Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

well too bad

Welcome to my weekly top 12:
Written and published on 23/2
This is a very important statement: My top 12s and newspapers are in no way altered/influenced/directed by ingame forces. Not a single person ingame knows who I am. Please rest assured everything I write is my analysis, what I see, predictions of what may happen, and possible outcomes. Again, I try my best to make these papers unbiased and realistic.

Now to our top 12:
Sorry not sorry/TnT SWIM(2nd BP): Great positioning. Both alliances are well in the domination circle. Doing very well in ocean 55, dominating it. They are crushing adversaries with 0 losses for now. They are running as favorites for now. In O55 they are met by 2 enemies. They are pulverizing waste management. If they manage to eliminate quality over quantity with minimal loses they are going far in this world. I personally think the war between SnS and QoQ will be very interesting and in no way minimal in terms of damages. Finally, easy swim for this alliance.
#2: Anarchaos
SWIM(1st BP): Also great positioning. Literally in the middle of the world, and that is important in the domination end game. No big encounters in wars in the top 12. They are eating up small alliances and they are gaining a big amount of cities. They have had only 1 encounter with an enemy within the top 12 and they very shockingly lost a city to them while also gaining 1. It very well may be inactive but it is still a loss. A clash between them and the vanguard is yet to come. A swim for now, but if they don't start really dominating their ocean like SnS is doing I think there will be problems in the future.
#3: Ghost Division
FLOAT(3rd BP): Not really good positioning. They have a bulk of cities in south 45 and another bulk in north 45. I feel this alliance is being hard carried by a very good group of players at the top and that's it. Almost all their cities is in the domination circle. First in their ocean also and in general it is a calm ocean if compared to its neighbor 55. No big encounters with top 12 enemies also. Only devouring more and more Vanguard. members. There haven't been any war with contenders of O45 like Spiritum Sancti or The Invited. They lost one city to the latter but probably another inactive. In the end I would give this team an easy float and a very prosperous future if they fix their positioning and drop their dead weight.
#4/5: Lions Pride/The Meerkats
FLINK(10-11 BP): Flink is in between Float and Sink. They are fighting over this position with Gone fishing. Bad positioning, way too spread over 54. VERY BAD BP ratio. They haven't encountered big stuff only small eatings here and there. I didn't give them a sink because alliances in 54 aren't that great if a good premade froup drops in it could dominate. I am not sure if there will be a power play that will make them Swim but seams if they continue like this they will sink.
#4/5: Gones Fishing
FLINK(6th BP): Flink is in between Float and Sink. Same as above for ocean placement. They have worse positioning than Lions pride. They have very few controlled islands. As individuals, they have multiple strong individuals. I think their best option, for now, is to fill in the gaps or else next week they will lose a lot of cities. Again strong roast weak placement. Good clash with Hakuna for now which is a good sign again. They are very close to a full float-weak Swim.
#6: The Vanguard/ The Vanguard.
SINK(7th BP): I will keep sinking them till they drop their sister. I will not address the sister because it is an MRA that already sunk and is performing very badly. Not a bad positioning in 44. They are beside anarchaos and that isn't great news. No major clashes, only skirmishes here and there. Lost a city to GD and another AnA. They are doing normally in BP standards almost matching both placements. If they drop sister and beef up their BP they will become a strong float and possibly a Swim. But it still depends how well they do when AnA comes for them.
#7: Hakuna Matata/Hakuna Deux
SINK(5th BP): Bad positioning. They have full 2-3 islands that are at the far borders. this is not a good placement for domination. Very spread extending from north 44-south 44. If either Vanguard or AnA start hitting them they are done for. They have high BP because they are being pounded heavily don't let that deceive you. If they retreat and regroup north it would do them a lot of good.
#8: Spirtum Sancti
FLOAT(8th BP): Good Positioning, bad placement. You may wonder how that may happen. Well they are very tight. Their presence is very strong in south 45. BUT they are far from the center and may lose a couple cities/islands outside of Domination circle. No major clashes with top 12 except eating the same food as GD, and when that is done the real stuff will go down. Like many alliances above only top players carrying the weight of others. Their war with GD will be very interesting. BP and point rankings match. If they don't drop dead weight focus they will probably go to FLINK then SINK.
#9: Scruffies
FLOAT(14th BP): Same as SS for positioning and placement. Tight in north 54 but too far. They will need to move west into Ocean 44 if they want action or push south to mid 54. This alliance may surprise us and be the dominator of 54. Not big things going on here. If they start eating up Hakuna they may be a very solid swim.
#10: Quality over Quantity
SWIM(9th BP): VERY solid positioning. Well inside the domination circle. Right beside SnS and I believe they are equally trading hits with them. Pretty good roster with a couple of strong players on it. I can't but believe this will be one of the bloodiest wars next week. (I will post top 3 wars at the end) Almost matching their BP point rankings. They haven't lost a city to SnS but still didn't gain anything. Eating what food is available but also when the food is done the fight will come. Very solid swim although in the lower ranks.
#11: Waste management
SINKKK(4th BP): they are being destroyed! SnS is completely dominating them QoQ will soon join and help finish them off. Their good players should drop and join another alliance. This will be off the top 12 in a day or two.
#12: Hellfury phoenix
FLOAT(17th BP): NEW ENTRY, this alliance entered the ocean of death. Another competitor in O55. They are very close/overlapping with QoQ. Lost a city to SnS but that isn't big. Excited to see what these later droppers will do and will they be able to survive the ocean of death.

Top 3 wars next week: this shouldn't be hear but it looks really exciting so I had to add it
SnS X QoQ this will be just amazing to witness
GD X SS didn't clash until now and tension building up with food near ending
AnA X Vanguard pretty close positions, will Vanguard surprise everyone and stand head to head with AnA or will it flop?

In ocean 54 it is a free for all so that won't be super interesting.
No Quality over Quanity can't take a city without using bots .But seen they are friends with the mods they are allowed to get away with it allegedly.
Its funny how the great players always finish second below us
Don't worry Timmit you won that award months ago .
I might be one of the smallest players in No quality .
But i can hold my head high .
I didnt need to cheat to get where i am unlike you and some of the others .