Top 12 sink or swim


Alright since this has been rather inactive ill do one. Please do not get offended as this is entierly my opinion and dont take what i say as fact. My english (Langauge and punctuaction) is awfull so dont get to annoyed.This is all just for fun and my opinion should be regarded as awfull
1. Knights Hospitaller Points: 1838325 Attackers 1. Defenders 1. Fighters 1. The alliance im in so wont say much, the allaince is located around the border of 44/45 with brances in 45 and 44. Ill give these folks a solid SWIM

2. Red Flag Points: 1701950 Attackers 6. Defenders 11. Fighters 8. Currently housing 272 players within all 5 alliances, this group sits safe in 55 as they have recruited everythingin that ocean. From looking at the map (imo) i think their best bet is to move down south into 45 and battle RIM RATS as i dont really see many other places to go (Unless they want to stay turtled up in O55). I predict that this alliance/family breaks from the inside as their enemies become more and more slim. No offense to anyone in this allaicne just giving my opinion. Giving these guys a solid FLOAT

3. The Way of Shadows Points: 1571750 Attackers 3. Defenders 3. Fighters 3. So their ranking is consistand which is good. They have a decent core south in O55 with some branches more north in 55. Dont really know much about this alliance, but from looking at the forums i guess they are fighting No Strangers Here so will be interesting to see how that pans out. They recently added an academy alliance which i'm not particularly fond off, but whatever floats their boat. Ill give most alliances i'm unsure of swims so a big fat smelly SWIM for these people.

4. LAELAPS Points: 1294209 Attackers 9. Defenders 9. Fighters 9. It seems these guys had a pretty big jump recently, went from 7. to 4. pretty quickly so i gotta give credit where credit is due. Located in 044/054, but mainly in 044 they seem to be doing good, but again i still dont know much of this alliance. Due to their recent jump ill give these guys a solid SWIM

5. Panda-monium Points: 1198328 Attackers 7. Defenders 4. Fighters 6. Located towards the middle of O55 with quite a good core. I think their at war with No Strangers Here? Im a really slow dude so if this is obvious or not the case i apologise. Dont really know what to expect out of this alliance so i will give them a FLOAT but with golden letters so i dont come of as rude.

6. No strangers here Points: 1168587 Attackers 4. Defenders 7. Fighters 4. Love the activity on the forum from these guys so props to them for that! From looking at their map they dont have that much of a core, but i dont really think that matters this early (correct me if i'm wrong they might have a bonkers core for all i know). Located around the middle/southwestish off O54 they seem to be battling both The Way of Shadows and Panda-monium so best of luck to all if thats the case. Dont really know much of these guys again so my "analysis" probably is awfull. I'll give these guys a SWIM simply because they are the most active on the forum and i think i'd get alot of hate if i gave em a FLOAT.

7. ThePlague Points: 1166437 Attackers 2. Defenders 2. Fighters 2. These guys have a solid core west in O45 one of the thightest in the top 12. They also have great bp so probs to them. The biggest opponent ThePlague has (Location wise etc.) is Knights Hospitaller and they will more then likely start/continue to fight Knights Hospitaller which i bet will be a solid fight. I'll give these guys a SWIM even though they dont have a Picture :( normies

8. Kleos Points 1065008 Attackers 5. Defenders 5. Fighters 5. They are located in O44 pretty close to the border to O54. I would asume that they are fighting LAELAPS as they seem to be nearing Kleos's core. It seems this alliance is getting boxed in by the bigger alliances and i really dont see anywhere thye could escape to. Because of this i'm giving these guys a SINK Which might ofqourse be wrong, but just my opinion.

9. Red punch See 2.

10. The Forsaken Points: 910445 Attackers 8. Defenders 6. Fighters 7. Located in the south middle of O44 dont really know anything about these guys, but their bp looks good. Running outta time here so giving these guys a FLOAT /SINK

11. Rim Rats Points: 894012 Attackers 11. Defenders 8. Fighters 10. Probably the worst core in the top 12. Their cities are scattered all over 45 with no real base. Dont really see a future for this alliance and i am therefore giving these guys a SINK

Alliances to look out for:
Full Metal Jacket
bastard's of men



Mark my words with the amount of ghosting and internal issues in Knights Hospitaller this alliance could eventually split and fall apart causing members to go their separate ways.



