Top 12 Top 12 SINK OR SWIM


We all know what this thread is all about!

I know it is quite early for in depth sink or swims, but I figured I may as well right a little something for the top 12!

1. Nations of War --> SINK
Biggest MRA so far! Not a lot of experience as far as I can tell. Their founder claims to be experienced but there is no evidence that he has ever gotten more than 1 city!

2. Venominium --> SWIM
Biggest premade so far, looking strong though! They appear to have a death grip on ocean 44. Very solid roster, experienced leaders, etc. These guys have a good chance of going far!

3. Mad Rhinos Association --> YOU DECIDE
My alliance. You can decide your own opinions. I will say this though; we may look like a MRA right now, but we actually do have a tight core of players who came over together in a premade.

Seems to be a good group of players, I recognize some names. One of the higher average points in the top 12. Ranked 1st in ocean 55, but they will have RUSE to deal with. I look forward to seeing the outcome of that war!

5. Legion XIII --> SINK
Based in 54, they do not have much competition, but these guys have the worst average in the top 12! Bad name, bad profile (one of the contacts listed isn't even in the alliance), the only reason they catch my eye is because I think they will SINK.

6. RUSE --> SWIM
One of the top premades in Rhammus. Experienced players and leaders, I see them going far. There will be a good fight in ocean 55 with PRIME though, which I see RUSE eventually winning!

7. Noxious Rising --> FLOAT
High player point average, but I saw on a small alliance's profile that they had a pact. The leaders seem to be experienced. This alliance has a chance to go far.

I am having mixed opinions with these guys. They have a pretty strong base in 54, and some experienced players, but it doesn't seem like the leadership is too strong.

9. TW-Shadow --> SWIM
Highest player point average in the top 12. Good strong base in 54. These guys have the potential to go far in world Rhammus! Experienced core of players. Definately one of the top 5 alliance in this world.

10. The Confederation --> SINK
Seem to be recruiting everywhere. I don't recognize a lot of player names. This alliance appears to be going nowhere... fast!

11. S.P.Q.R. Empire --> SINK
Someone private message me a fitting meme please! :supermad:

12. GodZ --> SINK
Seem to be a group of friends, although I see them as more "world hoppers" than contenders!

Sorry for not being as in-depth at the end, but I was running out of time:rolleyes:
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With a cap of 150 MRA's will flourish :p
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bsrm today at 17:05

not really. This is how alliance almost have to work to be competitive. You invite 150 people, 50 people don't accept, 30 people wash out and go inactive, and what you end up with is a decent alliance, but if you only started with 50 people, you'd end up with nothing.

meowican today at 16:59

needed to be said

bsrm today at 16:57

We're using different definitions of MRA I guess. Most people consider an alliance a MRA when they only try to get members instead of trying to get quality recruitment, which we have done thus far. Anyway, why are you sending the random accusation in the first place?

meowican today at 16:54

71 members in less then a day. you can have a average in 1,000,000pts and its a MRA

bsrm today at 16:51

we have the 2nd highest point average (I know points aren't everything, but they are the best indicator this early) so I wouldn't call this an MRA really, we just recruited well.

meowican today at 16:49

wow not even 1 day and 71 members, nice MRA you have there

Monster Mouse

Having fought with and against many of the oceans veterans guys and considering they are coming directly from another server where they started early and finished the world, I would not take them lightly. Under estimate them at your own risk.
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Having fought with and against many of the oceans veterans guys and considering they are coming directly from another server where they started early and finished the world, I would not take the lightly. Under estimate them at your own risk.
I can see that a few of their members have crowns, but if they all played together, wouldnt' the leaders have crowns, too? (Obviously they could be going under a new name, but......)
Lets just cut to the chase. I'll rank these in actual order of how I view the top 12 should look.

Best Teams Right Now

1. Venominimum- Don't let the MRA look fool you, with all the star power and strong leadership, these guys should be here awhile.

2. RUSE- Kuritants and Atticus X as leaders and a talented roster. What's not to love?

3. PRIME- Confused on if this is an academy of RUSE. But they look pretty strong either way.

4. Noxious Rising- Previously established premade- looks to be doing well on day one.

On The Radar

5. Oceans Veterans- These guys have lasted two servers and fought the best of the best. While they have yet to win one, they've still seen it all. With the star power they have from Cythera. Could it finally be their time?

6. TW-Shadow- Looks like its the return of TW-Shadow, just without the original leaders it seems. Regardless, they are making a somewhat convincing case for themselves on day 1 with a strong average out of the gates.

On The Bubble

7. Mad Rhino's Association - They have O45 shared with Noxious Rising. Meaning that they will have to fight to survive right out of BP.

8. Nations Of War- They are based in O54 and have numbers on their side. But do they have organization? Between Oceans Veterans and TW-Shadow, they had better come up with a plan quick.

These are the note worthy teams thus far. Obviously a lot will change.

Joseph Nieves

Noxious Rising has a pact with a small alliance though TSF. Not to disagree or anything but pacts on day one is ridiculous :D Also pretty sure I have seen mauw running MRA's before in previous worlds, not entirely sure though.


The small alliance being another premade "The Archadian Empire", I am supposed to join it :p but most members haven't joined the world yet.