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    Sep 4, 2018
    6) nobody will be making any popcorn to watch the rest of this sim-fest, even though it's cold outside in many places right now

    Why do you think we are hugging, because we enjoy all the affection, no, well maybe, but to stay warm in these frigid times.
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    Oct 14, 2017
    Ahhhh...Chateau d'OOC...a fine place indeed...
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    Nov 6, 2015
    One of my favorite parts. All well said, OOC.
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    Aug 25, 2013
    I have been watching the forums for years and rarely comment-- but in the case of the same comments permeating this forum over and over i feel a response is in order--

    1:This game is a business folks-- they have to make a living ($)to support this platform--
    2:The game hasnt fundamentally changed in the 7.5 years i have played it-- and the majority of you talking about the "good old days" doesnt make them real-
    the game strategies have evolved but i assure u the "hugging" you all refer to has been around since the first server-- people have been banding together since the first servers and will continue regardless of what you all complain about-- show me any real life history where conquest wasn't about what forces you could martial into the battle and how you did it that counts the most--
    3: Gold use and abuse: this is a good one--as i can recall the people flapping their lips on this subject are all "significant" gold users-- that is one of those pot calling the kettle black scenarios i love about these forums the most-- the ones screaming the loudest use as much gold when their cities are in peril as anyone of the so called "golders"-- you all realize that is why this game still exists-- if the folks who spend gold went away so would this gaming platform-- they dont have this game to entertain you -- they do it to make money-- plain and simple

    4: This game is a about strategy as some of you point to but not many seem to grasp what that is -- you want to play a game that doesnt exist( and i posit it never did) - Its a "team game" and the diplomacy and moves on the board are the same as in any real life war-- the more you have to work with the better your options and the better your chances of success--

    5: lastly -- this game is driven by the "leaders" not the followers-- you all seem to forget the same players have a tendency to win server after server because they are drawn to folks that will do what the map requires to further their teams chances to succeed-- not push agendas the map and the game wont support and try to force "their" own agendas -- so again you can all cry about the status of this game we all play-- but it hasnt changed -- the rules have been significantly static since the inception-- dont think for a minute that "gold" was what killed this game-- it was always the plan to monetize the game from the point they developed it-- for without money this game would not exist--So the leaders that take all the factors into consideration and plan accordingly succeed and those that cry and tell folks how the game is ruined fail-- simple--

    Dont bother commenting on this post as ,tbh, i dont really care about the crying that normally goes on here anyway- i speak in game to players that want to play and fight-- if you would like to take me to task ,do it in game.... otherwise your opinions are like everyone elses(including mine here and now) extraneous and useless-- but a realistic assessment on this is long overdue for the folks that spend their days crying-- try posting a top 12 for a change and stop spouting off about things that arent and never were-

    See you all in game if you think you can muster the energy to actually send attacks and defense and stop flapping lips and wasting time here on the externals--

    try fighting more -- leading better and focusing on having fun-- you might be surprised at the fun you are missing

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    Jan 10, 2015
    You had me interested in Reading right until “try fighting more...”. If you cant see how ridiculous Leon has turned out then you are most certainly a part of the problem of what is wrong with Grepolis and whats killing the game.

    Try fighting without having 60%-70% of the server (in points) behind you. You might actually get that feeling of achieving something great with your alliance instead hunting a cheap crown 90% of grepo players will laugh of anyways.

    But keep justifying that silly Way of playing most of us give a damn about it at this point as its a lost cause anyways.
  6. 1saaa

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    Oct 7, 2018
    my personal comments on each point:

    1. you stated the obvious. no real comment here.

    2. so what your saying is that this kind of thing has been happening forever and that the game has not changed. well first of all: i have not played in the first few server's (so i cannot know for certain) but i highly doubt that early leaders were able to pioneer hugging to the extent that it happens today. i am sure someone might be able to correct me about this but i find it unlikely that huggers learnt how to hug so fast. this game has not changed much which means that the players change the way the game is played. developers do not need to do anything for the games meta to slowly adapt until the players finally find the most effective (and easiest) way to win. that is what inno has failed to prevent.

    3. nothing to say here. i don't spend gold so i really can't talk. but i will say i have nothing hugely against those who use gold well. if you just waste it then your a bad player, plain and simple. those are the players who i dislike. the ones who sink gold into everything then brag when they win. if you use gold in an efficient manner then i am fine.

    4. This game is about strategy. and you are right, diplomacy is an important strategy. but even the best diplomat who provides the best situation for his team can still lose depending on factors outside of his control.

