Top 12 Alliances


Ok lets have everyone put their opinions of the top 12 alliances here, the point is to get peoples point of views not turn it into an insult match between Incubi and AL etc.

Aetolian League:

The Ecstatic Escapades:


Strength of Honor:

The Great Indian Empire:

United Warriors:

Alliance X:

The Exalted:

Assault Squad Prime:

Eastern Republic:

Veni Vidi Vici:

Not For Pussycats:


Aetolian League: My new alliance, known them for some time now, have good solid leadership and a clear target, averages arnt as high as other alliances such as TEE + Inc but still higher than most and made up of good active players.

The Ecstatic Escapades: A good alliance, again solid leadership, direction seems a bit random i see dribs and drabs around the place but a good alliance and very aggressive, timing just as good as Incubi from King Hice and Huskey.

Incubi: In a way the real number 1 alliance of Pi, the only let down being lack of numbers however this hasn't stopped them being the best alliance around for some time controlling several core oceans.

Strength of Honor: Have done better than expected, haven't seen too much from them would be great to see on a map their positions.

The Great Indian Empire: Again another alliance that has done well despite it's high numbers, sometimes i sense a slight lack of organization but so far so good.

United Warriors: Sorry don't know these.

Alliance X: Big hype but still haven't seen or heard much hopefully the months to come will see them grow and give TEE a challenge.

The Exalted: Only come across a couple players seem good enough, need some more time.

Assault Squad Prime: The new veroxial? Seem to do well and keep growing, again don't hear much from these new allies of mine :)

Eastern Republic: Who sorry?

Veni Vidi Vici: Respected players or atleast in my eyes, stubborn to the very end always have and always will be close allies of mine, hope they keep doing well.

Not For Pussycats: A small but getting to be almost elite alliance got some really good members and some others, again would be nice to know about these guys!


Aetolian League: doomed

The Ecstatic Escapades: murder

Incubi: murder

Strength of Honor: mra?

The Great Indian Empire mra?:

United Warriors: who?

Alliance X: hype?

The Exalted: dead

Assault Squad Prime: love the profile

Eastern Republic: lol

Veni Vidi Vici: surviving

Not For Pussycats: working on murder


Aetolian League: An all around good alliance.

The Ecstatic Escapades: Don't know much about them :/

Incubi: Mostly SC from world Beta. I don't see them as having the same values as they did on Beta and seem to be doing well for themselves.

Strength of Honor: I haven't heard about these guys much.

The Great Indian Empire: Have been around since the start of Pi. I didn't expect them to amount to much but they have. Good job!

United Warriors: Much respect for these guys right here. Tanks25 is the man!

Alliance X:...who?

Don't know any of the other alliances :p


Aetolian League: An allice on the verge of collapse. Once one of the best, but have run into the wrecking-crew of incubi

The Ecstatic Escapades: A vary good alliance with many vary good players

Incubi: The best alliance in Pi made up of many of the most dedicated players in Pi

Strength of Honor: A decent alliance for the numbers of members.

The Great Indian Empire: See above

United Warriors: ?

Alliance X: With a later start in the world they are bringing in expert players in from Theta. An alliance to watch.

The Exalted: Made up of ex-enth members that stayed loyal to the cause of enth and there allies.

Assault Squad Prime: the new and improved Vexorial

Eastern Republic: Infamous reborn :p

Veni Vidi Vici: A samll group of tightly knit players in the core.

Not For Pussycats: shpiller and crew. a strong attacking unit lead by on of the best attackers in Pi.


aetolian league - good players and far from the dead i keep hearing.

TEE - getting it easy for now

incubi - pain in the @ss, good players good guys

SOH - do they have a centre?

TGIE - time will tell once incubi come calling

united warriors - who? only a matter of time

alliance x - growing rapidly, i think tee better watch out

the exalted - do they ever fight, good builders:)

assault squad prime - tredding water, throw together of whos who

eastern republic - get real and go try sim city

vvv - first surrounded by etd, mg and AL now incubi, till the end

not for pussycats - good players but need an enemy


we were in etd for like 2 days or something and sasa back stabbed us, we left and they folded. i was meaning before we merged but she/he broke the deal.


Now there's a joke - "The Great Empire Indian" derpaderpderp duh derpity derrrrrrrrrrr

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United Warriors at currently at war with Assault Squad Prime and im happy to say that the question mark alliance of Pi seems to be winning ;) This is my first post im happy haha

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See theres a problem, it seems the cup is empty. Think it needs a refill so when its full let me know. And I will keep you updated on the war when im no longer banned :) 2 more days to go and still going strong ^-^

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This Forum is way to quiet. Lets start getting our opinions up again!

