Top 12 sink/swim


25 full nukes? hah. 25 spam attacks with maybe 1 nuke in the middle, sometimes.

you guys are the definition of whats wrong with newer grepo players. your members just spam and spam. try to find an inactive or offline and go for it because you can't take a city from an online player. i'm not against taking cities from inactive or offline players but its sad when its the only way you can get a city.
We've asked you plenty of times for proof of any spamming being done.

To me just sounds a cop out excuse for the lost war.


Oh noob, u should first recognize and understand the definition of spams.
One HC is not a spam.
Also having 25 full nukes incoming notification is not a spam. Its called smashing and thrashing and looting and razing.
no matter what the amount is, if someone has 15+ incomings at all times of the day, you are spamming. Come on man you should know better


BZC is another sink, I thought people talked up that alliance like they were on a next level? Oh well, most of them mass ghosted after losing a few cities, and now the remainder are joining ND only to sink again. Must really be desperate to join ND...