Top 12 Alliances Discussion


7. Collectors: They collected a bunch of inactive cites and ghost towns and decided that they must be tough enough to fight the number one alliance on the server. They seem to have no issue running to vm whenever under serious attack, and for good reason, so far there war with DCS has been fairly lopsided. They have been regaining points but their primary source of cities seems to be from ghosts or small inactive players(surprise, surprise).

I so hate when DCS say someone is runing VM couse of pressure.. and bla, bla, bla..
I wonder what you will do, if you would be attacked for 4 days and more, and have 200 -300 attacks on you all day, for more days, and have NO support, or onley from 1, 2 players, you need to dodge, move stuff around, track the attacks (some dont have administrator, well that can be confussing) and be smart - and you have on the other side angry wife with yealling at ya ''me, or grepolis'', sad-disapointed kids, couse father don't have time for them.. - i guesse you would turn VM on to or you will get divorced and losse youre job!!! in grepolis, some citys (not an option)
And what about odyseyus and now calimero for example run on VM couse they didnt handel the presure from us, and they lost to much to us.. So don't give me this !!!

And colectors need to go over a big schookes - and slowley they are recovering, and getting stronger again.. how will you're alliance look like if sudenly all leaders stop playing (all top players) the game an left players alone.. I would like to see it!! ;/

so the inactive and Gt have priority now.. we take it, or DCS will take it - what means more dcs around.. active player can wait, .. hummm.. and they don't have a big offense power down there.. - and -we have 25 active players.. missing some biggys and DCS have how much??? ???

Well i promisse you DCS - i will continue motivating my players so they will give the best to fight you, - and have fun!!! We will losse in some point, but its a pleasure to take active supported DCs city from you .. well i injoy it.. :) :) and i will continue to do that in the future :)
till my friend mqz06 wont came to punish me ;) ;) ;)

hahaha... my english is poor i apologize :) and dont beat me to much with negative stuff.. as you like to do it aperently.. - someone acusse me to be a liar, can this someone explane to me about what i lied ;/

wow.. i just spam this thread a bit :)
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SGT Slaughter

No really Harpuna, how do you really feel :p

Seriously, I see most of your points. Grepo does take its toll on your RL when getting attacked all the time. Unfortunately, no one attacks me anymore :( hint hint!!

Being called a liar shouldn't bother you too much. Many have called me countless names, but its out of frustration, because we all know how lovable I am! If they really hate me, they could attack. Hint Hint!!

@ sac- The leaders may play musical chairs, but the players remain the same.


No really Harpuna, how do you really feel

hahaha.. madly in love in DCS ... now i told you my true fealings, damn you SGT ;)

Being called a liar shouldn't bother you too much.

it doesnt, but i want to know, about what someone think I lied about!!! So please, let me know.. LOL

Unfortunately, no one attacks me anymore

came closser to my bays :) I will ... with pleasure :)


If stats show leaders are not gaining points that doesnt mean those leaders don't play.Attack me and you will see.:D

If my points are steady now that doesn't mean it can't change.Also that doesn't mean leaders are not active on forums...Besides our generals are pretty much active.That is what matters.;)

How do you think we make decisions?All do whatever they want and that is how we take your cities?With anarchy as our social system? :D


Get your facts straight sradhoo. The Jinn is not a reformation of anything. The leaders are far different from every alliance you mentioned.

Sac maybe the leaders are others but the players are the same old ones(the core of your new alliance is the same one like in the previous ones) so I guess it can be called a reformation...


BTW SGT please redo your top 10 refugees once more since the last one was epic!!

SGT Slaughter

All the refugees are in shogun, I mean Nexus. They are too far North, I really don't know them well enough. Ive been meaning to do a top alliance post, maybe PnP style.

SGT Slaughter

Top 10 PnP style

#1 DCS - The alliance so many love to hate. Maybe we could hire OA for public relations.


#2 Nexus (Shogun) - Players come and go at will.


When they bite off more than they can chew, they run back to open arms.


1 mistake isn't too bad if you learn from it...


#3 The Jinn - Kings of shady practices!


Although harmless, they can be 2 faced


#4 Spariates - Allies through thick and thin


Proven time and time again our pact is worth fighting for.


#5 NSPG - Probably the most underrated alliance in Zeta. #2 in offense and defense. Unfortunately, they border the Sparties. Location can be deadly!


Just think where NSPG would be if AO wasn't bored that day...


#6 Lost Boys - Zeta's #1 defensive group and 3rd best attackers, 2nd in overall kills. A storied history and managed to stay together after merge and split with Garg and crew.


They took a lot of heat from the "anti-DCS league" when they decided to pact with DCS. I can hear it now.


#7 The Survivors - 7th in kills, clearing inactives and ghost towns adds up.


My cities all have the same sign


#8 Collectors - Lost 11 members yesterday. Isn't that the opposite of collecting? Maybe you should change your name...


Im sure they'll get back on track


#9 M.O.B - Not a misprint they are back! :eek:


What will their future bring? Will they merge with Elvis World Tour? Why isn't there a period after "B"? Why are there periods at all?


#10 Golden Angels - Not the fiercest bunch by any means. According to their stats they fight like the...


*There were no feelings injured in the making of this PnP*


Without you this forum really would be boring SGT!!

Good one, I injoy it with my morning coffie :p


What will their future bring? Will they merge with Elvis World Tour? Why isn't there a period after "B"? Why are there periods at all?

So true, what are those periods there for? Great post SGt, as always.


Elwis World Tour
They are still alive but never heard or got attacked by them?
Whats up with them....


There is no better than the almighty Sarge your PnP had me in tears brother I loved it hope it doesn't take you this long to do another


It seems evis world tour won't merge with any other alliance even though there are 4 players remaining
Don't know if they want to keep their achivements...


My first one :D No hard fealings, is just the fun nothing personal in it!! ;)

1 Dacian City-States
Leaders need a better plan and start to pay atention – more and more of you're players are missing couse they feal frustrated!!!

And a sighn on you're profile wouldnt be bad

2 Nexus
Seems to get wings.. the best team in ''anti dcs league'' as I see right now.. – I left you to soon....

3 The Jinn
A lot of presure latley.. is that an exuse??

4 Spartiates
Dont know much of them, only that they seems to be good orginized and protecting their theritory

Its semms they lost all the glorry.. but good supporters though (and i was never sorry I was once a member of great team)

6 The Survivors
It seems they will survive till the end.. But where is the fight!!

7 Lost Boys
Seems you're not lost anymore... BUT;

8 M.O.B
You all will be;

9 Collectors
Some hard times, players lost …. BUT hey i hear;

10 Golden Angels
I want to see some action...

11 Children of Nexus
It sems they are sick to be just teaching the noobs… they become




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