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Game Of Thrones top 5


The Syndicate- House Lannister

Cunning and rich. Mungus aka Tywin Lannister has been able to rally the house and defend their top spot in this game. With players like Ares (the mountain) Chad (Jaime Lannister) and Chill (Tyrion lannister, the midget)..Balrog (JOffrey Lannister, rich kid with gold) ....they have taken some blows recently losing their first battle in ages. A crack in the wall of this powerhouse. No need to worry though, their intimidating players still persuades some other houses to stay loyal to their agenda.


Toons Crew House Targaryen

A force, delayed momentarily by elites of another house.

We came to free the server of the stranglehold the Lannisters have on the throne.


The Barbarians House Stark

Nothing builds up character better than those hard times. House Stark been there and saw that. Still alive roaming this earth searching for dead walkers to kill and doing it the honorable way.


The BrotherHood House Greyjoy

Led by Titus and

Penaldo (Reek)


These are great fighters with a few misfits that got caught up in Lannister mind games. Great players here a few bad apples brought them unnecessary problems.


Noobs Inc House Tyrell

A powerful house well respected across the land. Sexy women, powerful fighters. Flavor crew with a swag.

....I'll do the rest later. respect to those that put time to do a full top 12...or the newspaper...this stuff takes forever.


Well done Tmax.......that was enjoyable. Now please get back to building us some cities.
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A nasty poison has spread across "Noobs" - expect a significant down-turn in their top 12 ratings