Top 12 Top 12 SINK OR SWIM


anyway, I'll try my luck at a sink or swim

Venomium-SWIMmy alliance, but a good premade with some really good players

Mad Rhinos Association-SINK LIKE AN ANCHOR their name abbreviated is MRA, and that couldn't be a more accurate description of their alliance, most of their players will go inactive soon and anyone who wants will be able to take a city from these nubs. I'm tired of talking about these guys now.

LegionXIII-SWIM I've seen these guys on two other worlds, in both they made it pretty far but ended up losing. This world seems different though, as they have added enough new players for a sister alliance

RUSE-FLOAT They're about to go to war with PRIME, and I have no idea who will win yet. Both are good alliances

S.P.Q.R. Empire-SINK Just another MRA, look at my prediction for Mad Rhino Association for more details

OCEANS VETERANS-SWIM I see some good players in there, their requirements seem reasonable yet strict enough to keep out the total nubs, they're on the right track

Hells Legion-SINKonce again, MRA

GoDz-SINK MRA number 4

Prime-FLOAT the same situation as RUSE

The rest of the top 12 aren't even worth my time...

update: I just noticed Mad Rhinos have a sister alliance, change their status to sink like 10 anchors tied together in a 5-inch puddle
well since my sink or swim was moved about 3 pages back by a couple of trolls, I decided to quote it.

Sea Turtle

yeah no need to delete your post and repost it every time someone posts something else


Not in the Top 12, yet, but Pinky and the Brain has a nice alliance image. :D


Oh meow are you a Sith?

Cuz you have a pretty nice red laser sword lol


Why are we talking about LoL on grepolis.

While we're at it, I've gotten a pentakill as blitzcrank ;)