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Christ, was thinking about writing tl;dr but i'll address a few points in your book.

I said "My strategy" as UKFirebrand was talking to me directly about my bp harvesting technique. Maybe if you weren't so busy patting yourself on the back you would have read that.

As for you not using the app, that's pretty impressive. Means you have a laptop or computer near you on all occasions, does it have a place next to you in bed?

When did I spam someone? That's your alliance's trademark.

Your alliance has won the WW's, that's about it. And we all know how you won those.

"Nothing I did mattered", was that supposed to hurt me? I had a great time with my friends in this server and that's all that matters to me.

I must say your alliance did play as a team, spamming a single player together must be fun. Maybe next time invite those Ocean 0 fellas

Even some time off in VM hasn't made you less bitter I see Atti. Venom is an alliance, a brotherhood, mates playing together. You're the one who's trying to make it "all about Digi", not me.

P.S> Mutt is indeed one of the most entertaining team mates one can wish for, shame EQ had to spam him 24/7 so had no choice but to activate vm...


To All that have played Fair and Honest and True in Rhammus en80. I salute you, True good old gritty fighting.
Those that didn't Shame on you. I will work with the Grepo Development team to improve the game.

Firstly Congrats to EQ for winning the world.

After that, The Number One Player Must go to Digital Mystikz

Then the Number one Attacker PS it's Digi

The Number One Defender PS it's Digi

The Number One Fighter PS it's Digi

I would like to hear the story behind the infamous city -=Rimilibrium=-. From the little, I understand it must carry quite a bit of humiliation for EQ.

I do know that the drip feeding of DBPs that came from various EQ Members who randomly attacked it, I must have earnt enough to build a city from the VPs I ran.

I enjoyed reacting to the battle reports. Colourful expressions abounded my PC desk area.

I see some are pointing fingers about strategy - I had no such enforcement of any Strategy, we did, however, discuss openly individual plans and I would check over on occasions with the team, the best ways of handling situations.

Above All Ladies and Gentlemen. A MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones.

Kind Regards

Space Pirate


illy - Space Pirate,

I can't argue with most of what you've put there and even if I was inclined to, it's the end of an era. The last server to not totally serve gold whores, even if Inno did try to push all the shiny, new incentives in right towards then end, lol.

Where we will disagree is over the WW cities and especially, -=Rimilibrium=-.

We tactically retook 2 of our WW cities back after what, I think Digi will agree, were some epic, server crashing battles. However, when it came to -=Rimilibrium=-, it was blatantly obvious we had hit a stale mate and we came up with the alternative tactic to rebuild the WW right next door...

We had a couple of players go maverick and hit -=Rimilibrium=-, of course, but that wasn't an alliance-wide attempt to retake the city. That was way too easy a BP-fest for you and your Venominium team mates. So we were content to let it be.

And Digi - I'm not going to get into an argument with you on this one either; I believe what I've written is, and has always been, fair. But, Equilibrium were also a great alliance from start to end, despite your protestations otherwise.

You may and are within your rights to call out whatever injustices you like about my team, but as I've said many times before, the accused few did not the alliance make and our players were dedicated, to the game play and to each other. We celebrated each victory together, commiserated each loss and then encouraged each other to carry on regardless.

But petty differences aside, as I've also said elsewhere, Rhammus has been a pleasure to play, with friends and enemies alike. There'll be no server like it in the new business model Inno have created and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of the best server to end said era...