Top 12 Top 12 SINK OR SWIM


and to the person who called me a liar this was my TW account from 4 years ago

368 cities is a big step up from apparently only taking 1



Is that TWS the real deal? Sorry I've had to make do on mobile for the world opening and probably for the whole week. Such a pain the to farm.


Im going to try

1 Nations Of War They are allover the core oceans but are mainly in 54. They are second in Battle Points which is good at this stage but their average points arrive 5th in the top 12, For the top alliance that is not a good sign. Not even 24 hours since this world opened and they only need 3 members more to reach alliance cap. This is definitely a MRA. SINK

2 Venominium Also in all core oceans but more evenly spread than N.O.W. First in BP and also First in AP ( Average Points ) with 108 members, quite good. I also see some good players and good leaders there. FLOATING away with the current

3 Legion XIII Second worst AP in the top 12, only upside is that they are in 54 with only 1 member outside. 7th in BP isn't good for them. If they turn out like in Pandosia (A really bad MRA) they won't last 3 weeks. shark pulling them at the bottom of the sea, SINK

4 Mad Rhinos Association The average alliance, FLOAT

5 S.P.Q.R Empire Another average alliance, the upside is that they are only in one ocean but the downside is their BP. FLOATING for now

6 PRIME What can i say ? Best AP, Good BP, Strong Core, Great players. They are going somewhere. SWIM


8 OCEANS VETERANS I heard great things about them and i think i see why, SWIM

9 GoDz Bad AP and BP, Ok core. This alliance won't last long with RUSE and PRIME on them in 55, SINK

10 Hells Legion Another very average alliance but with near no BP, SINK

11 Kingdom of Heaven I this a joke ? Worst AP, near no BP. In 2 oceans and both sides have 20k only. BIG SINK

12 TW-Shadow can't say, its my alliance

I hope you enjoyed and didn't take these comments too harshly



1. Nations Of War: Well, first sight says MRA. We've been discussing this, and it must be so. 147 members in the first day is unacceptable. I will not say NoW will be a bad alliance, some MRA's are able to cut their bad members and keep a few players which could transform their alliance. I cannot see them making it very far out of BP, because strength in numbers doesn't last very long. Especially in this situation here in this world. We have some extremely quality pre-mades going into this world, and I am excited to see them match up against each other. These pre-mades will eat the MRAs alive. SINK

2. Venominium: I cannot say much, this is my alliance. The only thing that I will say is that I am in this team, and I feel like I am honored to be in the presence of some of the greats. I hardly feel I am worthy! SWIM

3. Legion XIII: I personally haven't learned much off the bat from Legion's team. Run by unknowns (to me) with players that are unknown (to me). Their average points isn't bad, and their player numbers aren't the highest. If this was a pre-made, good luck. If this was a new alliance in this world, then 120 players makes it hard for me not to call MRA. FLOAT

4. Rhinos Association: The Rhinos, a team which I first thought was an MRA. They have a few established names in there though, so I won't be so quick to judge. I can say that they are already trying to recruit spies, which I find a bit disturbing to me. Get your own alliance in shape first. Best of luck. FLOAT

5. S.P.Q.R Empire: Never seen an alliance with a Roman or Spartan name succeed. Time for you lot to prove me wrong. Don't know the players, but looks like the average points is going good for these guys. FLOAT

6. PRIME: Well, looks like a very good alliance, a force to be reckoned with. I am still questioning, are they in relations with RUSE, that could be a very strong team. SWIM

7. RUSE: A team lead by a master, with a few servants who have proved themselves numerous times. Why wouldn't these guys succeed here! SWIM

8. OCEANS VETERANS: OV is a team that is not one to be overlooked. OV has not won a world in this team yet, that does not mean that they are a joke. They have come close, twice, seeing some of the best players and alliances on their way. What is the chance that maybe OV could have a world to win here? SWIM

9. GoDz: Eh. Don't know, but wish them the best. I think it will be hard coming out BP for them. SINK

10. Hells Legion: A legion of hell? Oh !

11. Kingdom of Heaven: A team that a few of my friends are on, and they are a powerhouse in past worlds. They are a team which I feel will be around for a very very long time.

12. TW-Shadow: Not lead by the same leaders, but they have some familiar faces in there. Looking to see these guys show us what they've got. SWIM


No but really, is PRIME and RUSE the same thing? I feel like they're the same thing given my context clues. But I don't want to be rude and assume. :(
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It shows the alliance activeness which is important in early stages of the game


I forgot to build a barracks and therefore had to wait 3 hours for enough wood to buy one, and 4 swordsmen...

q.q #NoobMistakes #ThisIsWhyINeedToDoTheTutorial