Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim 2.0


Somebody foretold this exact thing many moons ago. I wonder who that was?

Players, Inv won this world a couple months in.

Top 12?

Once again, and very likely to remain so now,, only 1,, Invicta.

Good players and good diplos, very liberal in their use of gold, skillful users of NAPs (until they are ready to eat them) careful to only fight far below their weight.

It is a winning formula as long as others play into it and that seems to be the way of it.
Invicta came to this world for the crown and it is, as of this writing, all but sure they will have it.
Vorrian, Dec 11, 2017


ok...we all know the world crown is taken and i bet,meny here started to build new groups for next revolt world...
i like to hear a bit about future...
1.What alliance move to the next revolt world and what% membership stayes.
2.In private social media heard what old group will joined to the next world
3.what grop will take a break from there.
4.who seems better in next revolt world.
5.who will win? wasnt so fun world and maked so busy at all...can say honestly...boring world...but grepolis is good game to play when time is not kicking to butt...
hope its not gona be arquing place, more like beting for future world...
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Don't usually comment on externals, but I did want to congratulate Invicta on their win. :) Here is how we "toons" felt when we lost out, granted just one wonder, but if won could have stopped invicta from attaining the crown. (not haters, blamers or crybabies...not braggers, no claims to fame, just an honest team, player friendly who enjoys the game) This is a copy of message sent to a dear friend in Invicta but had the pleasure of playing on the same team in Pandosia...No rude comments please... :p

wanda.p on 2018-05-04 at 10:12
Hello old friend,

HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING The Pyramid, The Lighthouse and The Colossus!!

On behalf of our team, we want to thank you and yours for making the experience a challenging one... driving us to dig deeper, think smarter, and take pride in own ability. It was an honor to be your opponent, and going all 10 rounds with you, kept us on our toes. :D Albeit, we did not take the "lighthouse", we had an amazing time, emerged a stronger team with a renewed spirit.

Again, congratulations on a job well done.

New Chosen Toons

Silver Witch

Grepolis Team
Thank you to all those here and in game who said well done. This world was certainly not won 2 months in as has been said here. It has taken 6 months of hard work and frankly those 2 weeks building were totally exhausting for most of our players - i'm sure for many enemy players also. Every single player in invicta emptied their res and favour constantly to get to where we are. It still would not have been enough if we had not all been active all server. Anyone who thinks that you can just sim your way to a win has no understanding of this game. Similarly Gold does not build ww. Yes it helps with strength before you get there but the most important factors are:

ACTIVITY - throughout the whole 6 months.
STRATEGY start to finish that the whole alliance follows.
The ability to monitor opponents and make the right decisions during the build. In a situation like we have here especially.

The Blood team did well with their split. I am actually amazed that we pulled this off. Ultimately what we competed against was 4 other decent sized alliances who all built 1 WW. Yes a couple started with more but at level 8/9 all of those alliances focused on 1. Black Dawn, Bloods, Nocturnos and Toons. All these teams did well. Wonder building is tough on everyone. I think its fair to say this is the hardest race i have ever been part of.

I want to congratulate our team - well done guys you pulled together brilliantly. All credit to the efforts of Bloods - you nearly managed to stop us and certainly made it an incredibly tough and close race for us. I meant to write a poem but I was honestly just too tired when it ended.



Always a pleasure to play against a team who are worthy winners. Hats off to all of invicta, it was fun and I couldnt ask anymore of my Bloods .
Lets hope its not to long to a new world with good settings and a new end game .

Again Congrats Invicta