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Surabaya Jenny

Just sad to see every single alliance in the top 12 has got an academy/sister alliance except for Final Boss. Not even talking about all the pacts they got going
Hm, you are contradicting yourself... I think you should read your own ally profile once in a while:

All ur base r belong 2 us
Recruitment is closed, contact our academies Unwritten Legacy or Unwritten.Legacy for an invite.
Everything else, pm Admiral Naji.
Very funny, indeed. However, not very inventive. And you forgot to use [irony]...[/irony] tags in your profile LOL. Several players have asked us to provide them with a spot in our "Mother alliance" FB incase we don't have a free spot. So far we are still waiting for the worst players to apply for a spot in FB so we can send them over to you, where they belong.


Digital Mystikz

just to spice up the forum a little bit... here's another Genius with an IQ at room temperature who doesn't have the guts to sign his neg reps:

One of your members I guess, Fist?
Looking at the neg reps given to fist and myself

Clearly there's only one alliance who finds satisfaction in giving out neg reps. Oh well, to each their own

And i'm glad you're handling our recruitment, we received a lot less messages asking for an invite

pflug jason

hey i havent had a negitive rep in a while, naji feel free bro i know you cant resit me ;)


All righty im going to do one of these these just cos i can. As a note, this will be based on my limited if not non existential knowledge of the current state of diplomacy of alliances in the top 12. Oh btw warning, Wall of text incoming.

#1: Unwritten Legacy
Points: 1642431
Avg Points: 44390
ABP (#1) 409197
TBP (#1) 602334

So the current top dogs of Carphi and at a glance convincingly so. They do have a branch alliance with worse stats (or as i like to call the B team) but with the alliance cap set at 40 members that sits them in the nice 60-80 member range which is ideal for an alliance. Positioin wise they are surrounded on all sides by other alliances (and from what i hear fighting most of them) but based on my low opinion of most other alliances I only see that as more reason why these guys will continue do be on top. More guys to kill = more ABP which = more cultural spots and thus more cities. Also a couple of names here i recognise so i have confidence they will continue to do well.

#2: I.C.K.
Points: 1406094
Avg Points: 37002
ABP (#5) 251945
TBP (#5) 431552

Our rank 2 alliance of Carphi with its own branch alliance (which as a note has abysmal stats to note unlike say Unwritten.Legacy for example). Stat wise they have alot of points but their ratio of ABP to DBP is concerning. They are on the ABP boards in 5th place so they by no means are weak but considering their neighbours are significantly better in that regard i worry for their future. They seem like a sheep with wolves for neighbours. For the time being i'm sure they will do fine but for the long run i can see these guys dropping of as the server goes on.

Points: 1402272
Avg Points: 35057
ABP (#3) 355463
TBP (#3) 478970

Seems to be quite a decent alliance but like I.C.K they have a garbage branch alliance so they get -1 in my books there. Basically at a glance i would say these guys are like I.C.K but better, same position, similar neighbours but these guys have a respectable ABP score so they know what they are doing it seems. I have confidence that this alliance will be around for sometime, even if they end up loosing wars they fight they wont be dropping out of the top 12 anytime soon.

#4: Final Boss
Points: 1385379
Avg Points: 38483
ABP (#2) 359470
TBP (#2) 508001

Out of the top 12 alliances these guys are my favourite. They don't have any branch alliances but boy do i love that running gag on their alliance profile: "Recruitment is closed, contact our academies Unwritten Legacy or Unwritten.Legacy for an invite." As far as stats go these guys are in my books the clear #2 alliance of Carphi.
Strong performance across the board and a pretty sweet position being based on the far edge of the core ocean 55. Plenty of room to grow and expand without worrying coming into conflict with an alliance that would pose a problem to them like Unwritten legacy, overall, the best position out of any top 12 alliance imo (that being said if Unwritten legacy ends up killing all their neighbours then their one is better cos dayum son, that bp :p). Out of all the alliances i have looked at this one has the most familiar names in it and i can say with great confidence that these guys will be around for a long time and will continue to kick .

#5: Tiger Tank
Points: 1017780
Avg Points: 31806
ABP (#4) 267383
TBP (#4) 466760

Hmm seems to be a trend here, main alliance seems okish but they feel the need to tack on a garbage branch alliance. So at a glance stat wise look strong enough but it seems they got Final boss as a neighbour, but hey, there's always a silver lining, at least they know they have a great future of dbp farming ahead of them. I honestly don't really have much to say at this point about them other than they seem to very much like I.C.K

MC's Thoughts: At this point we see some trends going on in this world for the top alliances. There are three catagories, Alliances that did a branch alliance correctly, Alliance with no branch alliance and alliance with a branch alliance doing it incorrectly. Option three seems to be the most popular as the go to cookie cutter cutout style which people go to as default. Will this trend continue as we go down the rankings? Lets find out!