    5. your right about leaders but to often the leaders who 'win' are also the ones who wish to do it with the least amount of effort or fighting. these leaders are the problem with grepolis. by winning so often you devalue the crown. therefore it make the crowns these 'brilliant' strategists get not as hard earned. well you might ask: why am i complaining then? the simple answer is that: i do not care about the crown (well not that much anyway). but by playing the game in the style that YOU and Erik do you ruin part of the fun of grepolis for me.

    Now onto your final bit: i will take you up on your challenge and post a top 12 (when i get time).

    to end off: you alliance might as well be renamed the vultures. that is what your team is. you attack teams that are already on the brink of folding/ are far smaller than your own.

    lets look at the list shall we:

    Thermopylae: Criki fought to the last. love him or hate him you can't deny that. you took part in a server wide gangbang. very 'impressive' fighting.

    Velha Guarda: get your golden friends to do all the hard work and pick up the scraps. nothing impressive whatsoever.

    FAIL: unfortunately, you were to far away to pick up the scraps ;)

    Avengers: lets see: 110s take some players, you poach the rest. GG.

    granted you are still 'fighting a couple others right now but i will wait till those wars are over before commenting.
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  7. OutOfCharacters

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    Oct 14, 2017
    I appreciate this post because I think I gained some clarity from it. It really does take many types of people to make the world go round. :)

    I'll use gold with the best of them. I won't mortgage my house for it, but I've been known to spend a good bit on the game. It's become required through the years and helps when I want to be lazy or keep up with others. However, my gold use comes matched with equal or better skill... but the growth of gold has limited the skill growth for many players. Add the bully mentality of fighting with the majority of the server on one side, and you have many players who really aren't that good, and others who are lazy, "winning" due to sheer ability to mass produce more troops. A good game should require skill and effort, and grep used to do that. So yes, gold has changed the game. I've played since the beginning and the skill level of most big players has dropped dramatically in recent years. I challenge anyone to find a true grep vet who disagrees with that statement.

    If we didn't have the mass hugging, it would be easier to kill off the gold users who have limited skills... and force them to learn to raise their level of gameplay... like we did years ago. But now they hide in alliances like poopstan's with too much group firepower to be touched.

    When I was 10 years old I cheated at Monopoly. I quickly realized that wasn't much fun, because there was no challenge in getting the win. I think that's a key difference in our arguments out here... players like poopstan, Erik, and Kron seem to find fun in different ways than I do. I'm not judging that, just saying it isn't for me, and wishing I could play on a server with more like-minded people.

    For me the fun is in fighting a battle with unknown outcome, trying to outsmart your enemies and work harder for the win. Using skill, not size. I LOVE to fight, and I love being an underdog... but only if I'm fighting someone who likes a fair fight. The players "complaining" are really complaining that we can't have a world limited to people who find fun that same way. So how about we pick a world that the rest of you stay out of?

    EN99 was that way for a long time (most of the major huggers were not there), and it was a lot of fun. It was a true four horse game going into WW's. I sent a fair number of people thank you notes there for some epic fights and great gameplay... and a few others notes of extreme disappointment when they gave up the fun fight and merged for the easy win. It's just not what I find fun, and you won't find me on that side of the game in any world. Not wrong, just different. That's not a win to me. If I could only play in worlds where I'd be promised enemies I could respect like that, I'd be back in a second.

    And I DID post a top 12 yesterday. Not many commented on it because there's nothing really to say. From what I've heard, most people feel a little embarrassed to be part of it, and the true warriors have moved on out of disinterest. So I don't expect many comments.

    I was only here post-VM to stay a few extra days and see what domination looked like when it started. Then thought I'd stick around because it was fun defending alone. But I'm rimming myself today... starting with "Baby Hugs"-- a city I lifted off Black Dawn this morning when:

    TWO TOP TEN PLAYERS on the server lined up attacks to take it from a guy with 12 cities
    66M in points across Golden and TBG have been joint-OPing Black Dawn (9M in points) for two days now
    Yes, TBG will get Baby Hugs, because nobody I would hand it to could likely keep it in that area, but I'm going to let a more appropriately-sized player who revolted it take it. I wouldn't find it fun at all to be on either side of the "fighting" going on right now-- because it's not fighting. It's just slaughter. I assumed most people disliked this type of "fight", but from poop's post, I guess that's really a lot more fun for them than I thought.

    There are many ways you could still attack the smaller alliances at this stage of the game and make it fun for both sides (in my opinion)... but this is not it. The Top 2 hold the mass to get the win; there is no need to go to war in this fashion. Calling that fun doesn't compute in my mind.