1. Red Flag - Float

King of their ocean and has many allies, notably Red Punch formerly known as One Punch. Let's see how they do

2. ThePlague
Won't give an opinion as it is my alliance

3. The Way of Shadows - Float
("Not much info") Sorry

4. Knights Hospitaller - Sink
I've seen one of their big players nearby my city ghost and the Turks already left forming their alliance once again, "The Avengers"
The leaders could not control their turkish based players. Shame

5. LAELAPS - Float
("Not much info") Sorry

6. Panda-monium - Float
("Not much info") Sorry

7. Red Punch - Swim
Impressive leadership and solid players

8. Rim Rats - Sink
Stuck in the middle of Plague and Knights. To survive, the rats should join either

9. Kleos - Sink
Again, Ocean 44, they were solid in the beginning but as other alliances came into their ocean, they fell apart. I see Knights are taking control here

10. The Forsaken - Sink
One of their best player, Dr.Evo left the alliance and formed a new one "The Useless". Very impressive coordinating alliance with CS, support, attack on point. But again, internal conflict and external enemies such as the Knights will cause them to sink.


Good to see some activity here. The members from Knights Hospitaller joined back, still been a rough weekend for all of us in there. I think most of the people in there will stick it out tho.


lol, there whole alliance ghosted / left
I left, binder left

Macca got drunk and kicked everyone, pixie tried to put an op in on me, I mailed the boys and girls wishing them luck, some of them ghosted....... is about it


Came back from football to see my alliance torn to pieces from the inside.. Should have known, some overly aggresive Turks in that alliance (No offense) that seem to be only chasing after bp.
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The turks are scums to be honest
Depends mate. I got one ally never talked to him once coz he cant do english but he was good then He gave me all his gold coz he was quitting and killed his troops on me. I think these turks here came here together from other server brought their ago along also.


Top 12 as of 4/27/2017 UTC +1:00
1. The Way of Shadows- Consisting of several other "Shadow" Alliances this group could go far if they learn to play as one. Currently their only real enemy is the "Red" Alliances. I don't see them going far and Shadow should easily pick them off. Rumours have a war with Pandas looming but who knows. In the long run I see splinter groups breaking off of the better players. FLOAT.
2. Red Flag
- Coalition of "RED" Alliances. I don't see this continuing. Stronger players will consolidate and break off. SINK.
3. ThePlague
- They appear to have a tight core of cities and players. No real info. SWIM.
- No comment on these guys. ;) SWIM.
5. Panda-monium
- No real enemies stuck in a sea of green. The "Panda" alliances appear to be turning on Shadows in the fight for O54 and haven't really taken advantage of the collapse of No Strangers in O54. SWIM.
- see #2. SINK.
7. Avengers
- This alliance has a tight core but no real info on these guys besides that they're expanding rapidly, be sure to keep an eye on these guys. SWIM.
8. TheForsaken
- War with LAELAPS and Knighs Hospitaller and possibly others; this group has fallen apart recently because of leadership problems and splinter groups forming. SINK.
9. Kleos
- Tight knit core but no real friends besides TheForsaken. Hostilities with Knights Hospitaller, "Panda" Alliances and LAELAPS. SINK.
10. Rim Rats- Possible enemies: ThePlague, "RED" Alliances, and Avengers. No info, lets see where they go. FLOAT.
11. EPIC
- This group of players has no real enemy and sit out on the rim and also consist of two other "EPIC" Alliances. With no real core they better consolidate before trying to move in on the larger alliances in the core. No real info but due to their lack of real competition, sooner rather than later splinter groups will break off but for now: SWIM.
12. Red pendant
- see #2. SINK.
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Can we have a new top 12? I'm not very good at them otherwise would do one


I'm gonna do a new top 12, I do lack some info, but gonna try !

1- The Way of Shadows : Well, Decent Players, but no teamwork. Plus let's be clear here, Morale is active on this world, So Being a top player isn't the best option here... I've seen them fight Red alliance , but they ran for peace on their first clash with them. I believe internal drama will dominate this alliance and it'll fall . But meanwhile FLOAT

2- ThePlague: Well, ever since day 1 , I said this is a decent alliance , and i predicted the fall of knights and the rise of plague. As expected, brotherhood is everything in this game, the tighter the bonds are, the higher you'll fly. This alliance will last long in this world. This alliance is concentrating on fighting rim rats mainly, and I believe it's about time before Rim rats collapse. SWIN

3- Red Flag : Biggest Joke ! lol Well, no doubt there bunch of kids running an alliance ! Pacts left and right ! recruiting left and right !

