Top 12 Alliances


Lol... You're right. MayMay sounds too much like Mummy anyways


Will do one if you give it a try

1. I'm telling Mummy - SWIM
They have managed to consistently stay ahead of the game, and have a rather solid positioning. To me it looks like their only threat would be getting sandwiched by the alliances around them. That's just my opinion though.

2. Mayhem - SWIM
Just looking at the map, they seem to be spreading like some kind of cancer. Intrigued as to whether they might take on more than they could handle some day in the future; otherwise I see them as potentially being one of the stronger of alliances in terms of aggressiveness.

3. Infernal Abyss - SWIM
From the looks of it they are claiming as much border as possible in order to reserve as much space as they can for the future (just what it looks like to me). In the end they seem very organized both in a tactical and diplomatic sense.

4. Mayhem Incarnate - ACADEMY
-No Comment-

5. Still telling mummy - ACADEMY
-No Comment-

Although my alliance I will judge without bias. As of the moment I feel as if HEROES is strong, and bonded. However I see a potential for a tad bit more seriousness when it comes to diplomatic situations in the far future. Personally I feel we will make it quite far.

7. The Exiles - SINK
They seem to have the numbers, but tactically speaking their position on the map looks rather unfortunate. Although clumped together pretty nicely in certain spots, I see them eventually becoming a juicy target some day for the alliances which surround them in the far future.

8. Elysium - FLOAT
Very strong, but probably to much for their own good. Personally I see them becoming a big target, and eventually taking on more than they can handle. Will be waiting to see if they do so.

9. Viridians - FLOAT
This alliance has definitely proven themselves in the recent, and i'm hoping it doesn't get to their heads. Looking at the map it would seem some of them are trailing into Mummy's territory; making that a pattern could be a mistake they will never forget. Honestly look to be in a bit of a pickle if you ask me.

10. Enigma - FLOAT
Diplomatically speaking, I've only seen wise decisions made by this alliance. However in times of battle is where I tend to make judgement of whether an alliance is a float or sink. I feel it may be to early to make a call for this alliance yet.

11. New Order - SINK
Quite honestly don't expect to see a lot come from this alliance, never know though. Just feel like they are really arent going to be in the position to really flourish in the near future.

12. The Danish Exiles - ACADEMY
-No Comment-

Personally I feel that some of these calls I've made may not be entirely correct, as I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to study these alliances to the fullest. Not only that but this is my first time every really analyzing alliances this way for myself, as I just tend to read others opinions of the matter instead. I had fun doing this overall, hopefully none of you are offended by my opinion.

- Z

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1. I'm telling Mummy - SWIM
They are the big dogs currently. See a bright future for them if they keep doing that their doing located in 35/45/55 and now rapidly growing into 34.
2. Mayhem - SWIM
They are currently the most spread out alliance in the world but they are no MRA, they have managed to completely absorb the best from Fratres Proellium and are working on taking cities in 44 and securing their northern oceans (43/53). They currently control 54 but are present in 55/44/43/53.

3. Infernal Abyss -
Oh look we moved up another spot...

4. Mayhem Incarnate - SINK
Like all academies under the new rules.

5. Still telling mummy - SINK
An academy

Doing well in 64 (nearly a million points on a rim ocean) and expanding quickly into 63. I really want to see these guys fight Enigma for 65.

7. The Exiles - FLOAT
Making a last stand in Eastern 44. This war will answer the old age question. Can a tight core with active players fend off the entire world it seems????

8. Elysium - SWIM
They are growing rapidly in 55 and have solid control of 56. Their brazen charge into an ocean shared by the number 1 and number 2 will surely give them tons of battle points and respect but can also be dangerous. They have great ABP for their position. Their strategy reflects our own alliance policy were we went mostly from the rim and charged into 44, (we are now the number one alliance in 44). Their academy also has excellent positioning in 47/57.

9. Viridians - FLOAT
These guys kicked out Elysium who was double their size and has expanded into surrounding oceans at a frightening pace. But controlling 36/46 is not going to be enough. They will have to fight a big war for position. These guys can be potential wildcards but as for now squashed between Elysium and ITM it seems their days are eventually numbered. They seem to be entering 45. Following the same strategy as Elysium and my alliance but they have to tread these waters carefully. Their ABP doesn't leave a good impression of them though. I'm not sure fi their war with Elysium is still going on but their winning 12-3.

