Top 12 alliances

Discussion in 'World Omicron (en15)' started by firelord0001, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Morena2187

    Morena2187 Phrourach

    Apr 13, 2012
    Hummm... I own you all lol, no one can mess with me and their cities survive! Lmao.
  2. The Grand Inquisitor

    The Grand Inquisitor Phrourach

    Jun 24, 2011
    uhuh thats why i have been messing with you for ages and the last time i touched a nerve a you lost your cool, well you never were cool but you get my point
  3. Murtius

    Murtius Guest

    Morena thank you for your input also thank you for proving my point :p
  4. cb627cb627

    cb627cb627 Guest

    I concede your point that Murty is a hapless noob, who couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

    But I am wondering, what is a "peddle stool"?
  5. Wannabee

    Wannabee Guest

    How come i have survived having your almost entire alliance try me and fail miserably?Even though you guys outnumbered me 15 to 1. and that happened against a person who admittedly only sims Omicron due to my involvement on Pi. Careful who all you include in your delusional comments because it can get you into trouble.

    also the term is "pedestal" no peddle stool lol.
  6. Murtius

    Murtius Guest

    Thank you Dave Chappelle, but in future you should probably should read the post properly before posting as I don't think that's what she meant. So replies like this just make you look petty but I guess looking petty is a lot better than your usual image of been a hypocritical, jealous little boy.
  7. cb627cb627

    cb627cb627 Guest

    It was a joke Murty, don't be such a noob.
  8. Murtius

    Murtius Guest

    As was my "Dave Chappelle" remark, perhaps the reference is lost on you but I thought it was quite funny.
  9. bcae

    bcae Guest

    Wow, why don't you two just fight it out, I mean for reals, like for reals for reals. lol
  10. J.n.c 93

    J.n.c 93 Strategos

    Aug 28, 2010

    It's the manly girl who thinks shes all that. Wow look at you, beg. You're nothing but all mouth and yes I am the original mosevej who gave you my piece in TF. Nothing but a big show off, but then again what is there to show off about when you struggle to defend yourself. Look at your poor stats, can't even grow properly...

    You can't even stand up to my friend who recently took over my account that is 50k, you, TF and Alpha can't bring him down, even with your big mouth, nothing but a silly girl. You call CN noobs but they were already organised enough to take TF + Alpha cities as grepostats shows before some EVO players joint them, as there stats show, they grow positively, they work as a team to gain island by island when invading. Don't get me wrong The Force is a promising alliance but is only a pawn to Alpha, TF would be great, only YOU bring it down, stupid girl. I don't see why Erik has you, an untamed b.itch of a dog who can't control her feelings on a game, it's just a game, calm the hell down, knob.

    If you're such a great player and no one can "mess with you" then why have you lose countless cities. If you were that great, then you would be well over double your ingame points. I know better but similar players like you, players that can actually BACK UP there threats and over-confidence, players who are worse than you being cocky like my friend JCC;

    Thats his stats, unlike you, he is worse with bad mouthing but has proven to show that he can back up being cocky. You are nothing but a little girl constantly on her time of month. Or WAIT, are you a boy who recently had a sex change? I'll look forward to your reply, trust me I'll just tear you apart on here.

    Do us a favor and shutup, biatch.

    And hello people, you can call me James, the original founder of United warriors now known as Cosa Nostra. Wish I stayed but RL was calling, I like to check up on the forums :)
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2012
  11. Mosert

    Mosert Guest

    James!! I always admired your leadership of TE and take down of BA. I recently joined CN and found that you had organized most of the forums and knew that I was in a good place. What I want to know is why not come back? I think you have been playing in Valor and I would really like to fight along side, you one of the legends of grepolis.
  12. J.n.c 93

    J.n.c 93 Strategos

    Aug 28, 2010
    Good to see you mosert, I was playing in Valor but I quit, retired but it is so tempting for me to come back haha, how is things? Glad to see you are in CN :)
  13. Mosert

    Mosert Guest

    It seems that the world had given up the ghost in the south so it is easy going right now, although many of the strongest most active players are on VM, so we will see what happens when they return.
  14. W*Arms

    W*Arms Guest

    Mosert I have been out for a while, please tell me how come you joined CN and the side of Evo?
  15. Mosert

    Mosert Guest

    message me IG.
  16. bcae

    bcae Guest

    ewwww, secrets secrets, lol.
  17. Mosert

    Mosert Guest

    Not really, I sent a MM to all of the members of Alpha. I just don't feel like explaining it yet again on here.
  18. bcae

    bcae Guest

    I know why, I was more so just making a joke. :)
  19. notguilty

    notguilty Phrourach

    Apr 6, 2011
    1 Evolution - biased so will let other comment
    2 Grimm Sleepers- great alliance and seems to be on the upswing
    3 Murder Inc. - tougher than I thought
    4 THE ANCIENTS - not sure what they r doing
    5 Alpha - game over for them
    6 Little Brother - same as 5 from what I can tell
    7 Defiled Forest - decided to sit out WW not sure what their plans are could be the same as 5 and 6
    8 Lost Boys - sat out ww but with only 13 player maybe a good decision -seem like a tough 13 reminds me of 10 man army
    9 Cosa Nostra - I think they r underrated
    10 Grimm 300 - dont know much
    11 The Syndicate - dont know much
    12 The Force - who cares? JK :p, I think they r starting to fight CN, we will se how that turns out
    13 Omicron Alliance - never heard much from them, but recently was attacked by them, not much to speak about but better than the Alpha attacks
  20. r3dfox82

    r3dfox82 Guest

    Thanks for the update notguilty. Seems to be a lot of new alliances.