Top 12 Alliances Discussion


this is like the one in gamma
you have to comment on the top 12 alliances
so the top 12 alliances now are

1 Domination 202304 196 1032
2 The Spartans 187229 208 900
3 - The Secret - 153276 140 1095
4 revolt 135023 142 951
5 Lions 134852 165 817
6 GHOST RIDERS 107584 114 944
7 Bloodstorm Pirates 105903 97 1092
8 Engels de Nex 102388 154 665
9 Nightmares of Elysium 96571 80 1207
10 Archipelaga 89322 115 777
11 -=ADV=- 80944 85 952
12 Myrmidons 75938 82 926

rank/name/points/players/Average points

so this is what i will do

1 Domination = i think this alliance will do well, but will get killed when an elite alliance attacks them.
2 The Spartans = MRA this will get picked apart by more elite alliasnce
3 - The Secret - good but my not get better
4 revolt would do better if they killed allthe low pointers
5 Lions =same as revolt
6 GHOST RIDERS= one of the more elite alliances
7 Bloodstorm Pirates= same as GHOST RIDERS. but more elite
8 Engels de Nex one of the biggest MRA
9 Nightmares of Elysium= more elites alliance
10 Archipelaga= would become very good if kicked all low point members
11 -=ADV=-=more elite alliance
12 Myrmidons = not going to be in the top 12 for long

as you can see thre are too many elite alliance. so time will tell which one will take over the rest


I think you are being a little generous because some of those alliances aren't that good.


i know
but i had too do something else at the same time
going to do one tommrow where i'm going to think about it


You also left out the alliance with the highest point average and highest average bp....


1 Domination fail
2 The Spartans a few good players...
3 - The Secret - lolz
4 revolt Can't stop laughing
5 Lions these re also on beta, we sent a spy to them, he had to leave after one day cause it was too disgusting. He literally said this: "I feel dirty now :eek:"
6 GHOST RIDERS You got to be kidding me :)
7 Bloodstorm Pirates Bloodstorm barbies but nothing more then that
8 Engels de Nex if you tell me they re good I will believe you... not
9 Nightmares of Elysium doing ok
10 Archipelaga more fail
11 -=ADV=- top 12? serious?
12 Myrmidons Anyone saw these on beta? -> fail


Banana, if Archipelaga is so good if they would just kick the low pointers, why are you merging with them?

(I know Banana from my alliance on Epsilon. So I have reason to ask why. ;P)

Keep in mind that as a Diplomat, I must be careful what I say... ;) (dip) Also, for the alliances I think will be successful, I am assuming that they get their act together with good quality players and don't hang on to the deadwood.

1. Domination Assuming this is the same Domination as on Epsilon, I predict that they will remain strong, perhaps even in the top 12. Definitely not someone to cross, unless you want a fight.
2. The Spartans MRA. And that is all I will say.
3. - The Secret - *twitch* MRA. Stole a good player away from my alliance because he thought we were based in a different ocean. Ever heard of colonizing/conquering towards each other? (SH) And all the resources and divine help that can be given?
4. revolt A gross of players with less than 1K points average? MRA, and either they are building troops only (and how can they build troops w/o farm space?) or they are sitting doing nothing.
5. Lions Although an MRA, and somewhat disorganized, the fact of the matter is that they have a strong (if Lithuanian!) core, and determination. I see them staying in the top dozen for some time.
6. GHOST RIDERS Name in ALL CAPS = FAIL. Nuff said.
7. Bloodstorm Pirates MRA, I think, but could potentially pull themselves together.
8. Engels de Nex Waaaaay too much deadwood. As it stands now, MRA. If they slash and burn off the deadwood, they could pull it together quite well, but otherwise, not happening.
9. Nightmares of Elysium Currently #10 on Epsilon. A potentially formidable alliance.
10. Archipelaga I had thought they might manage to escape the MRA trap, but right now they are swallowing up smaller alliances, so they have the appearance of heading in MRA direction. We'll see how it ends up. If they aren't careful, they'll be in the same boat as the other MRAs.
11. -=ADV=- I am inclined to say FAIL, because of the name, but looking at their number of players and average points, it could go either way. Points don't win wars, armies do. So we'll have to wait and see.
12. Myrmidons Hard to tell who they are in other worlds, because of different spellings. They have made the foolish mistake of posting ALL of their leaders on the profile! Also, they are no longer #12, but now #13.


12. Kings of Gamma 78680 113 696
Probably an MRA. Other than that, no idea.

It'll be interesting to see who falls out of the top twelve and who rises. I predict the Varangian Guard will rise, of course. ;)
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and I'm checking my "contacts" in archipelaga at this very moment to check if you are right banana friend ;)


did not know that we are in the same alliance

i do not know why i merge into them
not going to stay in them for long


The real top 6 imo:

9 Nightmares of Elysium 100403 81 1240 <--- Highest total bp
18 Power of Predators 59983 51 1176 <--- 2nd Highest total bp
27 Team Ryan 46550 34 1369
31 TamThanVien 40504 29 1397 <--- 2nd Highest average bp
32 Apollos Jock Strap 39481 32 1234 <--- Highest average bp


Just going by the numbers. I realize it's early to tell much from them but they do count for something. My real point is the so called top 12 are not really the top, just the biggest. Point and bp averages are worth a lot. Team Ryan is pretty light on bp so far but I imagine they will make up for that in good time.

Predators a little lower on the point average but have lots of bp so they are most likely troop whoring which is never a bad thing.

Anyway, I don't know much about these alliances from other servers so I'm just going by what I see. Some of these top 12 alliances are crap. I personally have almost as much bp as the entire Archipelaga. That's pretty sad.

lol, oh yeah, I guess it is only 5. It's late and let's face it TanThamVien really counts as two ;)


i've been attacked killed it all 50 bp from that
so no its not


is that your top 6? Power of predators> team ryan and Apollos Jock Strap?
-> lolz

lol, I just realized you thought that was the order I was placing them in from 1 to 5. I just pasted them in as I went through the rankings page. I don't think there's much point saying who is number 1 or number 5 at this point. Just saying these look like the alliances worth watching.


I am going to do the ones I know well

1 Domination Dedicated and good, there leader is quitting epsilon (I know) and he is focusing on here

8 Nightmares of Elysium We have shown on the last two worlds that we are dedicated and will go higher in the ranks over time

10 -=ADV=- NmE's biggest competitor, you can't have 2 top 10 alliances in the same ocean. They barely reach the elite rank as they aren't organised enough


more than one alliance

can i be a member of more than one alliance (dip)