Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?


its not only about 135, but majority of revolt worlds simply because they know they can sleep for 8 full hrs and still defend normally and i respect that especially now when i need to work and sleep normally lol


Our boy @War Angel has finally grown up and learned how to send spam congrats bud

Tnx!! :D i am and will always continue to be a Legend! Be safe guys and you know just take it easy you dont have to be in here playing Grepo for 24h watch something i like Anime Naruto,am currently watching One Piece that was reccomended by a good friend here in Grepo site is GogoAnime but has a lot of popups with Virus but your Virus defended can deal with it i think.

maybe stream Farscape or some other show live life damnit! :)

Thank you for the Wonderful time i had fun happy i met some really good players/friends.

Tnx to Fiasco i guess for keeping up with me and all lol :D guess you guys in some way are Cool( i admit it) :D


i am and will always continue to be a Legend!



cheat ... how do i cheat ???
you act like no one in your alliance uses gold lol

what happened to "im not gona complain anymore" yikesss

wait ..... Maybe .. just maybe ... dont have a player without alarms on the frontline ? just a thought

i will sadly miss my bp farm :(
Well it was not a frontline island, to begin with, because then I would not have been there.
And most of you in FU know me and have played with me, and know I have health problems, and those I will have to take into account before the game, so must have my sleep.


Not saying there arent talented players in Fiasco like Nuts,Spartan who taught me a lot about Grepo when i was starting out but you cant deny that Gold makes a difference there's just so much a skilled player can do to defend or attack.

its pointless to come up here and Brag on the Forum its like me and you running a Race and now im taking steroids and idk what else of course im going to win i dont really get you guys from Fiasco its like you dont see it still like everyone else said you got the city so congrats im not a sore loser you won in your way but you won.
An occasional full-stop or comma would have made this slightly easier to read. Not more interesting, just easier.