    Poop's comment-- that people should just send more attacks and defense to find out how fun it is-- rings pretty hollow to me. I think his team should've been doing that in October. Or maybe even now, to like-sized opponents. I haven't seen a lick of real fighting from that whole team. Their big BP increases came from picking up Avengers players. (At least Goldens had a couple of skirmishes along the way.)

    How do I, a player who actively played only a month in this world, have more BP than several people sitting in the winning coalition?

    So I agree that we disagree, and I thank poop for helping me recognize that we all define FUN differently. Now I just need to go hang out with people I find fun. [​IMG] Once I'm done rimming myself, LOL.
  8. Ahr-Ex

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    Nov 6, 2015
    “Everyone else does it,” and “it’s impossible to win without doing it.” It should surprise no one that Poopstan uses the same argument preferred by athletes who use performance enhancing drugs. Still ruins the game.
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    VIRTUALSELF Hipparchus

    Mar 31, 2018
    I think you miss the point poop. No one ever said that hugging hasnt been here since the start. But there is a big big difference between bonding with other alliance(s) and plan a superalliance with the 4 biggest alliances to secure an easy crown. Another thing is, there was +30 competing alliances back then with alliance caps way over a 100 players. Having 3-4 pacts was nothing. But this doesnt apply to Grepolis in 2019 because 3-4 pacts now means that almost 50% of the competing players will be holding hands.

    And to your "find the energy to attack and defend" part, well. If Inno released some stats for the origin of BP gains, then i'm quite sure that way over 50% of TBG's BP comes from suiciding units at each other. Either that or your players just love jumping in and out of your alliance :)

    Scrap the poop/erikw supreme overlord alpha diplomacy sjit and tell the truth. You are scared and peeing your pants because you spent a shitload of money on this game, and what a catastrophe it would be if the server ends up with a loss. You are a coward and nothing else. Your 100 minions is in that league as well
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    Jul 17, 2018
  11. MartinusV

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    Oct 7, 2011
    Were top of the League and don't forget it ;)
  12. iMrCornetto

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    Nov 17, 2014
    As much as I love you Poop, I'm going to have to throw this one right back in your face mate. I think we're the ones missing the fun.

    This world was so boring that I essentially gave up using the alliance forum halfway through..
    No need to check the def tabs if there's no defending to be done because alliances we attack can't fight back. Plus, who needs my defense when there's the whole of 110, TBG (and Avengers) who can send?
    No need to post in the off. tab, the most fun you can have in this situation is to go for a city on your own or with the help of a few friends. By posting in the off. tab then before you know it all your potential BP will be gone. Best way to get BP was to either go solo or just ask on Skype/Discord if anybody has found any stacked cities.

    I'm glad this quagmire of a world is nearly over.
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  13. Stevehazelnut

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    Aug 3, 2017
    So being at the top of the League means that you're a coward that brags about winning? This is why I'm glad I'm at the bottom.
  14. Ranga1

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    Jan 27, 2014
    You forgot to mention the mass fights over internals, one gets posted and 4 minutes later all are claimed. That's when you know there is something wrong

    Go and make confetti and stick to your original cap, it is fun. Just don't come on here and cry all server long about the big bad cowards like true fear do
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  15. Mole man 420

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    Jul 17, 2018
    how bout everyone stop caring about the crown.. drop all pacts, nd make it interesting? [​IMG]

    ** ending note ** I know this will never happen... just throwing it out there lol
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  16. Ranga1

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    Jan 27, 2014
    It does make grepo great again when you stop trying to beat the whole world
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  17. jameslongst

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    May 25, 2011
    At least TF fights.

    If you girls hate your alliance so much, leave and light their screens up with attacks.

    Won't happen. That would take some stones which are sadly lacking.
  18. Ranga1

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    Jan 27, 2014
    Lol James talking about fighting that's funny. James I have done exactly what I'm saying, haven't played with Erik since you and I were in the same team with him. Last server my alliance was consistently taking cities from his alliance, we had a way better ratio of city takes than your bunch did.

    Get your facts straight, do some actual fighting yourself (maybe one server you can get more bp than points, that would be a first for you) then your smack talk might actually be some what true and you would fit in with the rest of the fighters we actually have in our team.

    But you won't, you will continue to cry in externals about cowards not fighting all the while doing no fighting yourself
  19. StAthanasius

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    May 25, 2015
    this is an admission that there is really something wrong with the server ... lol ... start a rebellion and start building biremes for sniping ... i'm sure a quality player like you can weather the storm :D ... or if you make the cut, you can obliterate those at the bottom of the food chain, after most of them have ghosted ... :p
  20. MartinusV

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    Oct 7, 2011
    Neither coward nor bragging just enjoying the league position :)