The Ecstatic Escapades- Well they kinda came from nowhere. They brothers to Incubi and own ocean 45 and 46 and most are number 1 for a reason, that reason being they are good.

AL- well I have little to say here, they are a top dog in my opinion, they own ocean 44 and they are to strong. This alliance will be in the top 12 for a pretty long time.

SoH- They are in ocean 46 but with TEE there they could disappear pretty quickly there. In 34 I see them having a pretty good future. They are 2nd right now but ASP will soon fall, well i will get to that later in the list. thats all i need to say about SoH. GL to them.

Incubi- Well I am fairly confused about them. Number 2 alliance was doing well until they got into a war with AL. They are 4th now and im uncertain that they will stay in the top 12 for a long time. I dont know much bought them but AL seems to be winning that war. They do however control ocean 55 so thats there best bet, to stay away from AL and stay safe in Ocean 55.

TGIE- I know little to nothing about them. I dont know who they are at war with cause they seem quiet ATM but i could be wrong. They are located in ocean 53 mainly where they have complete domination. the nearest alliance to them in that ocean is a sad 2 millions points away and isnt even in the top 12 so they are fine where they are and if they have good leadership they will last awhile.

Alliance X- Im not a fan to be honest. There seems to be an alliance X in every world but if it works it works. Located mostly in ocean 35 they seem to be solid and most likely will get into the top 5 soon.

United Warriors- My alliance. We are number one in ocean 33 but our strong hold is in ocean 43 where we pwn our enemies and we are in some of ocean 34 but ASP controls that and the war between us have caused loses on both sided in ocean 34 so right now ocean 34 and 44 are the 2 biggest oceans for this war. We are also a dominate alliance and will make it into the top 5 after we crush ASP.

Eastern Republic- Wow im shocked at this number 8 spot. I remember this alliance as a 300k points but some how they never stopped or gave up and made it a long way. For this reason I like this alliance and in my opinion its my second favorite but my alliance is my favorite. They are located in ocean 56 at number 1 but TEE is close behind them so i see a war breaking between the 2 alliance later on but we will see. And also in 56 The Exalted are in 3rd and not 2 far behind. This ocean will have some serious action later with 3 big alliances all in that one ocean.
The Exalted- Dont know anything about them except that they are in ocean 56. To be honest I dont expect them to go far and I think they will lose there spot in the top 12 soon. They are ranked 17th in BP's though so i dont know or think they are at war with anyone.

ASP- This alliance has had some members leave or hit that vacation mode button lately due tot he war with UW but I think they are a good alliance and they have a good strong hold in ocean 34 but after the war with UW i dont expect them to be around much longer.

VVV- I see them going nowhere but down. Half there alliance located in ocean 54 where AL and TGIE are both strong in. They are 3rd in that ocean and after AL finishes the war with Incubi they will get bored soon enough and VVV is going down.

Rache Federation- Who? They are going down as much as VVV. Their main ocean is 65 and they are 3rd there. They dont belong in the top 12 at all but if they got there then they got there. I expect them to be over throne by someone such as Eastern Republic.
They are my opinion. Enjoy and post some of your thoughts on the alliances. And dont take offense to these opinions they are just my thoughts so dont take it personally


Incubi- Well I am fairly confused about them. Number 2 alliance was doing well until they got into a war with AL. They are 4th now and im uncertain that they will stay in the top 12 for a long time. I dont know much bought them but AL seems to be winning that war. They do however control ocean 55 so thats there best bet, to stay away from AL and stay safe in Ocean 55.
you seem to have some things confused here little boy..

Incubi is doing just fine..we've had a couple people leave the alliance due to rl and unknown issues..just as AL has had some people perma vm..

perhaps ill just point you to the stats and leave it at that..
we haven't lost a city to AL in months, while taking many from them our numbers are small so we aren't number 1 statistically but since you're "confused about them" perhaps you should pay us a visit..we like bp :)

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Sorry like i said im just commenting on what i see. I see incubi falling and i though the worst. Just me making observations. AL isnt falling back though so we will see wont we? GL in the war and dont take it so seriously cause im just saying my first thoughts.


rankings mean nothing im just enlightening your line of sight...perhaps you should look at stats before you say we are falling?

don't take it personally, i didnt either..its just ignorant to judge without looking at all the stats..all my point