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I don't like to write on external but I like when I read good stuff. A question, Is there any possibility to read something in this thread about of what this thread is created?


cheaters always more rigths than people who not cheat lol (just joking haha ;-))

Ik ben geen goud misbruiker :)



Thought i was going to be rimmed by now. Was that not the promise that TS made?

I'm still waiting on getting rimmed.

Seems like all i'm doing is growing.
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ok ...guyes like to see somekind opinions before year is ending...

So who have possibilityes to swim ... who are the alliances, we not see here after this year ,when peacetime is over...


Top 12 explaining :

The syndicate : love to simm as in speed1 swim.

All others hate to sim waiting to sink to a speed 2 or higher.

We are rzank 1 in all fields, what is this simming you speak off? Be quiet and sit on the rimm like you do best, avoiding the fight :)


Leoooo haha, you think your so hard bro, you must get picked on in RL way too much for you to show out in a game L M A O : )) or you must just be ugly as h e l l that no one would want to talk to you and you take it out here haha.. as long as you can sleep at night man tmax and others wont bugg you, just let us know LL OO LL!


Common Blaze, honour us with a top 12 of your own.. or is that too hard with all strings attached ;)


We are rzank 1 in all fields, what is this simming you speak off? Be quiet and sit on the rimm like you do best, avoiding the fight :)

chill in start of sinop, didnt you cry to erik everything you got smacked lol.. ..and he helped you always from getting rimmed from the rim lol..dont be a hypocrite chillu baby, respect and play the game.


btw chill how is the weather in Seattle? ;) how you guys gonna lose to St. Louis Rams man.. that was dirty! yuck


Blaze, you talked too loud when you topped the abp rank by killing free troops in 500pts cities. Now your are surrounded by green and blue, do you feel warm?
Erik, accusing others for using bots without any evidence may end up as a ban for you. Do you think your lawyer can scare Inno one more time?


Wow, the Christmas spirit didn't affect the externals, I see. :(

I remember a time, long ago, you could come here to read a nice top 12 or a funny PnP.
Guess I'm getting old, and all mods have retired.
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ok... this time, when you guyes barking here to each other.. i have drinking rally coming so i say something i think about this sink or swim thing...

1.The Synticate:::they jumped in,they stayed in good course and have in center of the discussions in every way.
they have 5 members in top 10 as builders and same amount of figters in top 10.
if to look they moving direction ...then seems they like to go thru THE BROTHERHOOD to get erick, but i think they need to choose not ocean 44 for this... they dont get thru there ...
open is 54 but there are standing Toons who not gona let happen as well so easy...
dont know who are they maked they slaves via wars(MABE BARBS) but only with gold they cant just play in offence...right now the alliance stayes to 15 guyes shoulders ...lets see what happens next the other names to be shown in reports as well or the alliance is not so great when all job need to do with some guye... they can be squeezed between other alliances or SWIM...SWIM.

2.NEW TOON ALLIANCE:they have made good job to collect players to they side and they are holding back SYNDICATES to move to north...yes there are loosed city some ..but allmost chause those mythical amounts of troops the SYNTIES are moving from the start the world .
they swim for shure and have good friends all over...hope they leadership holds together and and look all the world a bit bigger picture than live with memoryes .right now acting via hate some names... sametime takes others with them.
i think ,they shuld more concentrate to location things and to the future,not just kill and show something to somebody..
SWIM ...

3.THE BROTHERHOOD:::seems a bit better alliance than SYNTIs or TOONS.chause more members involved to wars and growing...what makes all alliance grow without helping or handing cityes to little ones...they stay nicely in O44 and i belive this is they home till the end.
there are same amount members are involved in top 10 .as SYNTIs, so mostly those 2 alliances rule all point tables.(yeah i know there are 2 alliances are between them with 1

4.NOOBS INCORPORATED::: doing good ... growing in good speed(no matter no bigger bp. are available) no inside issues or outside...
for the peacefull life they are have shown very well with growing... so if they get kick from outside bp. offers..i think they are open to rise..
So from my words you read as they simmm ...but i more think they SWIM.

5.THE BARBARIANS::.They had hard times for shure...but hey i see them as ok group now... chause the weaker guyes are eaten and gived up... jumpers jumped away from the ship... so now there shuld be guyes, who have guts and nerves to hang around a longer time..
they mabe started with big hurray ,,,but now i think they calmed down and they are simming a bit ,,,,till they can SWIM again...
from war with SYNTICATES they got good amount bp. what is even more give them possibility to grow in good level against other alliances in EMPORION...SWIM later.

6.Transient Drifters::: not knowen by me... but seems they are all over 2 oceans not looking good to help each other... same area with BARBS so mabe good to put bread to same closet...
inside alliance are activity is very 20% alliance working other are simmers...they are not as good right now status shows us...few cityes only taked by 113 members is not so good as it shuld be.....
sry. really dont know what more to this way they SINK...

7.The Bloody Axe::: name is but same time activity is better than drifters...some good names involved there,seems they start to colonicise to 55 south...dont know is there everybody accept it... but hey this is war game and it gives them to start rise as well...i think they find friendship with BARBS in hard time and helped each other to get bp.
they are slowly SWIM...

8.Team Harlock::: i dont want talk too much about them...bechause just to give somekind strange posts to ERIC.
but they are nicely and peacefully growing and locateing... have meny friends here and haters same time ,who waits them a bit closer.i think they are right now too far for some boys who hates them, but hey... everything not must to be so easy anyway...but there will be time when you all here can start blood to blood between all of
they SWIM

9.Grim Sleepers::: can tell there are one good organiced alliance.. no over dosed membership... just activity is good and everybody knows what to do...
think soon they are much better chause good guyes want good alliance and there will be jumpers who will be accepted only with good CV. There ofcorse familiar names meny who knows others via worlds as well...
diplomacy is they key right now is important for shure...SWIM

10.TORC:: new to me .. but i looked them and they seems like drifters ...members are all over the 2 oceans... they building nicely and actily cityes ,but question is do they build them selves or there are some wolf who like to start eat them...
i see they are not good right now to deffend them selves and they are not simm for long...

11/12:::they need to grow a bit...

there was my opinin so...feel free to respond...but not to my english
this is my opinion and can be very different with some guyes vision here or knowledge via they position against mine....
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This one stinks of hidden motives at propaganda..must say a funny attempt though.