I been playing for 5 years, and by far this is the worst alliance I've seen , SURE this alliance will fall very soon . Let's ignore their sister alliances, they have pacts with , Way of shadows, beyond the shadows, Rim Rats, To be determined , Rouge Bunnies... NAP with panda .

WELL ! clearly, they are mistaken , simcity is next door lol !
Luckily they're fighting 1 alliance , which is Avengers , and they didn't manage to take a city so far. SINK

4- LAELAPS : Well, Strong leadership, Decent players, this alliance will rule ocean 44 . but they're expanding in 2 oceans 44 and 54, which is going to make a lot of enemies, and things wont be easy. But by far, this alliance and the plague are the best 2 out of the top 12. SWIM

5- Red Punch : Well well, I'm not gonna count this one as Red Flag, because it's different , this is a decent alliance, being under the command of red flag is such a shame, but still decent and will go far in this world but sure not under the command of red flag. Probably Red flag empire will collapse, and One punch will Rise instead. SWIM

6- Panda-monium : This alliance had a bad start , got engaged in many wars at the very beginning which affected them, but now they enhanced their relations with their neighbours, and everything seems to be different . lacking real enemies, let's see how things go for them. FLOAT

7- EPIC : Hmmmm, is this Krypteia? I don't recognize any name there, but as the founder feigns to be the winner of TAU , then this might be krypteia? If this is really them , then if it's really then , the whole world must watch out, because those guys don't lose ! But There is a big doubt here, I dont think it's really them. Well but they're kinda stretched out, but in a good and safe position, I believe this alliance will survive in this world. SWIM

8- The Forsaken : Good alliance, good leadership. Fighting too many alliances, not sure if they did some pacts , but what I know is that they're fighting Avengers, No pun intended, at some point they fought ThePlague before the plague divert their attention to rim rats. Very tough position, let's see how they survive it. FLOAT

9- Avengers : The turkish band who split off Knight hos. Mhhhmmm, Let's be honest, after their bitter experience with knights , this alliance wont be merging into another alliance , and I don't expect any alliance to merge into them , because of their attitude . 17 decent players will affect the world for like 1 - 2 month . hugely Outnumbered by reds , let's see how things go for them . FLOAT

10- RED NEMESIS : same as 3

11- Kleos : As I Expected from the very beginning this alliance will collapse they can't withstand the pressure of their position. they were a top alliance before they started falling behind. This alliance will SINK

12- No Pun Intended : Very famous Players, very well-known they don't give up, they don't surrender, they fight until they lose their last city, but they're already playing another world, not sure if they're going to take this world seriously. So their status depends on their attitude, if they want to really play this world, no one can take them down , but If they don't want to play this world, then we will see some players joining other alliances. FLOAT

Hope I didn't offend anyone lol, I can say , some of those might not be accurate as i lack some info.

The event is almost over now, I believe things are going to change in this world, Gold spenders effect will diminish
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6- Panda-monium : This alliance had a bad start , got engaged in many wars at the very beginning which affected them, but now they enhanced their relations with their neighbours, and everything seems to be different . lacking real enemies, let's see how things go for them. FLOAT
Pretty much everything you wrote here is incorrect :)
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Well, I heard a lot about panda doing too many pacts lately, and i know they were fighting everyone at the very beginning of the game.

So not sure what's wrong, if you please could tell !


Pretty much everything you wrote here is incorrect :)
Not really, your alliance is a walk over and fed me over 200k bp and you got barely anything from me, your players are rude and childish and wish death upon people.

Your style of leadership makes you overly suspicious of everything even when someone is slapping you a very generous deal on the table.

You could have gained so much but trusted too little and now you'll end up realising that this world has pretty much ended for your alliance.

Yep gotta write it here as your if ignorant beyong belief.

The only saving grace you and your alliance have is the small handful of good and respectful players you have

Akin Joe

Just to name a couple

Little advice ..... Get rid of dagsdave82 not only is he vile but he's also a major liability that will lose you valuable spots on your core islands.

In summary:

I bossed your alliance because you tried shafting me, your alliances attempts at getting revenge was pitiful.

I warned them when they hit nothing bit mili I would come back for them and they failed to listen and rewarded me with muchos beeepeeeeez