Top 12 top 12 sink or swim


Love those cats that make themselves untouchable with NAPs and pacts, and then brag about how they are "unkillable."
unkillable as player wont be caught not because of the support or anything else newb
love those cats that fight with words only ;)


real shame any city i support gets ignored, goats why you not attacking my stacks :(
Allow me to translate:

"Please spoon feed it to me, just like my masters do..."

Come on out of that MRA, loser. Come out into the real world. Come meet some real fighters, get away from your grepo doms. They are turning you into a class A gimp.


huge difference between not having offense because you are def player and not having balls to use offense haha
if your a defence player then why is your DBP lower than your ABP? also i don't really see how you could even expect to get that much DBP. your alliances are barely attacked in any significant/ challenging way.

Mole man 420

I think the dead server kind of drove off some players in all teams and on all ends-

but I know a few of yall wanted some BP so i threw some out there for yall ... enjoy , the ratio on this end suckkkss