Top 12 Top 12 - Predictions

For the current top 12 (21/09/2019):
Top 1. Magister Mortalis (=)
Top 2. Bedtime Squad (=)
Top 3. Just For Laughs
Top 4. The Peoples Champs (=)
Top 6. Send Nukes (+2)
Top 7. The Peoples Champions
Top 8. Les Fantomes
Top 9. Hell-Hounds
Top 10. Mickey Suicide
Top 11. Caveman (-5)
Top 12. Classy Red
For the current top 12 (02/10/2019):
Top 1. Just For Laughs (+2)
Top 2. Bedtime Squad (=)
Top 3. Send Nukes (+3)
Top 4. The Peoples Champs (=)
Top 6. -Dominis Inferni-
Top 7. Classy Red (+5)
Top 8. Spamtime Squad
Top 9. Madness
Top 10. TW-Shadow
Top 11. The Peoples Champions (-4)
Top 12. Just for Giggles

Previous top 12 alliances:
Magister Mortalis
Les Fantomes
MIckey Suicide

New top 12 alliances:
-Dominis Inferni-
Spamtime Squad (sister)
Just for Giggles

This time 5 got demoted and 5 got promoted.
Is JFL and BS mass recruiting people? It sure looks like it. Inno gives us a world of 34 alliance cap, what do we do? We create sisters, so far:
Spamtime Squad - 18 Bedtime Squad - 30
Just for Giggles - 12 Just For Laughs - 34
*Dominis Inferni* - 21 -Dominis Inferni- - 28
The Peoples Champions - 15 THE PEOPLES CHAMPS - 34
5 alliances = 240 players


Top 10 was always one of favorite posts and i am sad to see externals so deserted. so lets go

1)JFL & JFG. top alliance in points and bp. doing really well against their enemies. winning 27-11 against BS and SS, not serious interactions against TPC/TPC where score is 1-0 in favor, 3-0 against SN, they massacre DI 46-1, 6-0 against CR, 2-0 TWS and 2-0 against madness. O45 losing 6-0 against my alliances (BlackZC and BalcansZC). One of the best alliances which will fight to win dom. swim

2)SN. the second alliance in points but not doing so well in abp/dbp. not alot of interaction against JFl/JFG 0-3 and BS/SS 0-2, not at all with BZC/BZC and TWS, doing great against TPC/TPC 41-1, 6-0 against DI, 3-0 against madness and 3-0 CR. they seem to to me that they have focused only against one alliance and avoid skirmishes with the top alliances so we cant make certain conclusions. caution is good however the fact that they are not bold is against them. float

3)BS/SS. third in points but second in abp/dbp. losing against JFL/JFG 11-27, 0-2 against SN, 2-0 against BZC/BZC but those cities were friendly hand over, 17-7 against TPC/TPC, not real interactions with DI 1-0 and madness 0-1, not at all with TWS and they massacre CR 50-0. they need to balance their score agianst the 1st alliance and they have chances. swim

4)BZC/BZC. my alliance is 4th in everything. 4-0 against CR,no interactions with TWS, 14-1 madness, 5-0 DI, no interactions with BS/SS, 3-0 TPC/TPC, nothing with SN and 6-0 the top alliance. winning all wars so far but truth is that we havent faced real challenges so far. swim

5)TPC/TPC. SN is annihilating them 1-41, 0-3 against BZC , 7-17 against BS /SS, doing great against CR 34-1, not having interactions with TWS JFL/JFG 0-1 and madness 1-0, 14-0 against DI. i see no chances for something good from them. sink

6)DI. they are having bad times with JFL/JFG 1-46, lose 0-6 from SN, 0-1 BS/SS, 0-5 BZC/BZC, 0-14 against TPC/TPC, 3-0 against madness and no interactions with TWS and CR. no chances at all. sink

7)madness. 0-2 from JFl/JFG and BS/SS, 0-3 against SN and DI, 1-14 against BZC/BZC, 1-0 TPC/TPC, 0-5 from TWS and winning 11-0 CR. winter is coming so better go for skiing guys. sink

8)TWS. almost half of their cities are on O43. this is domination guys, not WW where an alliance even in O99 had theoretically chances to win crown by simming. logically dom will take place only in O44,45,54,55. dont understand what you keep playing. sink.

9)BS/SS. see n3

10)CR. 0-6 from JFL/JFG, 0-3 from SN, 0-50 from BS/SS, 0-4 from BZC/BZC, 1-34 from TPC/TPC, no interactions with DI and TWS and 0-11 from madness. winning just 1 city against the the rest top 10 alliances needs a lot of effort to accomplish. sink


mate this is what numbers show. that so far you have found a victim and beat him to death and not doing anything else with other alliances