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Though wonders are a stupid way to measure a war game, I've enjoyed playing with such an amazing group of people and fighting against a damn good alliance. For where we were and what we were, Black Ships put up a good fight in the first go round but RA won and earned every bit of it. A lot of people said the world was done, people were giving up, etc. and I'm just proud we kept on as a team and happy so many others in the world decided to stick around. Black Ships overcame the terminal vacation players on wonders, immediate inactives after RA won, a player who decided to leave who knocked down every level 10 we had built and succeeded in retaking those cities despite some RA support, rebuilding the level 10s we had, taking 4 RA cities and holding a 5th, defending all wonder cities, and knocking down and moving two wonders entirely we didn't control any more because of the above mentioned things. So if we hang on here, even though the burger king crown may be second hand, I'm super proud of the people who helped us get them. It wasn't pretty, often tense, but we got this far the hard way. I'm greatful to have learned so much about the game from so many people in this world and look forward to working with and if must be fighting against everyone that stuck around.

I still think there's life left in this world for some fun...just saying...
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Glad to have been part of this effort Timmy. Took awhile but we got there eventually. :)


It's official, we took the crown. Congrats to us all, Black Ships!