10. Enigma - FLOAT
These guys look like an average rim alliance. Their ABP is average and while they used to have above average points per player even that now is average. Depending on how they do with Empire who they seem to be demolishing 10-0. They are based in 65. They like Viridians are a wildcard. Will they break their spell of dullness? Find out next time on Dragonbesembria Z!

11. New Order - SINK
Mayhem is playing these guys like a flute. They are basically repeating the steps they did with Fratres Proellium and these guys have fallen hook line and sinker another alliance going down the drain without even a fight. based in 53 and took a few players in 43, but at this point their the third academy for Mayhem.

12. The Danish Exiles -SINK
Expect them to merge into TE and help them with their final stand.


Yeah at this point i'm just really excited to see how long The Exiles last, and to see how Viridians play their cards. This is a surprisingly intense world to play in, reminds me of the old days somewhat.


Kai, I'm certainly not saying they're not important, clearly they are to those involved in the struggles at the very least. All I'm saying is that it's not obvious which ones of them are likely to become top 12 in the near future - because this is a top 12 thread.

I'm sure in a year's time at least 2 or 3 of them will be in the top 12, and probably some alliances not yet started. Maybe a new thread would be appropriate so that it can stick to the topic of "ones to watch"?
it is very clearly obvious to see which 1 is already top 10 outwith points, and lets face it, some of these so called top 12 have guys with zero (yes 0 zilch nadda nowt) ABP. see ya'll soon, spreading love from above x

Zen Shadow

A proper top 12 would include academies or sister alliances of a main as one unit since they share forums and are one alliance, which would extend that list down into the 20's or so of alliances.

It would be interesting to see an actual analysis of this world, which is still quite young.

Zen Shadow

Might do another top 12 but I want to see Zen Shadow try one also.
I'll take a stab at it. Should be an interesting exercise. Haven't done one for a year or two.

1) Mayhem et al. - Swim -Spanning 5 oceans with 6.4 million points and high fighting ratings.

2) Mummy et al. - Swim - Spanning 4 oceans with 5.9 million points and high fighting ratings.

3) Infernal et al. - Swim - Spanning 3 oceans with 4.1 million points and high fighting ratings in their main alliance.

The top 3 alliances are the main core alliances. O44 seems to be where they all meet. I would expect wars and rumors of war between these large alliances for control of the core oceans.

4) Heroes - Swim - Controlling O64 and expanding into O63 with 1.5 million points and respectable fighting ratings. May have Mayhem pushing east, so we will see how they fare.

5) Viridians - Float - Based in O46, a respectable rim alliance with 1.2 million points. Have Mummy to their north and other alliances interested in O46.

6) Enigma - Float - Based in O65, currently sandwiched between Mayhem and Heroes with hungry rim alliances south and east of them. 1.2 million points.

7) Elysium - Float - Based in O56, decent sized rim alliance. 1.1 million points, probably will see challenges from the north and the other alliances with significant presence in O56 such as Enigma.

8) Drunk et al. - Float - Based in O65/O75, spanning 3 oceans. 1.2 million points between 3 alliances. My alliance, so I won't comment further.

9) Millenium - Float - Spread over 4 oceans with larger alliances around them, but far enough from the core for a float. Part of the mess in O56.

10) Heavenly Kingdom - Sink - Based in O43 and will likely be eaten by the big core alliances.

I think I'll stop at a top 10. There are other notable alliances, some with few players, but high average points such as No Stress in O63 and REPO in O52. However, they will have to grow or merge into a bigger alliance to go the long haul. I believe the top 3 alliances are here to stay for quite a while and we will see numbers 4-9 in the rankings for the immediate future.

Big wars are likely in the Core Oceans, particularly O44 and O55, and the focus of smaller wars seems to be in the O56/O66/O65 region as there are many alliances trying to carve out a base in these oceans.

That's my simple top 10.
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