#6: Anunnaki
Points: 993668
Avg Points: 26856
ABP (#8) 203323
TBP (#6) 382087

Stats wise nothing impressive here but nothing terrible either. A tad bit low on ABP but considering they don't have a branch alliance ill let that slide :p. However their alliance profile compared to their ABP definitely makes them sound like their bark is worse than their bite so bite someone already and rip an arm off. Untill you do that and prove ya selves you will always just be a middle of the pack alliance. However i have hopes that they will step their game up and be something better in the future

#7: Rising Tide
Points: 993477
Avg Points: 27597
ABP (#6) 233240
TBP (#7) 335085

Hmm, based on AC04's map are these guys and Oceans veterans the same group or are they just allies? Intertwined as well as Unwritten Legacy and their branch are. (i'm going to go and call that these guys and Oceans Veterans will merge in the future now though). Stats wise not bad Their highest ranking is their ABP so they get a +1 for that. Could be something decent over time so i'll reserve judgement for now.

Points: 969833
Avg Points: 26940
ABP (#7) 218502
TBP (#8) 300174

Pretty much the same as Rising Tide. Not really all that much to differentiate the two in my books so like Rising tide ill reserve judgment for now.

#9: Unwritten.Legacy
Points: 894844
Avg Points: 23549
ABP(#9) 180026
TBP (#9) 288880

Same as Unwritten Legacy but if you are going to do a branch alliance this is how you bloody do it. Every alliance that has a branch here's some advice. Either copy these guys or bite the bullet and cut the weak already.

#10: Silent Assassins
Points: 856618
Avg Points: 21415
ABP (#10) 173799
TBP (#11) 256972

Hmm, Honestly not much for me to go with these guys. They are in the core but they are very much lacking compared to other core alliances. I'm just going to say that they will continue to exist and may do ok over time but honestly i think the more likely situation will be they merge with their neighbours as the world goes on, will they merge into or vice versa or will something new occur? that is the only question about these guys that i find interesting. EDIT:These guys seem to have a branch alliance so the chance they will do well and/or merge in the future went down drastically upon seeing this.

#11: Monkey Business.
Points: 847313
Avg Points: 22298
ABP (#11) 162676
TBP (#10) 257713

Pretty much the same as Silent Assassins but they are right next to Final Boss so they will have a bit of a tougher time.

Points: 804108
Avg Points: 33505
ABP (#12) 162089
TBP (#12) 251799

Looking at the stats i was initially thinking oh yea, these guys look pretty cool, low member count, decent stats but then i looked around and realised they don't have just one Branch alliance but two. Well if they want to be the best at something being the biggest MRA is prob the only thing going for them so you know what, Good on ya, Keep doing what you do. Just a heads up, 9/10 times it doesn't work.

So that's my opinions on the top 12 all here. I hope you all enjoy and i know a ton of ya are going to disagree and to you all, shut up and prove me wrong already :p
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Was fair, parts were bang on. OV/RT will not merge and will not fight either. Make of that what you will but a lot of the server has played with/along side/against most of us in both alliances before.

All in all, best top 12 of the server to date.


Anunnaki aren't alone. They may not have a "branch alliance" but they have a heap of pacts. There was at least 3 alliances supporting a siege on one player on this server today. Siege was killed as expected but highlighting their ability to pact with everyone and still bleed cities daily.


Anunnaki aren't alone. They may not have a "branch alliance" but they have a heap of pacts. There was at least 3 alliances supporting a siege on one player on this server today. Siege was killed as expected but highlighting their ability to pact with everyone and still bleed cities daily.
Interesting to note. That definitely brings my opinion of them down a notch. My hopes of them having potential just went up in smoke.


Anunnaki aren't alone. They may not have a "branch alliance" but they have a heap of pacts. There was at least 3 alliances supporting a siege on one player on this server today. Siege was killed as expected but highlighting their ability to pact with everyone and still bleed cities daily.
We(Anunnaki) have 1 pact to the north and 1 to the south. my friends from other alliances support me because i ask them to. and considering our location in the middle of all the and surrounded by red i think we r doing just fine. its only been 2 months
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Bahahahahaha, I only just read all of the Unwritten Legacy's alliance profile and found this

** You pre-ordered StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void and you're quitting grepo so you're giving up your cities to the better cause (us obviously)

Being a sc2 player myself they get an additional +1 for this. Actually they win in regards to best alliance profile i have decided.