Top 12 Top 12 Alliances~ Sink or Swim

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Torc is no more. Now its Bloody Torc.
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Torc is no more. Now its Bloody Torc.

10.TORC:: new to me .. but i looked them and they seems like drifters ...members are all over the 2 oceans... they building nicely and actily cityes ,but question is do they build them selves or there are some wolf who like to start eat them...
i see they are not good right now to deffend them selves and they are not simm for long...


I've been away for a month or so, wasn't planning on playing until an old friend requested it. Anyone care to update me? Where did Fallen Angels go? When did Erik decide to actually take on TS? What happened :eek:


X-Men Themed top 8


!. The Syndicate - Magneto

Those hated gold munchers. Determined. Solid from top to bottom. Almost psychotic in their game play. Solid players here. Some say they have superhuman powers. Ability to manipulate metals. These powerful mutants aim to manipulate the world to replace humans as the dominate species on earth.


2. Ommitted


3. The Brotherhood - Pyro

These are battle tested soldiers. Ready to blow stuff up. Silent assassins until you tick them off. Don't test their powers because you might bite off more than you can chew and end up with burns that will never be put out. Eternal bruises that you might carry on into the afterlife.



4. The Barbarians - Wolverine

These soldiers don't die, they multiply. They took the hits. Regrouped. Took some more hits. Regrouped and then took some more hits. They keep getting up. They are ready to spread their claws and feed on their opponents. LIke a phoenix ready to spread their wings, this group is ready to draw blood.



5. Noobs Incorporated - Cyclops

These noobs don't need instructions. If they aim in your direction you better run. Silent but deadly these high powered soldiers carry a hell of a punch. Don't poke or provoke them though, might be the last thing you ever do.


6. Team Harlock - Professor X

This team is a variable. They have the brains and power to kill or challenge any ambitions of WW glory of other X-men. Although led by a well known professor this team also includes many players with powers of their own.


7. Transient Drifters - Gambit

Given these ruthless killers history few X-men trust them. They are best known for hand to hand combat These horsemen of death can battle with the best of them.


8. The Bloody Axe - The Beast

These bloody and bruised soldiers have proven their mighty strength over and over again. Many believe they are not human due to their resilience. Word is they become stronger "enraged" during their battles. These rumors seem to hold water.

(there's my lame attempt at a top 8...yeah i suck...i know lol)
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Its ok Tmax nice to have an update, and its original.

Although I'd have Noobs Incorporated as Storm. Hi Iso, and Likasil. :)


well i enjoyed it, thought it was quite funny, well done,.
Shame the newspaper seems to have died.


Tmax that was a nice top 8 for a change-very interesting indeed.



Very nice top 8...
Onde thing i dont understand though is the hate on gold players...
Isnt gold an legal opcion?
So why the hate?


Good Top 8 Tmax. I like the X-men theme. Very good. Next we can list 3 player names and do: Fight one, F#$% one, Marry one.


1 -The Syndicate - Pushing Wigs back in the lower core. SWIM

2 -New Toon Alliance - Living the Thug life. SWIM

3 -The Brotherhood - Styling and profiling all over O44. SWIM

4 -The Barbarians - Rocky Balboa, they just keep getting back up... SWIM

5 -Noobs Incorporated - Bearing significant fruit. SWIM

6 -Team Harlock - Jet-Flying, Limousine-Riding, Cast-Iron rimpeople. SWIM

7 -Transient Drifters - Showing folk the hands. SWIM

8 -The Bloody Axe - Cracking Skulls at the top table. SWIM

9 -Chosen Elites - Clapping-up O35 SWIM

10 - The Resistance - Teak-tough fishermen and goat-herders?..SWIM

Yes, I'm bored and farming :p

Could someone please do a real top 12 for those of us less enlightened as to what's going on behind the Stats?

Is there any big Wars brewing or has everyone pacted to fight the top alliance?