregs merge with nr, when they get attacked they still hide in v-mode or get kicked out (virgilluisham, wikked, farticussss, ect).


to be a member of Greek Warfare you have to constantly attack and constant build troops and building that why we never slow down


No1 did this in a while, so I guess I can give it a try, but I will do it from my point of view as a member of NR :)

Cerberus 31514949 116 271681 - Still an MRA, still not doing very well in their wars. Their bp's show they are better at defending. I see at least 1 island is prepared for WW, and one almost done. If there are more, I didn't bother to look further :eek:
Rumour today poped up on this forum that they are gonna merge with TCE, let's see if there is truth in that. Should kick a very large chunk of their inactives.

Noxious Rising 21146765 50 422935 - I don't kiss and tell, but I can say that our numbers have shrunk, and we have many people quit in the last 6 months unfortunatly. Works for me, I hope people will underestimate us, like many did in the past. I aint gonna talk about our WW islands, I almost got hooked on it, but then I saw what "benefits" those wonders bring, and will not participate.

Greek Warfare 14810826 38 389759 - Nice bunch of people, keept hammering at R. Madrid even when it was obvious that he has too many cities, and while you take out one head he grows 3 more. I guess a huge chunk of their abp's come from him :p As for Flooder and his friends they will have their work cut out, looking at the fact they are now their no1 target. GW are more then ready for the WW's.

The Chosen Elite 9191212 66 139261 - Worst in the top 5 on average points. Their abp's and dbp's show they aren't really bothered to play this as a war game, so I guess joining up with Cerberus (if that really is gonna happen) would make it one huge MRA, that is worth having for an enemy... for the easy bp's of course. As for their WW islands, I saw 2 they are trying to get ready in time, maybe there are more, but again, didn't bother to look further.

The Goon Squad 8076135 14 576867 - The smallest alliance in the top, just shows what sticking together does for you. I applaud the will to play, your knowledge of the game and even your aggressivness. Only group that managed to get the score in a war against us on their side from the begining of this server. Hopefully one day you will come closer to the older crews in NR, so we can even the score ;) As far as I can see 1 WW island in preparation.

REAL MADRID C.F. ELITE 4281110 32 133785 - What to say that hasn't been said many times before... Quiting of practicly our whole O54, and most of our O44 crews, have made R. Madrid grow back in numbers. Managed to take one of my cities while I was on weekend vacation in the nature, and is now claiming he took 6-7 cities from me. WoW, now that's what I call a bunch of bulls....

Lords of Anarchy 2169806 30 72327 - Small lill alliance that has been run ragged by GW and in a lill bit by us aswell. I don't think they will last long with this tempo going on.

After this, we unfortunatly hit the end of anything that could be called an alliance...

Cerberus Academy 1879303 125 15034 - Some of these guys have 175 points...

Chosen Elite Apprentices 972681 92 10573 - I even have to ask... Apprentices instead of Academy? Very original, but still.... 2 of their members have 0 points. Not even bothering to kick those out....

Best in the West 609244 1 609244 - Made of one member - bawlz. A Cerberus spy. Really strange he didn't join them back. Guess even they don't trust him anymore.

ATLANTIS 529494 36 14708 - pretty sad.

skarabei 424410 50 8488 - even more sad then ATLANTIS.


Well done Gigamlat.

Well done.

You are making a lot of progress this week.

Numbers and words.

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