Top 12 Top 12 Helio


They could do that too I suppose. But I'm assuming they're shooting to win the world. Which means getting more cities. These people provide the most cities.
True. That is one way to go.

Other way, its to go head to head with probably the group that has the most chances, and try to hold them down when the WW start.

Who knows what they will decide :)
So again Bedtime Squad + heartless + OE have the most towns right now and highest score if they do wonders together. Plus who knows what else will be added.

They're also losing lots of towns. It's a feeding frenzy. but we both know, I'll always take the easy towns first. Who knows, maybe they'll agree with you. :)
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crazy cowboy

I would just like it to be known I’m in VM bc I’m in vacation in real life and wanted to enjoy the Rocky Mountains without using technology. Not because I gave up or lost faith. And so are (or recently were) a few other TP members. You may be able to beat us, but we don’t hide. ;)

King Soos

Also Smilodon sounds kinda like you’re scared of OS ;) (not that I have room to talk but nobody else is saying it so I might as well)
yes OS are very scary especially the players who snipe their own cs's


(have no idea how u show reports on externals)

bare in mind all that support is the player sending the cs