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haha :)
My alliance were slow to respond, but by god they pulled through!


Glad you pulled through there Thomas.....
Just Curious though was it just your alliance or did you rope in additional help? Seems we are putting the fear into 45 and there was a war going on that we weren't even aware of, oh and you should watch who you talk to :D


Then came the change of heart and an interesting turn of events.....


I thought long and hard and even consulted on it we agreed and a decision was made.....


Have faith in your current alliance Thomas as there is no place for you with us, also not sure how your alliance mates might feel about this ;)


It was my alliance as well as many others who supported me. :)
The players are great, all of them.

Just my founder and me had a disagreement- not fun playing in an alliance if you don't get on with the leaders, simple as! I think we can all relate to that.

As for the wars going on that you weren't aware of- don't BS and play this down. We've beaten off two of your CS in the last 24 hours.

My alliance mates can think of it what they will- my attempting to find a new alliance was not so i could back-stab them or because they are a bad alliance. SO if any of you do read this, i want you to know that.
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We were merely farming and whats a couple of cities between our alliances, we don't mean you no harm i think its all a misunderstanding ;)


haha, really...? If it was a misunderstanding, stop attacking my alliance.
Attacking 1 player once is a misunderstanding, attacking many players repeatedly and attempting to take cities, and succeeding in one case, is war.


Yes no declared war here
So not sure where that comes from but thanks for the info :)


One* - We definitely deserve this spot and I don't think anyone can deny this. #1 attackers, #4 defenders - #1 fighters. SweetT has done well by both our members and weeding out useless players.

The Pack - Also deserve this place. Brilliant attackers and good co-ordinated bunch. #2 attackers, #3 defenders - #2 fighters.

BAMFS - Don't deserve this spot imo. Not great attackers. Their academy is better than the actual alliance. #5 attackers, #10 defenders - #6 fighters.

Beta Pack - See The Pack.

Pink Fluffy Bunnies - Feel sorry for anyone who underestimates these lot. Collection of some of the best players there is. Best average there is. #3 attackers(great for their size), #2 defenders - #3 fighters.

Silence - I don't know a great deal on these lot. #10 attackers, #6 defenders - #7 attackers

Wanted - See One*

Legion of Death - Not the best. #14 attackers, #8 defenders, #9 fighters.

Scorpion Elite Forces - Meant to be 'elite' but they beg me not to attack their players? #16 attackers, #19 defenders - #15 fighters.

The Insanity Project - Never heard of these guys. #19 attackers, #18 defenders - #17 attackers.

Apologies if you're offended by my ratings but I only give props to where its due.


Weh team is definitely one of the top if not the top alliance in Delphi

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Alright here's my take on the top 12

1. ONE* - it's stupid to call yourself number 1 if you're ranked 1, whole lotta redundancy there. However they have a good average and are beating up on some alliances so they clearly deserve a top spot

2. The Reindeer Pack - don't know much about them but they are the second ranked ABP alliance so that's a good thing but they have a lower average than ONE* so that could be improved on

3. Santas Fluffy Bunnies - second highest average and add that to their 3rd ranked ABP and this is a good alliance

4. Beta Pack - Totally skipped over them when I made this and only caught my mistake at the end before I posted so I guess that means they don't leave much of an impression

5. Silence - Horrible average for a top 5 alliance and they maxed their alliance cap so I guess this is just an alliance relying on numbers to stay on top

6. Super NovaZ - Small bunch of players with the highest average in the top 12, they have quite a few good players so this could be an alliance to watch in the future

7. BAMFs - based on their name I was expecting something awesome but sadly their name doesn't really reflect them at all

8. Scorpion Elite Forces - formed from phalanx something or other and scorpion something or other to form Extremely Generic Alliance Name! Nothing noteworthy about them

9. Legion of Death - If you thought the scorpions had an original and interesting name then these guys will knock your socks off with their originality.

10. The Hawks - Small group with a good average all things considered. If these guys gain momentum they could break into the top 5

11. In nomine patris - No top 12 is complete without the foreign named alliance, these guys aren't overly impressive but they aren't a waste of space. They have the potential to improve into a stand out alliance but only time will tell.

12. G.S.A - Incredibly underwhelming to say the least, this alliance is going to fall out of the top 12 in the near future if I had to guess

If my opinions some how offended you or your alliance well.......The truth hurts doesn't it?


Pretty good review actually Baudin. Though ONE* was called ONE* before they got the #1 spot haha :p

Super NovaZ are a mix of former ONE* players and the former Weh Team.