Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Swim


1 The Night's Watch Swim but maybe not Phelps
2 Hellenic Army Not much competition so swim I guess
3 The Virus Sink is there any need for a "sister alliance" already
4 Rebels Sink but you never know
5 HAVOC Swim actually looks alright
6 This Is A Mistake I like it swim
7 The Sickness See "The Virus"
8 Don't Panic Don't panic but sink
9 Serbian Empire Sink but go Serbia
10 Darkness Sink but nice cities
11 Ionian League Sink
12 Christmas Sleep Sink

Loves You

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My favorite bunch is here now.
Bottom Line just dropped recently on 54 from Rhodes.
They shall float through these Top 12 ranks for next 3-4 months at least.


Anyone actually going to do a new ranking list, and before anyone says it i have not got the time to check out the groups.